Lauren Southern her grandfather was bestial Rabbi in Denmark, so she is "survivor" in 4. Generation and has a lot of Reparation-Shekels. But she is back grabbing more!!!

Black woman talks about the cynical Jews and why she doesn't give a shit about slavery. Hear her out. ( great video from bitchute channel AngryTomatoes )

I really enjoyed this one

Just the usual kvetching

Be warned next time you order

I highly recommend that everyone who reads this, copy and paste it where needed, whenever some jew mossad agent tries to discredit Hitler, post this!!!
Below is all the PROOF that you should ever need about Adolf Hitler, every disinfo lie that i could think of is answered. After having read and known the truth, those that continue to push lies about Hitler must be jew disinfo agents, theres really no two ways about it.
Given that the moronic myth of Hitler-Rothschild is so devoid of logic, so utterly unsubstantiated, and so easily debunked — one has to wonder why such claims continue to be peddled by some in the “truth movement.” There are three categories of people promoting this rubbish:
1. Controlled or fake opposition / Jew Zionist trolls
2. Hitler-phobics
3. Sincere dupes of categories 1 & 2
The false opposition explanation for the Hitler-Rothschild lie is self-explanatory. There are those – the usual suspects (cough cough) – who, in an attempt to steer truth-seeking “conspiracy theorists” away from the greatness and goodness of Hitler, would have us believe that Hitler was a traitor working for the N.W.O. / Illuminati. They are deliberately poisoning the well of truth. It’s that simple.
The Hitler-phobia phenomenon, on the other hand, is not the work of false opposition agents. Rather, it is motivated by the fear of “going all the way” by embracing the undeservedly toxic name of the “evil” Adolf Hitler. These weak-willed (and ad-revenue dependent) truthers will passionately (and sincerely) rail against the Globalists and their evil agent FDR, and the evil Communist Stalin. But they need to come up with a plausible-sounding explanation for Hitler’s fight against the very same Globalists that they hate so much.
You see, they can’t say that the Globalists were suddenly “the good guys” during World War II — but nor can they bring themselves to admit that Hitler was “the good guy” fighting Globalism either. Perish the thought! Its quite a pickle for these timid types (John Birch Society, Alex Jones, etc). What to do — what to do?
The “Hitler-was-in-bed-with-the-Globalists” Fairy Tale solves this little problem. As the manufactured argument goes, the Globalists and Hitler were both “bad guys” who double-crossed each other! It’s a very safe middle-ground for the 1/2 truth movement — but it’s a lie/error that 100% truthers should be aware of, and stay far away from.
(Thanks to "Mukunda_dasa_108" for the above part of this comment)
Lets set a few more things straight for the mentally challenged while we are at it...
"NAZI = National Socialist Zionist- Yes Nazis were Jew sympathizers for populating the stolen lands of Palistine."
No they were not. The word NAZI was reintroduced in 1920 by the JEWISH journalist Konrad Heiden to ridicule the National Socialists. THE WORD NAZI WAS ADOPTED BY ALLIED (WAR) PROPAGANDA and TODAY it has become a word of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE to SILENCE ANYONE that criticizes the Jews.
The NSDAP for a time attempted to adopt the "Nazi" designation as what the Germans call a "despite-word", but they gave this up, and the NSDAP is said to have generally avoided the term. That is the reason for the word "Nazi" being on that haavara agreement coin.
ORIGINALLY the word NAZI was invented about 2000 years ago, to indicate a man from En-Nasir or En-Nasira (Which is Arabic for NAZARETH - Or do you REALLY THINK JESUS WAS RAISED WITH THE TALMUD??!!!)
Anyway, Hitler wanted the Jews OUT OF Europe. That's why he initiated the Hazaara agreement in 1933.
It even got a coin to celebrate that agreement, with the swastika on one side and the star of David on the other. (Ein Nazi Fahrt Nach Palestina Und Erzählt Davon In Angriff)
From 1938, the new place to expel the Jews to was Madagascar to isolate them completely! (And in 1939 came WWII)
Hitler was NOT a Freemason NOR was he a Jew! This is ALL DISINFORMATION!
- Hitler showed a WAY OUT OF THE BABYLONIC BANKING SYSTEM - Within THREE YEARS a bankrupted Germany with MILLIONS of unemployed was back on its feet, IN SPITE OF a (Jewish instigated) world wide depression and IN SPITE OF a world wide boycott on German goods, placed upon Germany by the Jewish international Cabal.
- Hitler ARRESTED the Rothschilds in Germany (1933), Austria (1938) and France (1940) and CEASED THEIR ASSETS!!!

Hitler ABOLISHED Freemasonry (The henchmen of the Jews) in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark. Norway, Holland, Luxembourg and Poland. (As Franco did in Spain and Mussolini did in Italy!)
- Hitler PROTECTED SPAIN (Spanish "civil" war 1936 - 1939) AND FINLAND (Winter war 1939 - 1940) FROM COMMUNISM (called BOLSHEVISM at that time!!!)
IF Hitler was a freemason or a Jewish agent, all he had to do was follow the Weimar Republi




Hear this guy out!!!!! 😂

Oy Gevalt

Good to see a Jew telling the truth


Dorian gives his views on the holohoax. He won the Mr Olympia title six consecutive times. “Dorian yates” , best combo on Brains and Physique yet to date.

For those that still think Putin is on our side!


It's even more true today than it was then.

Ernst Zündel was a German-Canadian free speech activist who spent 7 years in prison for publicly questioning the mainstream historical narrative of WW2. Ernst passed away in August 2017.

Ernst Zündel interviewed by an Israeli journalist:

Obviously this guy is a controlled shill, he never ever speaks out against Israel or Jews in general! Here the link to his video Make sure to write him a message and dropping a thumb down for shilling for ISRAHELL. And people still wonder how Sweden got were they are now! Its guys like this that hot them there

in loving memory of Adolf Hitler. *The Heil Salute goes back centuries prior to the National Socialists. The Salute still Inspires Awe and Wonder even in the fictional world

Highest IQ scores, the invention of the toilet, airplanes, television, computers all by African engineers

Whats is like to be a parasite



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