Old vid from when I first started using Blender to do animation stuff. Still hoping to do a short based on Critical Role.

Another old vid. Covers what I think is a major difference between the left and right. The left claims to be the empathetic side, when the reality is they refuse to even entertain any discussion with people who do not fall in line. The right and center on the other hand are the ones welcoming all sides for the search for the truth and the best path forward.

First video I made for youtube. Working on moving that stuff over here. In this I cover some of the misconceptions people seem to have about the nature of the American system and how rights work.

My run for first round race of Hummingway Open, a casual open race league for FF4 Free Enterprise. Had some experienced challengers and I fumbled a few times but it was a blast all the same!

Randomizer for Super Nintendo Game Final Fantasy IV. The Randomizer uses the English Final Fantasy II Super Nintendo version as the base game. Bosses, key items to unlock areas for exploration, shops, and treasures can all be randomized. There are also a plethora of color palettes for party characters and even for Zeromus himself! If you like RPGs you should definitely check this out. Sorry for the clacking was waiting for SNES controllers which should have been

In this video I cover recent developments with a game I am making in Unity and a short film I am animating with Blender.


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