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So yeah, we have a new doctor, new series, and... It is pretty much just meh.

A game that came out with almost too many problems and still I couldn't recommend it more!

All things end eventually, and I will be out of a FPS to play...

In older Pokemon generations a level 75 Charizard with 320 hitpoints would be an impossibility. If you had one, it would be a result of hacking the game. Yet one such thing appears in the official screenshots for the upcoming Pokemon Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu. This means that the new generation does things slightly differently. Here is my speculation on it...

Based on these two videos:

'IMPOSSIBLE STATS in Pokemon Let's Go' by Verlisify:


'I Played Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee EARLY!!' by DanTDM:

I guess this is my review or thoughts on the Daredevil Season 3 from Netflix. It is good entertainment, it is political, and I think there might be more to it than might seem obvious at first. Whether that is due to mere coincidence or accident can be debated.

I would recommend watching these three videos as well:

'The Politics of Starship Troopers' by Sargon of Akkad:

'Daredevil (Netflix) Going Full SJW?' by The Rageaholic: and 'Daredevil (Netflix) Season 3 Review - The Rageaholic' by The Rageholic

Just rambling about some shows.

12.09.2018 is yet another day that the EU took towards tyranny. Their attempts to censor the internet overshadows their tyranical decision against Orban.

Creative Assembly just cannot stop ruining their own games.

9) Death of Alex the Canary

All tyrants only fear one thorn,
And it will bring forth their scorn,
Make them blow hard with their horn,
In hopes it gets removed by the next morn,
But the anguish will not vanish once it is born,
And it will reveal that not a single cloth was worn.

The great internet giants of our era have become monsters,
That cannot even outsmart mentally challenged lobsters,
The way they act is fitting to monopolistic mobsters,
That wish to sell their insurance against robbers,
Either you buy it or end visiting the doctors,
The situation of our day is truly bonkers.

InfoWars has never been my cup of tea,
But I believe that all speech should be free,
It is the only way to ensure freedom of the flea,
The only protection against shrieks regarding a pea,
Otherwise it is your speech that is gone with their degree,
Thus the content they make must be there for everyone to see.

Tyrants of today only make way for tyrants of tomorrow,
Not a flower will bud in what they call their meadow,
Not a word is heard when the rivers of tears flow,
Silence has fallen on freedoms lost long ago,
Perhaps reclaimed with blood on snow,
With a feast of corpses for the crow.

What tyrants dread is the truth,
It grants us wisdom in voting booth,
It gives hands of corruption a taste of tooth,
It sets us free from comforting lies of our youth,
It gives us the mental fortitude to stomach the uncouth,
And most of all it creates a growing hunger for all things true.

It only takes a permanent ink marker to have action against fascists.

So I read some news about 3D printed guns... And here are some thoughts:

8) Gunslinger of the 3D-Printed Gun Era

When sun's scorching rays reach the high noon,
Any long shadow will become god's blessed boon,
But now another sight has seen the town ladies swoon,
Finally a gunslinger has arrived and not a moment too soon.

The gunslinger stares at the villain's number one goon,
And suddenly it is only the crickets that dare play their tune,
The thug outdraws the thirsty gunslinger covered by sands of dune,
But the plastic gun dies by its trigger pull to the pain and shock of the goon.

Our gunslinger walks closer to whisper these words: Plastic is for the spoon,
And your mangled hand will never be healed by your mother's croon,
So run to your boss with a hat made out the arse of a raccoon,
And say their just fates will be delivered to them soon.

Then the gunslinger went to quench his thirst into the villain's saloon,
He drew a six shooter made of steel and gave crickets a new tune,
And plastic fell down with the weight of Spanish doubloon,
Until the man with a raccoon hat bled over to a spittoon.

26 men dead and the gunslinger had only fired twice.

Once in blue moon, something strange happens and there are real news in a fake news paper. i am shocked, and strangely optimistic, even though the reason for my optimism did vanish few days after reading their other headlines.

A while back there was another update to NO MAN'S GAME and these are my first thoughts on it.

Just some thoughts about the upcoming Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu games on Switch.


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