Chapter 2, Time and Violence

The Serpent of Paradise, The Story of an Indian Pilgrimage tells of Serrano's years in India.

Translator Guido Stucco gives an interesting history of Evola and touches upon the nature of his work.

A Survival Manual for Aristocrats of the Soul.

This DIY audiobook recording was done in India. Please forgive any unavoidable background noise.

Perhaps the most famous book by the controversial author, eco- and animal rights activist, Hindu-phile and fascist Savitri Devi. Fascinating stuff. Along with her ideology, she tells the story of Genghis Khan, Akhnaton of Egypt, and Adolf Hitler, who she believed was an avatar of Vishnu sent to bring the end of the Kali Yuga and usher in the next golden age. First published in Kolkata, this DIY recording has also been made in southern India. Therefore, please excuse the unavoidable occasional background sounds such as horns honking!


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