Woo! I finally got off my butt and made a new album! This album is incredibly special to me and I had a blast recording it.
*heh also i got a new editing software*

I hope everyone's enjoying the album so far!


This album is a dedication to a friend that tragically passed away a couple days ago. I scrambled to fit this album together to commemorate her so i apologize for the lack of content.
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So after the next album im gonna post tommorow, there won't be alot of vids since i'll be recording!

Woo! First Video! I figured it'd be better to put all of the vids into album based videos just to make eveything neat!


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Heyo! I post dumb little ambient songs and *sometimes* albums. Since I can't make up my mind on what type of music I'm gonna do things ranging from acoustic to synthwave.