Farmers block motorways in Holland against the government "green" policies killing their industry and sending food prices sky high.

Tehran, Saturday July 25. Bones sold to add flavour to food, because red meat and chicken is to expensive

"If they get this COVID jab into every child or most children that might be close to the end of the human race, because we don't know what it's doing to fertility, but it does not look good. It's looking like it concentrates spike protein in the gonads, meaning your ovaries, your testes, and there's a very high likelihood you would be infertile. And so you're not having kids, which, by the way, is one of the hidden agendas of some of those at the World Economic Forum ... We certainly don't want one-percenters, millionaires, and billionaires telling us whether or not we can have children."

We outnumber them: 'If we don't submit they have no chance '
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Tyranny is not possible without compliance
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A world controlled by the elite

These are the “virtual children” they are talking about in the meta verse that will stop overpopulation and climate change. They are also being created due to increased infertility rates.

Agustin Carstens (BIS general manager) central bank, explains how they can't control cash, but can control who uses digital currency.

Five hundred succeed, five people died in the confusion and violence.


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