Just like the Conservative grassroots in Canada need to understand that the Conservative party at this point is the only party that can win and uphold most of our values the Conservative establishment in the Conservative party of Canada need to understand that in order for the right to remain united the Conservative party needs to reform and reform big time!

Former Canadian Governor Generals right now are receiveing $100,000 a year from our taxes and one former Governor General in particular has recieved over 1 million dollars since leaving her post as Governor General from the Canadian tax payers while the individuals hired to protect our very lives and our precious nation are receiveng a base pay of a little over 1 thousand dollars by the Canadian Government!

Emmanuel Macron is trying to fool the world into thinking that Trump style Nationalism caused World War one when in fact it was Emmanuel Macron's Globalism was actually the cause of World War one! The Arana Nation explains why and tries to educate the Emmanuel Macron's of the world!

Two days after my scathing video against Justin The long haired son of satan Trudeau in regards to him encouraging rape and murder of children after he transfered the killer and rapist of an 8 year old girl from Prison to a healing Lodge. Justin the long haired son of satan Trudeau submits in fear of those videos and sends Tori Stafford's murderer and rapist back to Prison!

Michelle Obama has come out with a new book blasting Donald Trump and saying she will never forgive him for being a birther. The Arana Nation explains why Michelle Obama does NOT deserve any sympathy!

The Arana Nation explains what a foofoo Jigaboo is and why they are a cancer upon the black race and why they must be shunned, ignored and avoided by all peoples of all races!

Recently many unscrupulous characters in the mainstream Media have said that Nationalism is a racist word and a racist ideology! The Arana Nation will explain why far from being racist Nationalism is actually a deterant and opposite of racism!

The Arana Nation gives it's final predictions on the U.S Midterm Elections! Plus if these predictions prove to be correct the stock market will soar to new heights! The Arana Nation encourages it's subscribers NOT to miss that money plane!

Blacks in America since the 1930's have been known for overwhelmingly voting for Democrats loyaly and without question, however that baby boomer generation of Blacks are slowly being replaced by a new generation of Black Americans who are not as blindly loyal to Democrats! The Arana Nation digs deeper into this.

We all have probably heard that Justin the long haired macdaddy son of satan Trudeau and Stats Canada are ordering banking companies to take the private information of 500,000 unknown Canadians and hand it over to the government for them to see if there is a pattern of spending habits in Canadians. Is this really just a ploy to find new ways to tax hard working and cash strapped Canadians?

It is clear that by transporting Tori Stafford's killer and rapist into a healing lodge instead of prison, the son of satan Justin Trudeau aka the long haired macdaddy is encouraging a Canada where rapists and murderers run wild! Is this the kind of Canada you want Canadians? In 2019 you'd better choose wisely!!

Have you noticed that Black people are some of the most sensative people on the planet? They get offended over almost everything to do with race and yet Whites, Asians etc don't seem to mind if someone occasionally takes a poke at their race and culture? The Arana Nation digs deeper into this very touchy subject!

A Black man who supports Democrats in this day and age is the biggest fool God has ever created! How could a black person support a party that is actively trying their hardest to allow illegals to come to America produce anchor babies and take all the jobs that the black person has throughout history has typically worked in? The more illegals come to America the more Blacks in America get shoved to the side!

There are reports going around that One of the most beloved characters of The Simpsons Apu may be getting dumped from the show. If All the Simpsons producers and creators don't come out and shut this rumour down i say we boycott and scorn The Simpsons forever!

Check out the new YouTube Channel Jaimz With AZ right here.

Another freedom loving, Patriotic Canadian spreading information and commentry bypassing the mainstream media with a great future!

This could be the greatest framing by The American Justice System since America framed Lee Harvey Oswald for the assasination of John F Kennedy!

Ben Shapiro recently called anyone who feels that the recent suspicious packages and pipe bombs sent to Liberal Democrats are hoaxes is deranged! Ben Shapiro loses all legitimacy with me and all Conservative, Patriotic, Americans should boycott him for imitating the globalist mainstream media mantra in regards to the pipe bomb story!

Why is it that none of these pipe bombs that have been sent to all these prominent Democrats didn't explode? Why was there a return address that belonged to a prominent Democrat on one address? Why is the media refusing to ask the same questions i and everyone else is asking? Why is this happening so quickly and in sync and before the midterm elections? I smell a rat!

Pipe Bombs were allegedly sent to the homes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and the CNN center in New York City. The media is using this to shut Conservatives and critics of globalists up! There are also far more questions then answers!

A pipe bomb was discovered into the mailbox of Leftist Billionaire George Soros. Was this an assassination attempt or was this staged by the left to try and bring legitimacy back to George Soros!

Praise the lord the municipal elections in Ontario are finally over! No more junk mail on my porch and door and though not all the people I would have liked to win won I really don't care. I will explain why municipal politics are the least important elections in politics!

One of the most wicked and evil organizations on the planet (The Federal Reserve) is trying hard to sabotauge The Presidency of Donald Trump by tampering with his booming economy by repeatedly raising intrest rates on America! Fight back this evil cartel and BUY BUY BUY!!!!

If all black people around the world thought like Kanye West, or even other black people such as Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Allen West and Ben Carson, black people would rule the world! I am not saying this to advocate one race being dominante over another I am just stating this as fact and to wake black people up to the simple truth that the people who have been inspiring you for you for years have failed you miserably!

Justin Trudeau protects Terri-Lynne McClintic, (the convicted kidnapper, rapist and murderer of 8 year old Tori Stafford) from prison time and instead sends her to a "healing lodge" which is nothing more then a fun house! Justin the long haired macdaddy Trudeau gave 10 million dollars to a terrorist who killed two soldiers. Justin Trudeau loves to protect murderers!!!!

Chelsea Clinton dared to open her mouth about the Brett Kavanaugh matter talking about how women should not be afraid to speak up against assault. Tell that to your trashy mama who intimidated all the women who alleged Bill Clinton sexually assaulted and harrased them!


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