USA Protecting ISIS in East Syria Committing Massacres with It:

The situation in the Middle East was a constant subject of the United Nations Security Council addressing the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine and the suffering of the Palestinian people and suddenly it became, no thanks to terrorists and their sponsors, to address the Situation in Syria.

More than 2 hours of useless statements are cut here to the core where it matters, without the hypocrite nonsense by the supporters of terror who lost their War of Terror against Syria and want to get in politics what they failed to achieve with terror.

How much blind should the followers of news on Syria be to not realize that 'Moderate Rebels' in Syria are a myth and only radical terrorists, mainly from al-Qaeda are fighting to destroy the country?

I'm talking about followers of the news in the West, namely citizens of each NATO member country who have financed and supported these terrorists with their taxes making them accomplices in each drop of blood spilled in Syria and in Iraq.

Even the CNN couldn't hide this info at once, for the sake of whatever was on their minds then, but later all their correspondents were mocking Syrian media and Syrian activists whenever we exposed NATO's sponsorship of al-Qaeda.

Source of video, check the date:

More on US's creation of ISIS and other al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups, see the date:

Video from #Idlib 14 Sept 2018

The video from demonstrations in #Idlib that Western and Gulfies media aren't showing you.

More proof that #FSA (Free Syrian Army) and #HTS (al-Qaeda) AlNusra are same thing.

Watch out for 'Ideological Subversion' the open, overt and very legitimate slow process or active measures or psychological warfare to change the perception of reality of a whole nation over a couple of generations...

The US is using similar tactics against other citizens while ignoring their own continuing to fall in the same track!
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