Always Question Everything

I told each and every single one of you tuning in this was coming. Most of us knew it was coming.... And here it is. We KNOW THE PLAN. Since we know it... You need to be ready!

Lets translate. We are coming for your guns...

PS: Look at the thumbnail. article posted 33

What a circus show


For those that think everything is still randy dandi in America. I dont even have words for this type of shit.

DEMON crat

And Promoting Kamal Harris?!?! What a Joke! Not on my watch you Reptilian!

Mexican government releases STUNNING EVIDENCE of REAL ALIENS!

Are you thinking that... Or is he?

This will usher in... The next phase and FAST degradation of America. Get Prepared.

We already knew Biden is a Fucktard.... But It is becoming MORE and MORE obvious that America has been hijacked and taken over.

BULLSHIT! If everyone is thinking it...Why aren't we saying it!

Do You Feel Alone In This World?

Now they have... DSA! Are you seeing what's happening....

Vaccine or Not the Vaccine that is the question

Weather weapons in full effect. Not my words.... Its in their manifesto.

"We will own the sky" -U.S Military
Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

It gets MUCH deeper

A lot of people are dismissing this as a possibility. I am not sure why

I mean we all knew these photos were bogus BUT THIS?! C'mon now

DO not let your eyes fool you. MAUI ISLAND IS A TITAN!

Spiritual world is real. The Veil is coming closer to being split open

Straight from the communist manifesto. You will be the terrorist.

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The Puzzle is almost complete.


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Topics that are viewed as "politically incorrect" or "conspiracy theory" are discussed here. No filter, No bullsh*t. Sound minds with the ability to actually think, unlike the sheeple. Lets Dive deep as we put together the puzzle to our reality piece by piece. Bringing the fighting spirit of Arch Angel Michael...There is a war being fought and we need all the soldiers we can get.

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