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Hollywood Promotes Pedophilia and Homosexuality while Denouncing Heterosexuality In Twisted Tongue In Cheek Horrible Bosses 2 Clip

These are fake videos of supposed reptilian shapeshifters caught on tape, you can go ahead and check out the original videos and see how fake these supposed shapeshifters are



Unedited - WARNING GRAPHIC!!! Don't thumbs down a video just because you are upset about what happened, only thumbs down if you don't want others to see it, and thumbs up if you want others to see it!

ACT for America president and founder Brigitte Gabriel, speaks at the Family Research Council's Watchmen on the Wall event about the threat of radical Islam. In this clip she outlines the Muslim Brotherhood's plan for the destruction of Western civilization. The Muslim Brotherhood has spawned dozens and dozens of organizations across the globe, including the terrorist organizations al Qaeda, Hamas, and numerous Muslim organizations in America.

Brigitte Gabriel was born in the Marjeyoun District of Lebanon to a Maronite Christian couple, a first and only child after over twenty years of marriage.[10] She recalls that during the Lebanese Civil War, Islamic militants launched an assault on a Lebanese military base near her family's house and destroyed her home. Gabriel, who was ten years old at the time, was injured by shrapnel in the attack.

With black on white, black on Asian, black on Hispanics, and even black on black, one questions if any lives matters to blacks, seeing that even black lives matters little to blacks. This video is a compilation of fairly recent criminal acts from blacks. Black violence is contagious, it appears, as countless criminal acts are taking place and no one, no color, no age is safe from it.

Various clips of the Islamic refugees from the Middle East and Africa that the media isn't showing. This is an invasion and it must be stopped.

Yes of course hit someone thats plainly saying he doesn't want to fight, you fucking coward, this waste of life is gonna get whats coming to him soon.


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