Dance is an art based on body expression and therefore requires the best articles to dance

Our costumes for the little big ballerinas on stage

Leotards, dance accessories, ballet tips, whatever you need to perform your dance activity

Our costumes on stage
In this case, the beautiful butterfly, the most spectacular creature in the enchanted forest.

Creaciones flamencas para el baile flamenco, ocasiones especiales o ferias
Cuando la pasión se convierte en arte
Flamenco creations for flamenco dancing, special occasions or fairs
When passion becomes art

Our costumes on stage
Since 1990 designing and making costumes for the performing arts

Our costumes on the stage of major events

Our costumes on stage
In this case: tutus plates
Since 1990 designing and making costumes for the performing arts

Since 1990 our costumes on stage.
In this case: the dragonfly, the most graceful creature in the lake

Bracelet, earrings, fans, accessories to wear with flamenco costumes

Children's costumes on stage
The little great dancers the future of dance

We take the shows on stage mixing dance theater fiction for the family full of fantasy and illusion for young and old

The accessories for flamenco dancing or for the April fairs

Our multidisciplinary shows for the family in theme parks.
In this case the dance of the birds of paradise

Since 1990 designing and making costumes for shows and all the performing arts.
Passion for costume design and culture

For five years directing the tailoring and costumes of the carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The Spanish skirts of exclusive designs and the accessories give you the possibility to combine every day in the flamenco fairs

Our modern dance costumes on stage
Because each choreography has its own costume

Our costumes on stage for classical ballet
Romantic tutu for the Ballet

The necessary accessories for your flamenco dresses, for fairs or to rehearse

Our designs for competition skating and training
Since 1990

Our events for the family in theme parks
In this case the adventures of anastasia

Leotards for ballet or dance in a variety of colors, models and sizes of the highest quality
Elastic fabric with great resistance and elasticity, which fits perfectly with what a sensation of comfort is achieved Dries quickly

The points arise in the romantic ballet from the desire of the ballerinas to appear weightless and sylphs.
Giving the sensation of floating and suspended in the air

For five years directing the costumes of the Las Palmas carnival.
Our costumes on stage


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Tailoring for shows, which since 1990 we designed and made costumes for Dance, Theater, Flamenco, Skating, Ballet and all the performing arts.
During all these years we have established ourselves as one of the best tailor shops in Spain and Europe.
We are always innovating and looking for new answers for our clients, adapting to the demands of the new times.
We have been pioneers in designs and fabrics for Flamenco, Skating, Ballet, using our experience.
Our tailor shop has directed the costumes of the Carnival of Las Palmas de G.C for five consecutive years, putting the public standing before our work, which fills us with pride.
Tailoring and dressing room for TVE. (spanish TV)