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Apple Jacks

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It's getting better. Understand I do this on no budget, all done on a cheap phone. You can imagine I will be getting equipment in the future. Gonna show you'll how real independence looks like. Saty safe and be blessed

Here's the new song I been working on the past couple days. Hope you enjoy and be blessed to others

I hate specific dates, but we can definitely see the numbers in the coming days to be significant to the occult, or shadow government, or death cult, whatever you call them....

There plan, not ours. If they do start the 3rd. Perfect time to get knowledge of the third testament. With massive earth quakes around the world on top of all the crazy

WW3 announcement soon? Putin today told the world the full truth, who can you believe?

This is more a rough draft. I plan on rerecording and giving you that visual of the sky as I rhyme

Here's another new song from AppleProductions.
Hi, I am who I am, AJ. My father gave me the Apple and told me , "Give it to the people"
Will you take it?

Sky visuals and more, enjoy brothers and sisters

It may not be good for most, but I know my Father's is great and you'll never know what your capable of til you do it. No matter whats against you, no matter how hard it is or how you try to coup with it all, what matters is who you do it for...

:::::::::::::::::::::: Mature Audience Only::::::::::::::::::::
Your family, your friend's, they all turn on you, they hurt you, lie about you, blame you and punish you for there own mistakes, try to get others to do the same. If my Fathers spirit could be in so many, so can AC, and works as the Holy Spirit works but only for evil people, an Evil Holy Spirit. It's strong in the world right now. I hate to be the one that nots looking and forced to see when the day he come. I say, FIND peace for a reason. Cause there ain't much out here. Just slaves to evil.

Here's the new song I'm working on.i have a video that explains the Antichrist and how I can see it.
It's a very personal video, so hope I'm able to upload it. Find peace

I'm wondering why I half to upload more then once on this platform, this is the 2nd video this week still processing....

You got it, I got it, we got it. This is my rough draft, planning on making and editing a final later today.

Wasn't there a scripture that states not to do either of these things? Effecting the people and nature, there asking for it!

We know there to be a Spirit world, we know there are special people here right now. Who's the abomination, those under the spell or those with gifts? I'll keep doing me, you keep doing you and God will judge. Find peace

Is a documentary of climate control and how long they been working on it. There's no question that they arnt, it how stupid or under control you are. Even in the doc, they can't pin point sources, only product. I been on the sky for a better part of the 15 years, it's why I'm on the internet.

This is some moon cloud footage from August full moon, the last super moon of the year I believe. Music by darak iBar "light speed"
Stay blessed and have peace brothers and sisters


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I expose evil and the sky relm. I'm with Christ Conscience, I do have the Holy Spirit and I will help any searching. I will know who is who (trolls). How I know, well time in and learn how I do it all in the spirit. Get aware while being safe in all your blessings.

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