Hurricane Ian approaching 09/26/2022. @1745 EST.

It was written, It is happening. What more do you need to hear? Prepare your mind, body and soul.

These people really just do not give a f*ck anymore. They are taking over and mocking you


The One World Religion is here! Its happening! For all who said the bible is a joke, the word of jesus is fake and nonsense... Now look. ALL OF US will have NO CHOICE but to choose....Chrislam or death.

Be on the side of good.

You Cannot Make this stuff up....

Soon, The cleansing will begin


What a load of shit

What a joke

F*cking Idiots are telling you to your face.

What are you going to do if they lock you in your home because of....CLIMATE

Trojan Horse has been here for a loooooooong time.

- WEF Declare war on information
-Dr. Fauci steps down
-Trump is in on it

Here is what joe bidens new bill incorporates.

People have been talking about this for years.... And its right around the corner.

U.S Air Force with Egyptian Logo? Coincidence?

If you haven't seen this. You are welcome. If you have seen it, watch it again.

Everything is FAKE!

For those that do not know. There is something much sinister going on. Peoples MINDS are being turned into MUSH. We are being watched, controlled and brainwashed at every corner. It is our job to understand that and LEARN to detach. Once you learn to pull the plug... Use these platforms to TRY and spread information.... At the end the main plug is going to be pulled anyway.

Hot Mic and Cam!

China buys 200,00 acres of US SOIL Next to an airforce base. And not a PEEP about it.


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