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Local Nova Scotia woman Barb Reddick sues her nephew Tyrone MacInnis for half a million dollars find out why on The Arana Nation!

The World Cup is an event that is meant to bring people together and yet a few idiots want to inject racial divisions into this event. The Arana Nation calls these subhuman morons out!

The Arana Nation would like to congratulate France for winning the World Cup.

Justin Trudeau is increasingly more and more isolated and he is fast running out of friends and allies to the point where even Liberals are turning against Justin the long haired Macdaddy Trudeau. The LIBERAL Government of Prince Edward Island AKA PEI has announced they will NOT include a Carbon Tax in there plan to protect the enviornment.

Pornstar Stormy Daniels who claimed President Donald Trump and her had an affair and later claimed that someone involved with the Trump Campaign threatened her if she didn't keep her mouth shut has been arrested in Ohio. Find out way by watching this video.

Last night Donald Trump chose Brett Kavanaugh to be the Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Kennedy. Brett Kavanaugh is the most moderate choice out of all in the final list of choices Donald Trump decided and now it is up to the Red State Democrats to choose between allowing there hatred of Donald Trump destroy them politically or calm down and co operate and vote for Brett Kavanaugh to be the new Supreme Court Justice knowing that the people chose Donald Trump to be President and while he is President he will be the one choosing the Supreme Court nominees!

Theresa May has lost 3 cabinet ministers due to her terrible negotiations with the EU and Theresa May's decision to appease the EU in so many ways just to get a trade deal with them. She has the oppertunity to form a trade deal with the USA and Donald Trump and leave the EU to rot if they refused to cooperate but because of her arrogance and hostility to Trump she now faces political destruction simply because of her weak attempt to remain on the EU's good side after Brexit is complete.

A few moments ago, Pro Brexit MP's Boris Johnson and David Davis resigned Theresa May's Cabinet. They resigned because Theresa May stabbed The British people in the back by stabbing Brexit (a British decision) in the back. She claims she will take Britian out of the EU however her vision of a breakup between The UK and EU is similar to a woman who has been abused by a man in a marriage and decides to leave him so she can have her self respect back but because she is weak and still loves him allows him to take all her money, her car, and all of her possesions and she offers to move under a bridge while she keeps all her possesions! ALL PATRIOTS IN BRITAIN TURN YOUR BACK ON THERESA MAY! If Theresa May is still the leader of the Conservative Party next election then do NOT vote Conservative next election! VOTE UKIP!

All Canadian politicians no matter your political stripe has the duty to stand up and condemn Justin Trudeau for his actions that he admitted to which was groping a woman without her consent! Many many important people in politics, media and entertainment have been destroyed for allegations that they never even admitted to nor can anyone prove to be correct! Justin Trudeau actually admitted to groping a woman and his career needs to end as a result!

This week over 34 Quebecers perished in the heat due to lack of A/C and lack of an ability to keep cool and last winter many homeless Torontonians died due to lack of an ability to keep warm. Canadians die due to extreme temperatures while illegal alliens in Canada get free Air conditioned lodging in the summer and free toasty lodgings in winter! Provided by Justin the long haired macdaddy Trudeau and his hellbound Government!

Justin the long haired Macdaddy Trudeau while not saying that women are soft and make a big deal about being groped most definitely suggested just that at a news conference at Queen's Park on the 5th of July 2018! He was asked about the allegations that he admitted to in 2000 about groping a news reporter and he said that he feels he did nothing wrong and it's obvious that women will often see these things different then men who see them as benign and meaningless! Therefore suggesting that women are nothing but overly emotional flaky beings who blow things out of proportion way way way too often and make a big deal out of nothing! First the fool admits to groping the woman in 2000 saying "had I known you were an important news reporter I wouldn't have been so direct'' then he says he feels he did nothing wrong and it is a lesson to men that women will take these things much differently then us men will! FOOL JUST APOLOGIZE AND SHUT UP! STOP TRYING TO PLAY THE VICTIM! suggests that the woman accusing him of groping her is delution

Justin the long haired Macdaddy Trudeau visited Premier Doug Ford today at Queen's Park only to be put firmly in his place by Canada's greatest Premier!

Justin the long haired macdaddy Justin Trudeau so far is getting away with groping an innocent woman back in 2000 who didn't want it! He has admitted to doing it by saying '' if i knew you were an important news reporter i wouldn't have been so direct!'' He is not only a groper but also a classist asshole! HELP ME GET JUSTIN TRUDEAU THE HELL OUT OF OFFICE!!

Justin Trudeau has responded to the groping allegations against him and lied to all Canadians about the incident. He lied when he says that he doesn't remember any accusations or unpleasantness during that time period however he was forced to apologize to the woman saying "if I had known you were a reporter i wouldn't have been so direct." So it's clear he does remember the groping allegations and he is lying!

According to Bill Maher, he is "praying for a recession" so that the people would support the removal of President Donald Trump. He and many other Liberal Democrats are praying for America's economic destruction and the suffering of millions of Americans so that these entitled and spoiled Liberal Democrat elites can put there own in The White House. Keep that in mind when you vote in the midterms in 2018.

Maxine Waters is out trying to cause trouble in the United States and is calling on people to harass Trump Supporters and workers of the Trump administration!

The Liberals and Socialists of today have nothing to offer the world apart from hatred and spitefulness!

The Arana Nation comes clean with you my fellow subscribers and viewers about what has been annoying me the past few days and explains an incident that occured here in The Arana Nation a few days ago. The Arana Nation also apologizes to my Grand Aunt for a great lapse in judgement and explains who was really responsible for the sting of trolling comments the last couple days!

The City of Hamilton Ontario is engaged in Gestapo style censorship by blocking out The views and concerns of Social Conservatives. This is a problem that is occuring all over Canada where just about every sort of group is given a huge platform but Christian, traditionalist, and or Social Conservative beliefs are brutally censored and stamped out!

The Arana Nation presents our very first Arana Nation T shirts ad! Get your very first Arana Nation T Shirts now! Special thanks to Johnathon Ross for putting this together. I OWE YOU OWN MAN!

The Jackson Family patriarch Joe Jackson son of the late great Michael Jackson has died from complications of pancreatic cancer! The Arana Nation pays tribute.

US Supreme Court Justice and head 'swing vote justice' Anthony Kennedy has announced he will be stepping down from the bench.

The US Supreme Court votes 5-4 in favour of Mark Janus and The American Workers liberating them form the shackles of the powerful Public Sector Unions!

Maxine 'Tacky head bouffant hair hoe' Waters is calling on people to go after Trump supporters and people working in the administration!


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