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Black Child Production
From 2018 but I was asked to upload it here and 5g seems to be more talked bout now than ever. Swedish capital Stockholm got 5g this Sunday, May 24, 2020

RIP Danny Jowenko
JewTube policy says to be taking down “911 conspiracy videos” and I want to save this as long as possible.
Danny Jowenko was murdered on July 23th 2011 and I missed to make this video availaible on Bitchute on that day but its not the murderer we shall remember him for but the life he lived.

Watch Dr Sabrowsky - “Israel Did 9/11”

Danny Jowenko honestly about the controlled demolition of WTC Building 7 was kept to his grave. He was murdered in a staged car crash 2011
May he Rest In Peace!

9/11: Dutch Demolition Experts Dies In Car Crash - July 23, 2011

3 years ago, right before State of Emergency was about to end and a radikalized guy from ISIS drove a Truck in Nice and killed 6 million french without a sign of blood on the White truck and video recorded by Rickard Gutjahr, Wife in the Mossad but for some reason do people believe the media in these kinds of Events.
France today is a police state build on False Flag but maybe its easier to hear lies when it been a while.

• watch What Really Happenend in Nice by Peekay Truth

There is as always much more to this story ..

Watch out for the snake!

— In lack of time will description come later —

By Jeffersonian Girl! | watch out for the snakes! | This one was easy and obvious but they know they can do it this simpel by now. 98% never questions anything.

Times of Israel

I dont have much time over for this myself this time, but look up who Chabad are, THEY AREN’T VICTIMS
They are the most supremacist part of all in Judaism!

More about Chabad: Putin and the Chabad Lubavich End Of Days Cult of Jews

Know More News:

More from Jeffersonian Girl hit the #JeffersonianGirl

Two years have past since Sweden got hoaxed in the heart of our Capital. Many still believe it. This is in Swedish and they say how the drill became reality, as always when ISIS attack on western soil.
Use #Akilov for english videos

Minutes after the NZ Mosque Christchurch Shooting. (videogame)
Impressed by the circus? Its a PsyOp to disarm NZ,which happened earlier today.

Happy Purim 2019 Goyim!

Article of Interest: Daily Mail: Israeli Arms Company Reveals ”Star Wars” laser weapon (2014)
Directed Energy Weapons used on Gaza 2014
CALIFORNIA FIRE APOCALYPSE PSYOP: Memes, Mind Control and Mass Manipulation
(State of the Nation have many article worth the time to read to get the perspective outside the Mainstream Mockingbird Media gives)
YouTube Channel in-depth: Mike Moralez:

This video have over 110.000 views on YouTube and I want it upload to BitChute to save it from possible Censorship, and add some links here on BitChute.
Original URL:

No Longer a Conspiracy Theory but Conspiracy FACT: On September 28, 2017, about 10 days before the Northern California Fires in Wine Country began, Fox News ADMITS to the government having Laser Technology or Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). ATHENA, (Advanced Test High Energy Asset), is one of the most exciting of these new American laser weapons.

On YouTube with 110.000 views
Want this saved to BitChute
Original URL:

And the Winner is... well you have to watch it all over again!
If you for some reason think this was a real event as the mainstream mockingbird media reported it to be, please explain this:

Credits: AML and HighImpact Flix and everyone not totally brainwashed by the Mainstream Mockingbird Media


Another hoax, listen to this man! No need for any flashy videos this should be enough. Note the Blue glove Mr. Champion wears, as we many times before in this kind of operations:
What are the odds that 50-60 in this Borderline Bar Shooting?
Kudos Daahbo 7 for making me notice this Crisis Actor

About Schmidt and Mundt Act and making this legal
‪(from 8:30) ‬‪ ‬

Watch Highimpact Flix Channel for GREAT Updates!

What are the kid doing on a night club?
Will add links later.

We use to have call for gun control faster then a shekel is gone on the Streets of Tel-Aviv but NOT this time.
Jews getting armed, and trained to fight back!
Free $650 semi automatic to Rabbis:

From Jerusalem Post: ”Anti-semites seeks to destroy us”
”When we see antisemites acting out their hateful bigotry, we are confronted with a choice: What do we do? Do we condemn the evil and hope for the best? Do we stick our heads in the sand and ignore the ever-rising threats? Do we ask the government and other groups to defend us because we are passive or risk averse? Do we turn our backs on the future of our people and allow history to repeat itself?”

Or do we fight back? Do we proactively work to fight not just for love, tolerance or even acceptance, but to make it so that our children today, and their children tomorrow, will be prepared and capable to confront antisemites and live safely and freely as Jews?

Fighting fire with fire: Jewish people train to stop repeat of Pittsburgh shooting. Reuters

Say, say, said I remember when we used to sit, in a government yard in Trenchtown. Obba, obba, serving the hypocrites.
As the would mingle with the good people we meet
Good friends we have, oh, good friends we've lost
Along the way
In this great future,You can't forget your past
So dry your tears, I say!

Last Night In Ohio!
Credits Zionist Report - just found this funny, and must say this is an so obvious hoax not many missing it this time.
Some links will be added later

A CIA / MOSSAS / MI6 PRODUCTION • Feat James Foley!
Marine Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric testing
”She posted the images back in 2015, including one showing the decapitated body of IS victim James Foley”

Foley is just as Jihadi John total FAKE Pentagon Propaganda
As this video proves! Watch with your own health in mind Please.

The Mainsream Media MADE James Foley (Fake) Hero watch Hashtag #RIPJamesFoley on Twitter.
But even Mainstream Media admits it fake:

US government spent over $500m on fake Al-Qaeda propaganda

More details on fake Japanese’ beheading:

They had REAL Child Beheaders but not suit the Propaganda

And people believed this... Pentagon / Mossad Propaganda.
Jihadi John last died on January 2016 ”Airstrike Raqqa”

Original Video from SMM Syria
TODAY: on Veterans Today!
Upload to BitChute to Save it from Censorship, as we seen with many simular accounts on YouTube.
And maybe this use other footages since this been Leaked as Ghouta earlier this Year (

9/17/2018 The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has released a leaked footage of a rehearsal of the White Helmets for the chemical weapons provocation filming.
The video describes allegedly a dress rehearsal of the ‘rescue workers’ immediately before the staging of the chemical attack false flag.
A main speaker instructs each participant what does he do. “We have to make it much more real in comparison with the last time for people to believe us,” – he said. Each White Helmets member has play to role. The main speaker alternately inquires about their readiness. He finds of the preparedness of those responsible for pouring water, etc. The speaker points out a person involved in playing victim and those who pull him out.
SMM Syria has earlier released an exclusive raw footage of White Helmets operating in unidentified location in Syria where allegedly the Syrian government forces had used CW or other banned weapons against civilians:
September 17, 2018 in Idlib. Tags: chemical attack, false flag, Idlib, Syria, White Helmets

Amazing UK Column News from September 6th:

This is an obvious MI5 Operation to Discredit Russia as crazy chemicals weapons murderer before the Idlib False Flag in Syria, where UK/US/France and Germany have promised to protect al-Qaeda (or Moderate Rebels as the Western Media says)

Articles mention: The Impossible Photo 1214
Daily Mail article mention:

Weather in Salisbury in time for alleged attack

Explains the latest in the Skripal Saga and Westminster / Theresa May declaration of War
It’s a sad and bizzare story that UK media jumped into fully, except the UK Column

This is like watching a train crash in slow-motion! They gonna pull a False Flag gas attack once again and pretend to be heroes, to prevent Peace from breaking out in Syria

From VESTI News (Link will be added) and I upload it to BitChute since many not Pro-Zionist News is censored on YouTube
Follow them as long is possible, and lets hope ”our” Leaders in the West not are this psychopatic they gonna pull this off...

Follow R&U Videos, Still availaibe on YouTube

Zio-DisInfo Watch all Corbett Report 029 and show notes

History Taken out Context

and I noticed Kendoc911 is Shut down!

Please do read the excellente Report in Fort-Russ by Jonathan Azaziah If You still, after more then 17 years, think muslims did 9/11

We never learn about this in school what I can remember?
A deal with Zionist and fhe Nazis in Germany under Adolf Hitler to transfer Jews to Palestine. From Channel 5 America i time when US Media wasn't under total Zionist Control.

By PsyHun: (great channel love her videos)
It’s over now, McCain is dead! New York Times writes about him as a War Hero, for normal people he is NOT!

Watch McCain on “Meet the Press” 2017 explains how important the Corrupt Media is for the New World Order he was a Puppet for

Excellence article by 21stcenturywire from 2014 worth reading:
More links will be added

”Times of Israel” Salute what McCain did, its understable, he did it for the Zionist Occupation and on their orders:
Read →

(Haven’t asked if this is ok to upload as I usully do, want this up on BitChute as fast as possible. And it’s to late and I’m a bit drunk)


All credit to Matthew North! Upload with he’s permission but please, do follow him! Twitter:
Here on BitChute:
More videos on Manchester Arena in the End ⬇️

This is Part 2 - in serie where I try to promote Matthew North as much I can - what he is saying, because I do find it very Important.
This is a Tribute to critical thinking, Matthew North is smart but this is something everyone I able to, and should do.
This video, about Manchester Arena Attack, is not about the Trump End Game or anything like that, but this prove this guy is smart! And what else he’s talking about is worth listen to (Please visit his YouTube site) - Critical thinking we all can use and not take what the liars in the Mainstream Mockingbird Media says as something Holy and always Truth.

This is also something like:
”A Guide To Question to Ask in a Terror Attack by ISIS” almost. He is only 20 Years when this happened, but many young people are harder to decieve then older people.

This guy is not a Shill, Government Agent, Secret Jew, Cointel-Pro and so on.

Since False Flag is ”antisemtisism” to discuss I saved it to BitChute to avoid Censorship.
Watch and Learn!

•On the Face of it - Manchester (Must Watch)

•Is this a real Eyewitness on the BBC?

•UK Critical Thinker: Bomb area photo review

•UK Column about BBC Documentary “The Night of the Bomb”

More to follow..

All credit to Matthew North. Upload with he’s permission but please, do follow him! Twitter:
Here on BitChute:
This Video is interesting in many ways but really he’s channel is full with great videos. Even on Seth Rich (rare!) and Manchester Arena

Some have ask “why you believe this dude” and by watching his other stuff. This IS a possible scenario for America, Important to at least be aware. Not welcoming it as brain dead slaves. Go from where the Truth tells you. Watch this is America!

The Trump Presidency End Game?
To watch on YouTube:

About Qanon: This is who we asked to trust: Trump Endless Stream of Ashkenazi Jews who founded him... (censored on YouTube)

Since I came across this info I have been more and more sure over how important this info might be, and how it ties in the different Agendas we se playing out in the United States right now.

I think they will use ANTIFA.. Black Child’s - Civil War?
This link have been one the most shared by me this year and I upload it here to save it from possible censorship by ADL/SPLC on YouTube

Anyway: I am honestly worried about America. I don’t trust Trump, he played the American People and said what they wanted to hear by data-mining in Cambridge Analytica/Facebook and Sheldon Adelson and Jared Kushner is no good guys!
This guy, Matthew North, is perhaps young (21) but he do knows what he talks about.
And it fit in to Qanon, the war they gear up to against Iran, last on PNAC Hit List. A RAMOUR (not sure it’s true) says US Army need more soldiers for War in Iran. (Will breake U.S. Economy fast)

I hope it’s wrong, but please listen to what he have to say, he don’t lie to create Fear Porn or anything that’s for sure.

And God Bless America ??

Documentary in Swedish - Upload to BitChute since YouTube censored it after not even a day up on YouTube.. what are the bastards try to hide ?! Biggest politicial party in Sweden and the Dark History.

Flashback Forum: ”Samtiden och SD släpper dokumentärfilm on Socialdemokraterna 1 Ausgusti”
Så de var snabba med censureringen de jåvla asen.

Dagens Nyheter: ”Dokumentären togs bort på YouTube pga. nakenhet”

Ska bli intressant att se vad Socialdemokraterna nu försöka mörka så angeläget som genom denna sjuka censur!
- ej sett den själv (ännu) men noterade censuren på YouTube, Bitchute är Pro-Free Speech så här är den säker från Nazi-Sossar med yttrandefrihetsbesvär.

Information ska vara fri!
Men säg att de 13 års gräns och Viewer Discretion Is Adviced!

Credits till ”Samtiden” och Sverigedemokraterna som är bakom dokumentären.

UK Column News August 1
Its totally Fake! Watch:
I think its a Zionist Psyop to make British Jews move to Israel but maybe do the Israel Lobby in the UK use it to weaker Corbyns support for the Palestinian People?

The Jewish Elite in Britain is VERY Rude and use Old Dirty Tricks such as this:

And some crap the State of Terror (Israel) does in Syria via al Masdar News:

A timeline by Guardian but they call him this every day
Watch Sonia Motas Tweet Thread:

Also read AH Tribune about Labour Antisemitism:

Support UK Column!

Watch All:

Part 7 of 7 in serie of Re-Upload about the Stockholm Truck Hoax in the very heart of the Swedish Capital on April 6-7, 2017
To watch all, Please hit the #Akilov Hashtag

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