Antimachus of Teos

I guess, this is a video response to Verlisify's comment about Youtube's hidden dislikes.

Just talking about what I am doing now, when it comes to writing and stuff.

Just talking about restraining people on the ground, not an expert, but topical of today.

I cannot help but to ask and wonder, does American still have a president? Has someone checked that insignificant Joe still has a pulse?

Saw a tweet, decided to answer... by shouting at the wind, since I do not use Twatter.

Now, speaking of Dumbo, with its big ears, it is clearly an African Elephant. The other elephants have much smaller ears, which makes them Indian Elephants. Thus if we wish to twist everything into an allegory about 'racismus' -- then the movie clearly depicts Indian 'racismus' towards Africans. This a terrible problem for the clergy of 'racismus' -- as their faith claims that Elephants of colour cannot be shown to perpetrate 'racismus' for their divine role upon this green earth is to only suffer from it. And make no mistake, the animation of Dumbo is most certainly done in colour.

We are super straight,
We were born with this fate.

We are here, and super straight,
We will not listen to your blind hate.

We are here, stand proud, and super straight,
We want opposing chromosomes in order to mate!

Just thoughts about lockdowns...

Just reading a bit from a book I am writing.

How the ancient shamans conjured lightning before the white people came to Africa with their science.

My thoughts on Pokemon Sword and Shield, and bit of a review of the game with its DLC.

Just talking about my Epic Poem - Epigoni, you can find it on Amazon and Smashwords if you are interested.

Just having fun with Churchill Speech

How to use Jolteon in Pokemon Let's Go.

How to use Chansey in Pokemon Let's Go.

How to use Vaporeon in Pokemon Let's Go.

How to use Rapidash in Pokemon Let's Go.

How to use Venusaur in Pokemon Let's Go.

How to use Poliwrath in Pokemon Let's Go

How to use Mega Pidgeot in Pokemon Let's Go.

How to use Mega Mewtwo Y in Pokemon Let's Go.

How to use Fearow in Pokemon Let's Go.

How to use Farfetch'd in Pokemon Let's Go.

How to use Arcanine in Pokemon Let's Go.

So yeah, we have a new doctor, new series, and... It is pretty much just meh.


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