Justin Trudeau knows his corruption is about to be exposed and he is afraid of the whooping he is about to recieve so he is using the only weapon he has which is his Liberal Majority to hide information needed by the Ethics Commision to uncover the truth between the relationship between himself and SNC Lavalin!

It looks like Justin Trudeau's tacky headed backside is going to jail! A Government watchdog has ordered an investigation into alleged wrongdoings in the Government for which Arana Nation has given proof did actually happen! Which means Justin Trudeau yer goin to jail boy!

3 reasons why Arana Nation is saying that Justin the long haired Mackdaddy is guilty of obstruction of justice and why the allegations coming from unnamed sources regarding the Trudeau Government, SNC Lavalin and Jody Wilson-Raybould are 100% true.

27 year old Indian by the name of Raphael Samuel of Mumbai is suing his parents because they gave birth to him without his consent. Arana Nation gets deeper into this

The contraversy surrounding Justin Trudeau and his former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould and the sleazy Company known as SNC Lavalin is the reason why Arana Nation calls Justin Trudeau a long haired Mackdaddy!

Justin the long haired macdaddy and son of satan Trudeau is again putting Canada last and focusing on other nations instead! This time it is Venezuela that the son of satan Justin Trudeau is focusing on but he is going a step ahead of other nations which are merely recognizing one leader over another, the macdaddy is giving millions of our tax dollars to Venezuela and using his state run media to bash Venezuelan President Maduro without looking at himself in the mirror!

The Canadian Government led by the son of satan himself Justin the long haired macdaddy Trudeau has decided to clamp down on what they perceive as "fake news" Arana Nation explains why this is just code for more of our freedoms being tossed out the window and why Arana Nation could very well be seeing it's last days!

Rumours are circulating that Conservative commentator Ann Coulter may try to run for President in 2020 and even run against President Donald Trump in a Republican Primary. Arana Nation warns Americans against voting for this neo con, Libertarian hating buffoon!

A new documentary titled Leaving Neverland has just been released by Sundance Film Festival starring Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, two men who claim the late Michael Jackson sexually abused them as kids. Arana Nation reveals why these two individuals (especially Wade Robson) lack credibility and why HBO and Channel 4 should be ashamed to be distributing such a film! #MichaelJackson #LeavingNeverland

More and more Canadians are drowning in debt! The new slavery is not shown by shackles and chains but debt and just like when people made money from the slavery of the past, Debt Collectors are currently making money from the slavery of the present. Arana Nation informs Canadians of their rights when dealing with the most satanic industry known to man!

While it is true that Islamic terrorist attacks occur in The Middle East and parts of Africa, that only happens when the terrorist lives there. The only time a terrorist plans a terrorist attack outside of the region he lives is when it is in a Country where the population is majority White. Arana Nation explains why the reason for this. WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR SNOWFLAKES! YOU ARE ABOUT TO HEAR SOME HARDCORE ANTI PC TRUTH!

A planned terrorist attack was foiled by law enforcment in Kingston Ontario. Arana Nation lays out the story and what should be done going forward!

Arana Nation is calling on Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Toronto Mayor John Tory to immediately withdraw security from this year's upcoming Pride Parade in Toronto and withdraw all financial support to Pride Toronto as punishment for voting against uniformed Toronto Police officers marching in the parade!

Britain's Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh caught driving a brand new vehicle without a seat belt just day's after a car crash where he almost killed three individual's one of them being an infant baby!

The life, legacy and teachings of Dr.King are too be celebrated and remembered, but Arana Nation explains why The United States should also celebrate the life and legacy of the great Malcolm X and why for Black America in particular his teachings are even more important in 2019 and beyond!

Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh and Consort to Britain's Queen Elizabeth ii was involved in a very bad car crash close to The Royal Families Winter residence Sandrigham House. The Prince is apparently uharmed, no word yet on the other parties involved.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is a young Saudi who has escaped the extreme and oppressive Islamic beliefs of her family and Country to live a life of freedom and secularism in Canada. Arana Nation welcomes this young freedom fighter to Canada but warns her of the dangers of choosing Canada as her nation of choice.

Gillette has come out with a new commercial that is causing a lot of buzz on Social Media. Some like the Commercial while others criticize it for attacking men and masculinity. Arana Nation takes on this commercial, talks about the dangers of supressing masculinity and explains how movements like the me too can continue without making men feel alienated and targeted.

Today i took advantage of my vacation in the USA and being a dual Canadian American citizen to re register to vote in the USA, this time as an independant. I have not officially belonged to a political party in Canada for quite sometime and now i am no longer apart of any political party in the USA either. Arana Nation is not Conservative or Liberal but a Populist Nationalist Revolutionary and Arana Nation explains why being an independant voter is the best way to go. Don't allow yourself to be enslaved by one movement or another think for yourself!

It looks like if Americans want a border wall they have to do it themselves and not rely on Donald Trump and the incompitent U.S Government. Click on the following link to be forwarded to a gofundme page and donate what you can to help pay for the border wall so it can finally be built!

With Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren announcing that she is running for President in 2020 Arana Nation asks how could any Liberal or Social Democrat vote for someone who is guilty of cultural appropriation? Elizabeth Warren constantly paraded around about being Native American and went to Harvard claiming to be Native American but her DNA test results revealed she has less then 1% native american in her. She took the benefits with nothing to show for it! I as a black man have more Scandinavian blood in my veins then their is Native blood in Elizabeth Warren's veins.

The Commander in Chief of Arana Nation applauds Ontario Premier Doug Ford for speeding up the GO train expansion which was set up to take place in 2023 has already taken place and GO transit all of a sudden became 10 times more reliable.

I am no longer a hoe to Conservative ideas, Conservative politicians and The Conservative Party! I am politically fluid and politically syncretic and when you mix all my political beliefs together you get someone who is a Populist Nationalist Libertarian Revolutionary! I will only support politicians and political parties which closely resemble or subscribe to those three political ideals to my satisfaction. I am NOT going to be a hoe to one political belief or party anymore!

Arana Nation has created a petition which demands that GM be forced to pay back the money that was given to them in bailout money if they are so determined to shut down the Oshawa plant and move it to Mexico! Sign the petition here /

The workers of the General Motors plant in Oshawa are conducting a sit in after General Motors rejects the proposal of Unifor to keep the plant open. Arana Nation stands with the Union workers and applauds the Union bosess for doing the work that the Federal and Provincial Government should be doing which is working on ways to keep the GM plant open.


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