Watch out for 'Ideological Subversion' the open, overt and very legitimate slow process or active measures or psychological warfare to change the perception of reality of a whole nation over a couple of generations...

The US is using similar tactics against other citizens while ignoring their own continuing to fall in the same track!
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Leaked: Saudi Scientists 1st Attempt to Enrich Uranium in respond to Iranian threats of the same after Trump withdrew USA from the Iranian nuclear deal

What They Plan for Jordan and Palestine:

Not to withdraw from the stolen land and go back to their homes, but to steal more land...! This is the mentality of Zionism, an anti-Semitic political and radical movement sponsored by the juntas ruling the regimes in the West, mainly the USA:

And of course, making the USA fight their criminal wars.

Damascus residents from the Hajar Aswad area capture a terrorist from the US-sponsored ISIS terrorist organization hiding in a building.

The area was completely cleaned by the SAA from terrorists, however this one might have been disguised as a local before he got exposed by the locals themselves:

The security officer ordered to push away men from beating the terrorist and asked only women to take the revenge.

This is what happens to the mercenary terrorists who work for the United States of America.

Jews are not Zionists, Zionists are not Jews. Undated video of a real Jewish protest in London against Israel and against Zionism.

The real Jews understand God's commandments and that God ordered them never to create a state, yet the political Zionism pushes them to create a state using the suffering of the Jews themselves to further their agenda.

Political Zionism is the work of the devil and the Anti-Christ, Judaism is innocent of it, even suffer from it firsthand.

Political Zionism:

'I challenge all of you, if any of your grandparents was born in Israel I will give you my house.'
Undated video seems to be of a protest in Palestine, on one side unarmed Palestinians vs. heavily armed Israeli terrorists.

British MP Emily Thornberry delivers a rare very reasonable question in her speech before Parliament, something w'ere not used to from this house filled with these bloodthirsty warmongers.

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad visited Russian city of Sochi and met his Russian counterpart Mr. Vladimir Putin in a summit that was attended by Mr. Lavrov, Russian minister of foreign affairs and General Shoygu.

Details on:

Children raised like this at schools will end up as criminal psychopaths with sick brains of racism and desire to kill for ideology.
Which other ideology was teaching the children this level of racism, hatred and criminal brains? Yes, Nazism.
When you fill the brains of children with hatred, racism, anger you'll end up with criminals like these:

Never Forget Serena Shim the Reporter Who Was Killed by Erdogan.


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