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Former Music Industry Executive turned GOP Candidate for Congress (https://starbuck2022.com/) drops some insight into why and how the rap industry takes from the artist.
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This is a PARODY of how I re-imagined the Raid of Trump's Mar-A-Lago Resort REALLY happened.
I may have to do some more editing to be able to put this on YT, but I wanted to drop this now.
Let me know if YOU think I'm close to, or off the mark.
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Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister, spoke at CPAC in Dallas, TX on August 4, 2022 to Conservatives from all over the United States.

In this speech, more important than anything, he focused on how Hungary has bucked the EU Globalists by staying true to the Hungarian people and their needs by focusing more on the family and keeping religious values strong. He also mentioned making it harder for NGO's, George Soros groups, corporations and LGBT groups to set up shop and infiltrate their way of life and sovereignty.

He likened Hungary to the Lone Star State of Texas by saying Hungary is like the Lone Star state of Europe. Prime Minister Orban and his Fidesz party have been key in holding the EU at bay when it comes to the strong-arm tactics used to try to get Hungary to go along with their pro-immigration policies (et al); thus going against its own sovereignty.

The last time I was in Hungary I heard Chuck Norris was recently there (or about to go there) to help train or show some of his troops some techniques. He gave Chuck Norris a nice shout-out by saying we need more of that instead of what we're getting pushed on us by the globalists.

Hungary is a great country with awesome people. When I was there, the people were great and down-to-Earth. The only time I had an issue on the FAR EASTERN side of Hungary, near Ukraine, was after I hopped over the fence of the place where I was staying, and went for a walk. At that time, they were dealing with an immigration issue....and me being Black in a remote area of the country (hours from Budapest).....well someone called the police. I ain't even mad because I realized what they were dealing with and the neighbor probably didn't know me.

I pray they can keep up their resistance to the Leftist Winds of Change.

"I don't need to have numbers." clip in response to a question by Anne of @AnneMcCloyNews on Twitter.

RSBN had a great stream and then it was abruptly cut afterwards. Thanks to channel, 'True Hunters', for the upload.
Speakers: Ted Budd, Mark Robinson

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"Thank you Wake County or State of NC or federal government. I have come to school everyday since last March when we closed but admit I feel a bit better with the vaccine. Doing this for students....and teachers.....and all the things."
"RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Wake County Public School System announced the passing of longtime Millbrook Principal Dana King on Saturday afternoon."

My daughter went to one of the Middle Schools that feeds into this High School, so she has friends who attend this High School. I'm quite sure I've met or was around this woman at a few events because once I saw her, I recognized her face.

She was a nice lady, as far as I could tell.

Without knowing her medical history or autopsy results (if one was conducted), it would be irresponsible to assume her cause of death. In light of the issues with the shots that we've seen on this platform as well as the information that she DID (based only on what she had posted in the past) actually get the shot, I wonder if it might have had something to do with her seemingly untimely death.

There are people who seem to do alright with the vaccine so far, but I hope they stop to take a look at more information before taking any more. I give as much information as I can on the social media platforms as allowed. Some people WILL NOT look anything up, listen to us or question the accepted narrative.
I hope, for their sake, that they got saline, a placebo or something that doesn't do what we've seen these shots do. I hope all these mainstream media and politician liars and deceivers are dealt with. I also hope the people start questioning them more than us.... It's out of our hands. We can't force people to believe something they won't or disbelieve what they will. Just keep dropping info...

I've been hearing things about people here in NC trying to disqualify Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R(NC) from running again in another more difficult, new district. Just watch the first 5 minutes if you don't have much time.
Mirrored: Posted March 24, 2022

Congressman Madison Cawthorn pulls no punches in describing just how bad Washington D.C. really is. In this interview I ask how close the show ‘House of Cards’ gets to giving a real glimpse of our ruling class. His answers shocked me.

Support Madison Cawthorn: https://cawthorn.house.gov/

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In this video, Jordan Kettner of Kettner Creative goes through all of the 24 SFX (Sound Effects) settings and lets you hear how they sound. If you're not quite sure how to access those sounds or what they sound like, stick around.

The original video can be found on YouTube:

In this video, Jordan Kettner of Kettner Creative shows how to set up the Yamaha MG10XU USB Audio Mixing Console to your computer 6 different ways. It's a very good digital mixer that's pretty versatile. Jordan does a great job of explaining different features of this piece of equipment.

The original video can be found on YouTube:

In this video, Jordan Kettner of Kettner Creative shows how to set up the Yamaha MG10XU USB Audio Mixing Console. I personally own this mixer, partially because of his presentation, but also my own research and needs.

The original video can be found on YouTube:

As a former entertainer, I've seen the progression of affordable equipment and this mixer is a good next step if you own older or newer equipment.

In this video, Jordan Kettner of Kettner Creative shows how to set up the Yamaha MG10XU USB Audio Mixing Console for Live Streaming. If you're looking for a way to set up for doing some live streams (whether you have this particular mixer or not), this is one way you can do it.

The original video can be found on YouTube:

Here's a nice little segment that details some of the alleged Pfizer tactics. This sounds more like human trafficking tactics. It almost sounds like Jeffrey Epstein runs the company.
Check out Gravitas on WION with this young lady as the reporter/journalist.

This video is mirrored from another page. Thanks for the resource. We all have people we care about who may not know where to go to view the same material.

Please make sure you visit Dr Tenpenny's website ( https://www.drtenpenny.com/ ) for the vitamins that she offers. I have also visited others' website who offer certain helpful supplements that I will soon put the links to on my website; BunchaBunk.com

Thanks for your viewership.

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Here's another video of some background regarding how the so-called "Media" outfits cover up treatments that ACTUALLY seem to work. First they laugh at you, then they ridicule you, then silence you. It seems they NEVER seem to apologize for lying or being wrong. I've embedded a hint. See if you can find it.

I'm having to crank these out without much editing and sound design because the information is becoming more and more necessary for friends and family. I hope I can revisit these and improve the production quality soon.

I'll also be updating the website with the supporting information as soon as I can.

Thanks again, You People!


This is a bare bones compilation of clips from interviews and videos from other content creators. These are not videos that I created or interviews that I have conducted with the individuals therein. I will provide a list of links you can go to soon, so you can see them in the full context.

Please support the work of the individuals who are on the front lines trying to shed light on some serious topics. They are being targeted just by telling the truth as they see it.

I would also like your support, if possible. Even though this is a compilation, it takes a LOT of time to figure out what I can eliminate without taking away the message.

Please visit my website, bunchabunk.com when you get a chance and hopefully I will have had time to update it with the information you're looking for and provided the types of products/services you wouldn't mind investing in.

Thanks for watching.


North Carolina Lt. Governor has found himself in the cross hairs of the elites who want to take away any chance of him being effective in NC. Just as we've seen Dave Chappelle being targeted for something that we used to consider normal, decent and appropriate behavior, so is Mr Robisnon; and by the same group.

He needs your support now more than ever and into the future because, in my humble opinion, he should and could be our next Governor if he wants to be.

His Website:

My website:

Dr Erik Enby has a very interesting Bio as it pertains to health. In THIS video, someone brought him a used vial of the Pfizer vaccine, which he began to analyze under the microscope. As more of a holistic doctor, it's not surprising that he says he wouldn't take this vaccine. What IS surprising, is what he found in it and his assessment.

He mentions that a lot of people don't like to talk about life on that level. Moreover, he says that based on what he saw under the microscope, it resembles what the blood of an ill patient looks like; overrun with organic moving objects.

I've heard this before elsewhere. And, since the popularity of Ivermectin has increased, it's no wonder why patients' health seems to improve when on it. I don't think the mainstream media meant to help me connect this to other cases, but that's what happened when I thought of other medicines that had similar effects.

My main effort NOW is to get this video up, however I fully intend to write about what I've been thinking about regarding other anti-parasitic drugs out there that have ALSO been around for a while.

Check out my website please and support the people out here on the front lines of this information war/battle that we have going on.


This expose' is by an Australian named Spiro with Dr. Peggy, a Pathologist, who shows what healthy blood and blood of a patient that has been vaccinated with a COVID vaccine.
This was one of the first videos I saw that showed this online. I hope this helps.

Albert Spence - Witness
Nurse for 31 years; Pulmonary for 18 Years

This gentleman has had Triple Bypass surgery. And for this to be hoisted onto his shoulders on top of a confusing, and seemingly constantly moving goalpost that were the COVID Protocols, had to be extra difficult.

As more doctors and microbiologist come forward to speak out on what's going on, Mr. Spence's words continue to shed light on the new information coming out. This video will be referenced in some of my upcoming videos, as will other segments of other videos.

Thanks for watching.

This video is a great montage of the FIRST LEVEL issue many people have with the vaccine;
What exactly is it and How does it act? This has to do with the isolation and purification (along with the process) of the actual disease. The people in this video shed light on this issue; and not only with Coronavirus.

The Original video was made by ThoughtCrime7 and was called, "The Emperor Has No Corona". You can find the HD version with a lot of resources at this website below:

If you would like a list of the resources I've edited into the video, you can find it here:

If you would like some of my commentary regarding this and other issues, you can visit my website below:

Thank you for watching.

What am I thankful for and why? Well sometimes it's difficult to get past the hard times to notice all you have to be thankful for.

I don't know about you but out of all the racists I know, I don't know if any of them would be happy that A$AP Rocky is allowed to leave his Swedish Jail and fly home with his Mom.

That's just me.
Now let's talk about it.


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