Callling on the people of Britian to march on the streets of the UK against Theresa May and her brexit deal which would turn Great Britain into a vassal state and would put the UK in the same position as black South Africans were in during Apartheid!

The Yellow Vest movement has been born in Canada. This Saturday many Canadian cities saw many Yellow Vest protests advocating many different things but standing up against the powers of our nation that hose us financially and destroy us culturally!

We in Canada need to do what the French are doing and rise up and demand the respect from our Government that we deserve! The French people have formed the Yellow Vest movement and they have been succesful in getting there government to heal and submit to there demands! We need to do the same thing and until we are willing to do that do NOT invite me to anymore protests and functions which will prove to be nothing but a waste of time!

There have been many rumours throughout the life of George HW Bush that he was a closeted homosexual and at the very least bisexual. Whether it is gay sex in coffins during his days as a member of skull and bones or mistakingly saying that he and Former President Reagan had good sex those rumours were persistent. Arana Nation points out something that was said at his funeral which raises this question again!

Arana Nation stands in solidarity with The Yellow Vest movement in France. A movement which is against government abuses and carbon taxes which do nothing but add an extra burden on the little guy.

GM has announced several plant closures all over the USA and The American President has immediately threatened to severely punish GM for this act. Yet Canada barely lifts a finger against GM even though they have announced they will close the Oshawa plant in 2019 even though Canadians gave billions of tax dollars to GM in the form of bailouts to help them when they were down! WE CANNOT ALLOW GM TO GET AWAY WITH THIS!

One of the most important job of the leader of the only political party in Canada on the right that can win is to keep the right united. Andrew Scheer has failed to do that and therefore Arana Nation calls for his resignation.

Just when you thought the radical left could not get anymore shameless they pull a stunt like this. If only children did come up with some of the "ideas'' they presented then I'd be advocating sending our youth straight to Harvard or Yale or UofT and skip middle and high school just for there sense of vocabulary and broad crystal clear understanding of the world. No child if asked completely of his or her own free will is going to talk about universal childcare, more bike lanes, discounted museum passes, green spaces and banning hand guns as ways to make his or her community better.

Arana Nation is under attack, this could very well be my last video and I want to thank all of you for being there with me and allowing me to be your spokesman but there are very evil, dangerous and hate filled people out there who have nothing but pure hatred in there heart for me who would like to see me dead and destroyed and i am making this which may be my last plea to help me. Watch this video to here how you can help.

The Globe and Mail asks why is Canada denying First Nations with clean drinking water. The Arana Nation answers this question and exposes the Globe and Mail as one of the biggest reasons why we still have politicians who will neglect Canada in favor of others.

Right now the United Nations is actively working with globalist tretherous politicians of our Nation and other nations to take control of our borders and the borders of the world away from Nations and in the control of The United Nations. As usual the son of satan Justin the long haired Macdaddy Trudeau is involved, once again Arana Nation must mobalize and stop this latest evil attempt to destroy our Nation!
Sign this petition to help tell Justin Trudeau and the Government that Canadians do NOT want to surrender control of it's borders!

A new report has been unearthed which reveals that Canada imports over $300 million of Saudi Oil every month! We need to show the world that we are a patriotic, Nationalistic and honourable people and say NO to Saudi Oil!

Click on this link to sign the petition to STOP SAUDI OIL

It is no surprise that many Canadians are fearful of the fact that Donald Trump may destroy Canada economically in an attempt to Make America Great Again. Therefore The Arana Nation is reaching out to these Canadians not to join them in demonizing President Trump who is only doing his job of protecting and serving his Country brilliantly but in destroying Justin The long Haired Macdaddy Trudeau who has failed to stand up for Canada and put Canada first and who has sold Canada out by agreeing to the USMCA a trade deal which will have long term negative effects on Canada.

A very small group of Bernier supporters who claim to support the ideology of Bernier prove they are the all time frauds of the week who are the opposite of anything Bernier supports by trying to demonize me for not jumping lock stock and barrel on the Bernier bandwagon but instead condeming the split on the right and advocating unity. The Arana Nation will now violently call these small group of individuals out. DISCLAIMER I am not against Bernier supporters or Scheer supporters, nor do i think one group is more right then the other I am just someone who wants to see his Country taken back from the jaws of a certain demonic two timing son of satan Justin The long haired macdaddy Trudeau and expressing that the only way we can do that is by unifing the right in a united army that goes to war against the forces of evil! You may choose to disagree with me or not but the moment you try to emotionally blackmail or demonize me for not just shutting up and joining one side of the right or another that is when i rebuke you!

The Arana Nation discusses the Greek tragedy that is Patrick Brown and his new book which is full of nothing but fingerpointing and two very disturbing accusations against his former collegues.

Forget 38 reasons let's make it 40 reasons why Justin Trudeau should not be re elected as Prime Ministers of Canada! If you have other reasons i have not mentioned please share them in the comments sections.

This is the second part of a 3 part video on 38 reasons why Justin the long haired Trudeau aka the son of satan should NOT be re elected as Prime Minister of this Nation!

This is the first part of a 3 part video on 38 reasons why Justin the long haired Trudeau aka the son of satan should NOT be re elected as Prime Minister of this Nation!

This is the final part of a 3 part video on 38 reasons why Justin the long haired Trudeau aka the son of satan should NOT be re elected as Prime Minister of this Nation!

Just like the Conservative grassroots in Canada need to understand that the Conservative party at this point is the only party that can win and uphold most of our values the Conservative establishment in the Conservative party of Canada need to understand that in order for the right to remain united the Conservative party needs to reform and reform big time!

Former Canadian Governor Generals right now are receiveing $100,000 a year from our taxes and one former Governor General in particular has recieved over 1 million dollars since leaving her post as Governor General from the Canadian tax payers while the individuals hired to protect our very lives and our precious nation are receiveng a base pay of a little over 1 thousand dollars by the Canadian Government!

Emmanuel Macron is trying to fool the world into thinking that Trump style Nationalism caused World War one when in fact it was Emmanuel Macron's Globalism was actually the cause of World War one! The Arana Nation explains why and tries to educate the Emmanuel Macron's of the world!

Two days after my scathing video against Justin The long haired son of satan Trudeau in regards to him encouraging rape and murder of children after he transfered the killer and rapist of an 8 year old girl from Prison to a healing Lodge. Justin the long haired son of satan Trudeau submits in fear of those videos and sends Tori Stafford's murderer and rapist back to Prison!

Michelle Obama has come out with a new book blasting Donald Trump and saying she will never forgive him for being a birther. The Arana Nation explains why Michelle Obama does NOT deserve any sympathy!

The Arana Nation explains what a foofoo Jigaboo is and why they are a cancer upon the black race and why they must be shunned, ignored and avoided by all peoples of all races!


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