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THE KINGS WORLD (Battle of the Soul) Teaser Trailer. [4K60fps]

A young lad named Arcaydes has survived the destruction of his entire family and now survives in the wilderness.
His family was destroyed by a man named Soulor.

Where will this tragedy lead to?

Currently set to air in 2020.

The Kings World title, film and upcoming film series belongs to Asher Pike CEO of GOLDENMORAL cinemas.
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After his parents are killed and his home destroyed Arcaydes begins his journey. A journey to find out why Soulor was behind their deaths.
But he cannot do it alone.

This is created by Golden moral cinemas, the music etc the visuals. The storyline.

After his mother’s death a young lad Arcaydes and his father Crades survive in the harsh wilderness. However soon a new threat approaches which will reveal why she died. This film will follow Arcaydes through the harshest of trials, through battles, journeys and emotional stress. A touching film for all.
Coming soon (in a week or two.)

Trailer credit:
Director and editor:Asher Pike
Arcaydes dad:David Pike
Arcaydes:Asher Pike
Cinematography:Nekeneke Kiel, Nicholas Olech, Asher Pike
Composers: Nekeneke Kiel and Asher Pike

(Full film credits will be in the released feature.)
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The music, the props, everything, the script, the story.
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