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Video of the SKS Carbine including History and Information

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND; The song is Ruska by Apocalyptica.

I owned a Norinco and now own a 1950 Tula made SKS

The SKS has been in steady production since 1949 and is one of the greatest carbines ever created. The ammunition is still cheap and available, it will reliably take anything from a black bear and smaller. I use mine for Coyote Hunting.

Severely restricted, therefore uploading for archival porpouses.
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William "Bill" Daniel Ehrhart is interviewed in 1990 by David Hoffman about his experience about serving in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) in Vietnam in 1966.
Notice how Mr. Ehrart is so enganged in telling his story that he doesn't puff his lit cigarette once.

I CLAIM NO CREDIT TO THIS MAGNIFICENT VIDEO! Only uploading for archival purpouses and sharing this amazing moment. Go subscribe and share the creator.
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To support my efforts to create more clips please donate to me at In 1990 I did interviews with 180 baby boomers talking about their early life during the 1960s for my television series, Making Sense of the Sixties. This is a clip of poet and educator Bill Ehrhart from one of those interviews - a very articulate Vietnam veteran who joined the military with patriotism in his heart. He has written a book on his experiences - Vietnam-Perkasie: A Combat Marine Memoir, Search the word "Vietnam" on my YouTube channel to find more related clips. Including one more by this man. Here is his background of service - W. D. Ehrhart served with 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, from early February 1967 to late February 1968. His service number is 2279361. He holds the Purple Heart Medal, Navy Combat Action Ribbon, Presidential Unit Citation (2), Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Service Medal, Cross of Gallantry Meritorious Unit Citation, Civic Action Meritorious Unit Citation, Vietnamese Campaign Medal. The last three were all awarded by the now-extinct government of the Republic of Vietnam. He received the PUC and the two Vietnamese unit citations as a member of 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment. You can find more at his website #vietnam​ #marine​ #ehrhart

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A truly profound moment of clarity from a learnt man, striving to become ever so closer to Truth.
"Pick up your damn suffering, and bear it."
In my modest opinion: Strive to be as good as Christ, knowing you will never be able to be as Good as Him.

Spanish Falangist interviewed by Spanish YouTuber David Santos on February 20th 2021
She "became famous" for doing a speech at a Falangist/National Socialist event in honor of Spanish Blue Division soldiers.
At the time of this upload, the original VOD has over 34.000 views on YouTube.

David Santos' YouTube Channel:
Original VOD:
Summary in English (made by some anonymous Spaniard):
tl;dw video on the event where she appeared and "became famous":
Timestamped video of her speech at said event:

I own nothing in this video, I am only uploading for archival porpouses. I do not condone her views.

PS: Fuck Spaniards. Fuck coomers. Fuck simps.

From "Joe Rogan Experience #1255: Alex Jones Returns with Eddie Bravo.
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The Mona Lisa of podcasts.

From Ted Kaczynski to Bilderber meetings and beyond, a compilation of redpills/truth bombs from an surprising source, the Deus Ex series of first person shooter/role playing game series.

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a series of meaningful/insightful/interesting dialogue scenes from multiple games in the "Deus Ex" series.

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A tribute for our brave Kekistani soldiers fighting in the great meme wars.

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Psychedelic Styxhexenhammer666 explains meme magic. NSFN (Not Safe For Normies)

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Blessed be thy .357 SIG.

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Karl Marx was a racist anti-Semite. This video uses Marx's own words to explain to you why.

I'm NOT a Racist or Anti-Semite, and I don't believe in evil ideologies that call for totalitarianism. Explaining Marxist Socialist ideology doesn't mean I believe in it - because I don't.

Follow the science about "Race"

Public vs Private | The Historic Definitions of Socialism & Capitalism

National Socialism | Destroying the Denialist Counter Arguments

History Theory 101

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History isn’t as boring as some people think, and my goal is to get people talking about it. I also want to dispel the myths and distortions that ruin our perception of the past by asking a simple question - “But is this really the case?”. I have a 2:1 Degree in History and a passion for early 20th Century conflicts (mainly WW2). I’m therefore approaching this like I would an academic essay. Lots of sources, quotes, references and so on. Only the truth will do.

This video is discussing events or concepts that are academic, educational and historical in nature. This video is for informational purposes and was created so we may better understand the past and learn from the mistakes others have made.

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An analysis of the relationship between progressive politics and global capital using the model of the Base and Superstructure.

American Renaissance - A White Teacher Speaks Out:

American Renaissance - Why We capitalize ‘Black’ (and not ‘white’):

Charlemagne on Bioleninism:

The Distributist on Right-Wing Tenets:

Tobruk (1967) - A Disgusting Piece of Propaganda (BitChute Exclusive):

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The Irish Brigade

Ouch, I'm gonna cut myself on all that edge.

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>When they ask of which state republican party you're a part of and you respond Ireland

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I didn't feel comfortable using Troubles footage so here's some war of independence footage yayyyy

"Kinky Boots" is a satirical song by the Irish Brigade that is (at least partially) sung from the perspective of the British army. Basically, it calls the Brits gay the whole time...nice ey? It refers to several organizations, The Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), The Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), Special Air Service (SAS) and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

I do not own any of the audio or footage used in this video, all content belongs to their respective owners.

These songs are for educational purposes and do not reflect my beliefs or are meant to further a political agenda.

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I own absolutely nothing in this video, just sharing because I'm a fan of both Douglas and Peter.

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Recorded on June 3, 2019

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In this episode of Uncommon Knowledge, Peter Robinson is joined by author and columnist Douglas Murray to discuss his new book The Madness of Crowds: Race, Gender and Identity. Murray examines the most divisive issues today, including sexuality, gender, and technology, and how new culture wars are playing out everywhere in the name of social justice, identity politics, and intersectionality. Is European culture and society in a death spiral caused by immigration and assimilation? Robinson and Murray also discuss the roles that Brexit and the rise of populism in European politics play in writing immigration laws across the European Union.

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Make America dance again. Bring back 80's. Good times.
Wallwave/synthwave. I am the creator of this song.

Used DAW - Ableton.
VST's - Nexus, SYNTH1, Zebra.
80's essential samples
Thanks to Verch and Rick for sharing/spreading.
Bill Clinton secretly supports Trump.. ;)


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Censorship is wrong. History matters, it repeats itself and we must know it or risk redo past errors.
This channel includes backups of interesting, potentialy politicly incorrect material (considering we are in 2020), regardless of any damage it may cause to any and all political party/wing/whatever.

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