A tour through Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park music by Dale Brown www.cdbaby.com

Dale and Peggy Brown explore southern Utah confronting the Mormon cult 2019. www.cdbaby.com

Dale Brown has a little fun with the banjo. www.cdbaby.com

Evangelist and bible teacher

Dale Brown talks with Heidi Mund from Germany about the Muslim invasion.

A montage of songs from the CD Zarahemla Mecca of Blues by Dale Brown.
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Written and recorded by Dale Brown www.cdbaby.com

Like a Refiner, written and recorded by Dale Brown, www.cdbaby.com

The spam hits the fan when Christians show up to expose the Mormon cult in Pasco, WA

Dale Brown explores the religion of Freemasonry

Dale Brown's play on words with a harmonica

Ketchum, Idaho to Missoula, Montana

Dale and Peggy Brown run into the Jehovah's Witnesses at a farmer's market

What does going home mean to you. Dale Brown's song gives us some food for thought

Dale and Peggy Brown at a JW convention 2019

Dale Brown comments on the biblical view of the world we live in.

LGBTQ event exposed by Dale Brown

A little video fun with one of my songs. www.cdbaby.com

Music video of a beautiful spring road trip in northern Washington state.

Dale Brown shares a basic truth

History of Muslim pirates addressed on Bainbridge Island, WA caused quite a stir

Having a little fun with the human condition

What they don't like talking about

Street evangelism

What a Muslim has to come to grips with.


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We do video book reviews, research projects on religious cults and Christian apologetics. On occasion we will do a travel/music video. Dale Brown is an artist and musician. https://dalebrownartist.blogspot.com/ His music can be found at www.cdbaby.com/cd/dalebrown
Growing up in a small town, he ventured into the perilous and confusing arena of the occult. Later, as a Christian, he was thrust headlong into a much broader view of religion through Biblical apologetics and the life experience of missionary outreach among a variety of denominational traditions. In effort to understand and meet the needs of people from different cultures and religious backgrounds his wife, Peggy, and he have always tried to find some form of practical application to what they have studied. As he says on his blog, "In 1989 we traveled with a medical missionary team made up of an assortment of Christian denominations to Haiti with Peggy serving as the dentist. To get a glimpse at the mind of Islam we listened to the Muslims and Christians debate at “Speaker’s Corner” in London’s Hyde Park in 1988. On the Alaska/Canadian coast we have logged thousands of miles on boats exploring remote towns and villages. Several road trips across the United States put us in Mormon fundamentalist towns where polygamy is still a part of that “old time” religion. We have been to Jehovah’s Witness conventions, Bahai Faith meetings, Muslim Mosques, Buddhist temples and Mormon testimony meetings." http://dale-apologetica.blogspot.com