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Genes vary between population groups. The effects of these genes vary within and between populations. Genes affect behavior. Group behaviors are a defining component of culture. A population's genetic makeup impacts culture.

Is that uncomfortable for you? Does that suggest that some problems just can't be fixed by "assimilation" or transplanting people from one ancestral geographic population to another? Of course it does. Sometimes the truth hurts.
Environment can only do so much. While a dominant culture might impress their culture on a subgroup, left to their own devices, that subgroup will contribute certain behaviors to the culture, and those behaviors have a genetic component.

Summary points:
1. Intelligence is heritable.
2. Genes influence behaviors.
3. Environment is limited.
4. Life outcomes have a genetic component.
5. Groups create group outcomes
6. 1 & 2 vary between populations.
7. Genes influence culture.

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Cultural Diffusion

More to come on how and why this matters...


In-depth presentation on European history and its resulting effects on the Jewish community. With special focus on renowned Jewish intellectuals, Judaism and Christianity, Usury, Marxism, Bolshevik Revolution, Adolf Hitler, National Socialists Workers Party, The Holocaust, Israel and how it is all connected to current world affairs.


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The Racist Truth About Canadian Immigration

Kin recognition in an annual plant
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December 7, 2005
The New Separate But Equal
By James Chen
Read more:

Racial Identity, and Its Hostilities, Are on the Rise in American Politics

In Search of the Key to Closing Achievement Gaps
New research indicates that integrating schools to equalize access to teachers will not significantly close student achievement gaps.


Puffer jackets, invented by white people:

Shoes, not invented by black people:

Cellphones and microphones invented by white people, one type of microphone improved by a white guy and a black guy, let's just ignore the white guy though:

Video games consoles and cartridges, invented by white people, funded, marketed and improved by a black guy (and his team which included the white guys):

IBM's ISA co-invented by a black guy and white guy.... let's just ignore the white guy though:

Shoe lasting was legitimately made easier and better by the inventions of a (half) black guy.

"Light bulbs that last more than a few days" invented by a white guy and a black guy but a black guy alone did invent the filament, make of this one what you will given their mixed messages:

Potato Chips (aka Crisps) invented by a white English man, not a black guy.

Pacemakers, invented by white people:

First surgery on the pericardium done by a white guy, first surgery on the heart also performed by a white guy, but a blac guy did have the honour of receiving the first surgery done on a heart, so that's a win right there right?

To be continued in comments.

Are blacks more likely to be arrested for drug offenses despite using drugs at the same rates as whites? Conventional wisdom has it that the war on drugs is inherently discriminatory, but a closer look at black crime statistics undermines explanations that rely exclusively on racial bias or police discrimination. Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, discusses several empirical studies that support a more nuanced understanding of differential arrest rates for drug-related crimes, one that avoids the pitfalls of the typically reductive explanations that emphasize systemic anti-black discrimination by a hopelessly racist police force.


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George Washington Carver didn't invent peanut butter:

Madam C.J. Walker did not invent the hot comb.

George Crum did not invent the potato chip:

Origin of braids is unknown:

Otis Boykin did not invent the pacemaker:

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Now. As a warning to fellow National Socialists, this video is NOT friendly to our worldview, and it's for all the reasons you and I both know. Ignorance would be the one word to describe it. But WE CAN glean something things from it. We can take the information he gives us on the popularity of Hitler and the NSDAP just prior, during and after the Third Reich as a positive historically. And this video on the Islamic narrative can be used for normies that think National Socialism is bad. So really there's a few wins to be had.


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