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Imagine watching the unrest playing out in Washington and seeing your mother in the middle of it all. That's what happened to Helena Duke, 18, of Boston, who identified her mom at the Capitol in a video posted to Twitter.

Helena was stunned that it was her mom, because she had no idea her mother was in Washington to attend President Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally.

Helena is a Black Lives Matter supporter, and says she and her mom have clashed over politics ever since her mom found out she supported the movement after her daughter told her mother that she give her virginity to her African-American boyfriend

A Bat Mitzvah is a religious initiation ceremony for a Jewish females. This Bat Mitzvah took place in the Temple Beth'El in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The synagogue was founded in 1951 by Bowen’s mother, Rabbi Louise Elizabeth Dailey, who was the daughter of a Baptist minister — although one who always wore a hat, who always salted his meats before cooking, and covered the mirrors when there was a death in the family.

When Dailey came to Philadelphia to work as a domestic in a Jewish household, she recognized their traditions mirrored her family’s, and, according to the temple’s website, sought to learn “the ways of the Hebrews.”

Bowen said that when blacks in America were free to develop their own culture and expression in a post-slavery United States, many turned to Judaism.

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Famous Floridian Italian-American Singer Ariana Grande and Famous Detroiter African-American Michigander Rapper Big Sean dated from 2013 to 2016. They remain close friends to this day.

Caucasian female participates in the annual Twerking/Dancing Competition in the Semifinals

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and her Boyfriend Riley Roberts give important information when it comes to combating racism and being a Anti-Racist Ally

Mujra dancing is a popular dance form which has a long and colourful history. The dance combines elements of the classic Indian dance Kathak with native music genres like Thumri and Ghazal.

It originated during Mughal ruling in the South Asian subcontinent in places like Jaipur where it was a family art, passed down generations. In Lahore’s Heera Mandi, Pakistan’s oldest red light district, the performance was a mix between art and exotic dance.

Performers were often serving as courtesans amongst Mughal royalty or wealthy patrons.It is in Pakistan where the dance has continued to exist and stay popular.

Pakistani Mujra culture is a sub-culture which revolves around dancing performed to popular Pakistani Mujra songs. In the modern day, Mujra dancers perform at events such as weddings, bachelor parties, in theater and on-stage.

Tucker Carlson has learned absolutely nothing from this week’s events. Reporters/Journalists Ana Kasparian and Francesca Fiorentini discuss and break it down

A Caucasian woman fully submits herself in front of a African-American man

In a true 21st Century Love Story: A Right-Wing Caucasian Canadian female from Toronto, Ontario, Canada slowly but surely falls in love with an Left-Wing African-American male from Buffalo, New York, United States

Saru Jayaraman & Sonali Kolhatkar give you the facts of what happened at Washington, DC on January 6th, 2021

BACKGROUND: At least one person has been shot and is in critical condition at the Capitol in Washington DC as Donald Trump’s supporters breached the walls, smashed windows, entered the Senate, and violated the space. DC police were overwhelmed even as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on the Defense Department to send in the National Guard. Virginia’s Governor reportedly called in the guard after the Defense Department did not.

The scenes at the nation’s capital have shocked Americans on a day that was supposed to focus on the ceremonial counting of electoral college votes in the Presidential race. Just hours before Trump’s supporters stormed the capitol, the President was out among them declaring he would never give up the fight to remain at the White House.

A Woman explains the fundamental difference between a Queen of Spades (QoS) and a SnowBunny (SB)

Entrepreneur Allegra Cole wants to empower women with her new business venture - crowdsourcing for her clients to receive plastic surgery. Women can receive financial donations by exchanging private pictures and videos of their bodies through the glamour model’s new website.

Allegra, who has a bust of 54”, juggles the demands of running a new business with the daily responsibilities that being a mother of eight children brings. Described as a mix between a crowdfunding and dating site, the businesswoman hopes the new platform will help women ‘get their sexy back.’

Classmate does a good deed for student

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and "America's Next Top Model" judge Ashley Graham opens up about her relationship with husband Justin Ervin and how her family struggled to accept him.

A Swedish female openly accepts refugees from Africa with joy and glee

White woman meets a African-American male member of Antifa while on Omegle, then something amazing happens

Lady Anaconda and Kat talk about BBC (Big Black Cock) Queens, Queen of Spades (QOS), Black Lives Matter (BLM), and more

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Popular YouTubers Alexandra and Manny recall the very first time they met one another

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A United States of America citizen of Deutsch ancestry and heritage (Deutschamerikaner) discusses race, diversity, demographics, and more

More than a million Chinese migrants now work and live on the African continent, while the number of Africans in China is thought to be around half that.

It’s a relationship that is not restricted just to trade.

Interracial marriages between Chinese and Africans are on the rise - from China's increasing investment in and trade with Africa has come an increase in migrants from Africa.

Al Jazeera's Adrian Brown reports from Liaoning, northeast China.

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A Mexican-American makes tortas de milanesa, a delicacy originated from Mexico

Ashley and Jay (the couple from TLC Channel Hit Original TV series 90 Day Fiancé) wedding website is flooded with racist comments from anonymous internet users.

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Popular Puerto Rican/Dominican YouTuber Mango Maddy is going fishing! She is going to visit one of her favorite little islands, Egmont Keys. Come join the fun!

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Texas-native Tay Money & Louisiana-native Fredo Bang performs the Rap song "Lil Mama"

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Hello fellow Bitchuters, I am Antifaschistische Pfeile, my name translated from Deutsch to English means Antifacist Arrows.

My namesake comes from two organizations, the Pfeile in my name comes from the Three Arrows (German: Drei Pfeile) which is/was a socialist political symbol associated with the Social Democratic Party of Germany, used in the late history of the Weimar Republic.

The Antifaschistische comes from Antifaschistische Aktion which is a militant anti-fascist organisation that originated in the Weimar Republic started by members of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD).

In this channel, and with all I do, I will continue the legacy and work of antifacism, and antiracism.