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Let's evolve the right way with understanding and sharing Christ Spirit returning in our hearts. EVER WONDER WHY PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE GOD? They are confused, we all are. So let's do this right and start your transformation today

SPIRITS, ANGELS. What we know is, is that we see faces in everything and even if you can't see, you can see this if you look with your imagination

Applevision is the edits I do to my footage. Now brought to you by Appleproductions 😁

This is one of my best works in this type of art. This is The unedited version, edited version will be the next video

My path this morning being lead by the Holy Spirit

Check this out

Test a Man
When I turn to explain no:29 my connection to John Story on how I started torwards the end of the video was cool, how the sunlight hit those words.

Even fake skies cry

Please tell me you see ALIEN written in the sky?...

You, me. When everything is fake and controlled by evil, we can only sit back and watch

Once again another miracle morning in this creator we call earth

Watching the sun go down and finished my latest artwork. Enjoy and be bless brothers and sisters

YT keeps dropping more and more of my videos. I'm all about the bitchute switch!

Awareness Day. They flipped the 5g switch, we flippin the God switch!
There's the article previewed later in the video

Know our savior has returned, in our hearts as we receive the Holy Spirit. Sit back and watch miracle after miracle be performed in the spirit effecting all around the universe.
Get saved and be bless brothers and sisters

Don't vaccine the kids

2 days on a row now. I'm wondering if it will go 3 days in row? We will see

Right Infront of me

Right around the corner

Get saved family, no matter your blood. Just as long as it's the blood you where born with.

For those who have been called to fight this evil and help our Father reign claiming All the lands

And now, blue skies a"head"

As I live in this world and others

Check out this visitor (s) I had back some months ago. In a 3 hours span, this would looking dragon fly kept making the loudest and craziest noises. Seemed as one would fall apart another would pop up over the house and start transforming right Infront me and as you can see, he was not one bit shy. Stay blessed family


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I expose evil and the sky relm. I'm with Christ Conscience, I do have the Holy Spirit and I will help any searching. I will know who is who (trolls). How I know, well time in and learn how I do it all in the spirit. Get aware while being safe in all your blessings