Our costumes for ballet on stage
In this case ladies of Louis XV

Our cultural events on stage
In this case, I pass by two between the lovers who have to separate.

Our costume designs on stage
In this case: the graceful dragonfly

Feel good wearing the fashion you like creating your own style

Our skate tights in action.
Because you don't go out alone to skate and compete, we are always with you

Our costumes on stage
In this case: Cannon Suit

Our costumes on stage
In this case: the nymphs, the goddesses of the enchanted forest

Our cosplays on stage
In this case the character of the video game Devil May Cry: Nero

Passion for design for flamenco since 1990

Our events on stage
Anastasia has already found her grandmother and they all say goodbye taking the train

Our costumes on stage
In this case: the peasants

Our stage shows, in this case Anastasia's choreography, recalling the great palace dances

Our costumes on stage
the great little ballerinas

Our costumes on stage
passion for flamenco

Our costumes on stage
In this case Tinkerbell and the fairies of the hollow of the fairies

Our costumes on stage
In this case the flower fairy of the enchanted forest

We are aware of the importance of costumes in skating.
That is why we dedicate all our know-how to making the best quality leggings for skaters.
Because we also went out to compete with them and went up with them to receive the medal

Our costumes on stage

Our stage shows, in this case hapkido

Our cultural events on stage, this time created to receive the visit of three illustrious people: The Three Wise Men.
After the event, we went upstairs to say goodbye, followed by photos, lots of photos

The little fish are the happiest creatures under the sea, they dance and have fun and learn the lessons of the crab teacher.
The great little ballerinas enjoying the ballet

Children's ballet tights worked by hand
Because ballet is fun
Dance with your favorite characters

Creativity designed for the success of your show

Tights for dance and ballet for children and adults
Made with the best lycra, resistance elasticity and durability

Our events on stage, in this case the cyclists with their performance


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Tailoring for shows, which since 1990 we designed and made costumes for Dance, Theater, Flamenco, Skating, Ballet and all the performing arts.
During all these years we have established ourselves as one of the best tailor shops in Spain and Europe.
We are always innovating and looking for new answers for our clients, adapting to the demands of the new times.
We have been pioneers in designs and fabrics for Flamenco, Skating, Ballet, using our experience.
Our tailor shop has directed the costumes of the Carnival of Las Palmas de G.C for five consecutive years, putting the public standing before our work, which fills us with pride.
Tailoring and dressing room for TVE. (spanish TV)