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Thanks Gary 828 for putting this on YouTube originally. This oughta do it.

This video may be a waste of my time, but I wanted to try to cease any confusion regarding my Facebook page name. Facebook won't let me change it because they think my name is deceiving apparently. I'll sleep and pray on whatever names I feel led to make. Also, there is a message to the one clown who is STILL getting people to defend him even after everything against him has come out. The nonsensical horribly photoshopped pictures ends NOW!

This video is just a reading of God's holy and infallible Word - the Bible. I encourage all who watch this (and who don't watch this) to get into the King James version Bible and read it. God bless!

Note 1 - I am sorry for not doing one of these in four months, I am without excuse
Note 2 - Sorry for the change in format, I did not have my physical KJV Bible with me

This video is just a reading of God's holy and infallible Word - the Bible. I encourage all who watch this (and who don't watch this) to get into the King James version Bible and read it. God bless!

This channel always focuses on the negative things that this world throws at you to make you stumble and fall from GOD and His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I figured this video would be a differentiation from that, as this is a video I've been feeling led to make for a while now. While this may come across as nothing for some people, I hope and pray this ultimately brings one person to Christ, that's what will make any and all done worth it. Suicide is never the answer and is NOT GOD's will, and it will cause you to burn in hell for all eternity. That said, it is understandable why it is gone through. Hopefully, this testimony will help you or someone. GOD bless you in Jesus' name!

Sorry about the sound. Just wanted to put this up in case anybody wondered what happened. Facebook has yet to let me change it there, so I don't know how long that'll take. I repent of any confusion possibly caused.

I guess this just won't end. This is one of the most digusting things I've ever seen. This man needs to go and NOW!

This is NOT the first time we have heard something like this from Mario. Before the pedophilia accusation started and he dealt with a similar stumble two years ago, he said he thought of the young men every time he had a release and (as he's also done in his recent boo-hoo crocodile videos) talked about how his mom sold sex toys when he was little. This is a sexual child predator at best, pedophile at worst. THIS HAS TO END NOW! The police in Ottawa, Canada need to be contacted ASAP!

You wanna dance? Let's boogie. You're getting called out as the perverted defender / enabler you are.

Mario can take down the pedophile video from YouTube, but he won't remove it from here (already been put up), nor will he this from here. This was from July 2016 when Mario threatened and told his cult following to take knives and cut the wolves' heads off (specifically, this was made towards ColonelCasperKY, A Entertainment, and Avidan). In case you forgot, Mario just 2 months ago told an ex-girlfriend of his to kill herself because she was ugly. This man has also said suicide is okay, which it is NOT! Let this forever be a testament as to how manipulative Mario truly is and has been. Repent of following this demon shill before you meet his fate in hell forever.

This is how stupid it's gotten. Send this to Mario.

This needs to end....and if anyone knows how I can fix the sound, let me know

Special thanks to Sword of Truth (fka EJ Love) for doing this video on his YouTube channel. This needs to be shared. Send this to Mario. Pray for him and his victims / cult.

Link to Sword of Truth

I did this short little video last week and was going to wait to upload it once I heard something about this, but since I haven't heard anything yet, this video is here as sort of a questioning of what may have happened to the ColCasperKY2 channel on YouTube that had all of ColonelCasperKY's videos on The Negligent False Christian Mario. If anyone knows anything of this, please keep me informed. No fear porn intended, just a wondering, hence the thumbnail.

I heard this song the other night on my way from work and found it fairly funny that when I turned the dial, some country song came on and the lyrics were basically promoting date rape (I think it was one of Chris Young's first songs). Music can control your mind if you let it, which is why you need to repent of your sins and come to Christ Jesus who can and WILL save anyone!

Disclaimer 1 - this video was originally supposed to be around 17 minutes long, but for some reason, Screencast-o-matic took out the last six minutes, thus this is the final product.

Disclaimer 2 - I'm not letting you or your trolls and defenders and enablers burn me out or stop me this time, Mario. If I see something and it's vital, I'm calling it out - you better believe it.

Anyway, here we go again talking about this guy for calling the USA a "Christian" nation because of him, which the USA is NOT nor has ever been a "Christian" nation to begin with, as shown in Habakkuk 2. He also, as he has done before, compared himself to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Mario does not save, nor does any man! GET RIGHT WITH GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST TODAY IF YOU'VE YET TO DO SO! Repent of your idolatry and respect of persons today!

UPDATE 12/7/18 - Thanks to 7Dusk (comments below) for showing me a downloader that works and has no ads!

There is a reason for this video - the site that I promoted a handful of times while I was still on YouTube (and also used to put some videos from here on my YouTube channel recently) is disgusting, and I am ashamed of myself for ever even promoting it in the first place, since I now know what the site is really used for. I am truly, genuinely sorry if I ever told you to use that horrid site and I ask for your forgiveness. As the title says, I would like to know if there's another way to download BitChute videos without ever having to see links to that smut.

Earlier this year, I did a video where I exposed Ghost for possibly setting up a false flag and showing their Masonic ties, along with exposing August Burns Red for yoking with them as both bands were nominated in the same category of Grammy "awards." Well, I stumbled upon this afternoon and they did an article discussing the frontman behind Ghost being sued again (or something to that effect) and I just so happened to see in the article where the people suing him are calling the frontman and the judge Masons (this proves that people in the government of any facet are Masons, also - granted, I did not touch on that much, sorry). Furthermore, I saw a shirt that Oceans Ate Alaska put out that has the Masonic handshake on it, which is something common among those in power and musicians. If you respect these people or are idolizing them, knowingly or not, REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer these bands' fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire!

2 Peter 3:9 states that GOD is not willing for any to perish, but that all would come to repentance; however, that does not mean that all will come to repentance. As a matter of fact, Matthew 7 even says that not everyone who proclaims to know GOD would enter His kingdom and more people will follow the broad path to destruction and hell than the narrow path that leads to life eternal. While our choices are limited to what is in keeping with our nature (i.e. we will walk across a bridge, not fly off it), we all have a choice to either serve GOD and follow Jesus Christ or live in our sinful ways. If you do not know Jesus Christ, I pray that you will come to Him, repent, and turn to Him and follow Him today. Today is the day of salvation. Don't give in to the world and what it offers.


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I will NOT show my YouTube channels as I am no longer uploading there thanks to their bogus censorship and protection of certain people that shall not be named.

Amidst all the craziness that is in this wicked world, there is indeed hope. You see, ALL have sinned and fallen short of God’s great glory and that sin deserves death, but God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ - our Lord and Savior - that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus Christ shed His innocent blood and He bore the punishment you and I deserved and He arose from the grave three days after dying on that old rugged cross. If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved and you’re saved by grace through faith, but faith without works is dead. Salvation produces works, not the other way around. You must ask the Lord to create in you a clean heart and renew a right spirit within you. You must also repent and turn fully from your sin. Otherwise, you will be in a place where there is no rest day or night, whilst there is weeping, moaning, gnashing of teeth, sorrow, torment, misery, and death - this last forever and ever, 24/7, eternity. That place is none other than hell. God is the only one who saves and He saves all who call on His holy name and do so truthfully, but you must make the effort to cry out to Him. The Bible tells us to put on the armor of God every single day. That means to get off your electronics and get in your KJV Bible and in prayer to God every day. The Word also says “be ye holy as God is holy.” This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! At the end of the day, we all answer to God, not to man. Trust no man - ONLY God - because man can and will either intentionally or unintentionally, lead you astray.

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