Sunset Cruisers Show Chevy Trucks (Preview )

it's a 57 Chevy Judy was wrong again!

1937 Ford Roadster Sunset Cruisers Downtown Owensboro (Preview )

Shelby Mustang Sunset Cruisers Owensboro

Love Old Wagons ( Preview )

1923 Ford T-Bucket Sunset Cruisers Owensboro

Today Judy found her a Classic Mustang that she really liked at the Sunset Cruisers Car Show. Keys were lift in the car. The owner said she could take it for a spin. Guess I will have to teach her how to drive a stick someday. Lots of other cool cars there that day too.

Mach 1 Mustang Sunset Cruisers Car Show April 3 2021
Owensboro Ky

The First Sunset Cruisers Car Show of the 2021 Season
Old Chevy Trucks April 3 ( Preview )

1963 Mini Cooper

Rat Rod Car Show Downtown Owensboro ( Preview )

Today we had lunch for the first time at The Sunliner Diner in Pigeon Forge Tn. Not only was the food great, so was the atmosphere. The diner took us back to the 50's. They had a Jukebox playing Classic Rock-n-Roll. In the gift shop were some cool vintage looking t-shirts and a vintage looking refrigerator and stove. Check out the 2 classic cars in the lot.

Soon we will be back to video the Classic Car Shows of Season 2021. Ready for Warm Sunny Days after this Long Winter.

Today we get the bumper cover painted and installed. Finish the door panel and get all the painting done.

Today we start rebuilding the Equinox installing the fender, Radiator and a/c Condenser. Then Save Money on Plastic Parts with the COBRA Hot Stapler.

It's been a long Quarantine, but finally we are getting back to going to the Car Shows again.

Today we see a very rare 1954 Kurtis 500 while walking the lot.

F1 Ford Pickup, 1957 Ford Thunderbird, 1955 Chevy 3100, 1958 Impala, Mustang and Camaro.

2020 SUPER CRUISE July 4th.CAR SHOW ( Part 2 )
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Today we finish the Door Repair. Working with Fiberglass filler and then a coat of regular filler over top. Ready for Primer & Paint.

#AutoBodyRepair #AutoBodyTechniques

Like always hurry and get one job finished and then here comes another one.
Auto Body Techniques Door Repair.

Today we are shopping in The Tudor House Antiques near The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

#Antiques #TinToys #Collectibles

Today we start on the Ford Fusion we need to swap the drivers door with a used door. But since the wiring did not match we will have to replace everything inside the door Window Regulator, Latch, Lock Everything to make it work. Then we will have to pull and repair the rocker panel that was damaged.


Today we finish the Hail Damage Repair Color Sand Buff. Then Judy gets her Aura back.

#HailDamageRepair #AutoPaint

Well today Judy's car gets Hail Damage guess who gets to fix it? You don't always have to remove all the paint but on this one we do.

#AutoBodyRepairs #HailDamageRepairs #AutoPaintShop

1957 Chevy / Sunset Cruisers Owensboro

Today we start out in our hotel room at the Smoky Mountain Resort which is near the Log Cabin Pancake House. We passed by the Space Needle on our way to the main strip in downtown Gatlinburg.

#Gatlinburg #SmokyMountains

Today we are back at one of our favorite Antique Stores Owensboro Trading Post. We find lots of Vintage Lunch Boxes, Tools, Gas Pumps. Very good prices on Antique Furniture.

#Antiques #OldTools #Collectibles


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