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Degeneration of Society Part.1

Uploaders YouTube account was deleted.

YouTube banned my account for this one. lol

Re-uploaded here because I have watched youtube delete all accounts that have uploaded it.

Saga - Ode To A Dying People (Song)

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A parasitic mindset infects Nations

NS & Volkisch Art.
Dedicated to the memory & thinking of Ludwig Roselius (1874-1943)... "Roselius, a sympathiser of National Socialism, pursued Völkisch-Nordic cultural ideas influenced by the ideologists Julius Langbehn and Herman Wirth, involving a belief in the irreplaceable value of the Nordic race. He aimed to have these ideas materialise in Böttcherstraße. Roselius stated "The re-erection of Böttcherstraße is an attempt to think in a German way" – "I want, and that is the deepest aim of what was created in Böttcherstraße, to break the spell of the banishment the ill-informed Romans sentenced our people to, which still weighs upon us..." Although Roselius and Hoetger paid tribute to Hitler as the "Bringer of Light" on a relief at the entrance, the Führer rejected this variant of völkisch art in a Reichsparteitag speech on 10 September 1936"

Fashwave Art segment by RedIceTV (Pro-European, Pro-Western)


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Capitalist - Volkisch - Romantic Nationalist