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🤡 Archiving Clown World 🤡

🤡 Archiving Clown World 🤡


So many of them LARP as being white

Lying little bitch

Anyone know who made this?

Why would Scotland’s Parliament and King select a guy who hates almost 100% of the country? 🤡 🤡

This might be one of the most important documentaries that anyone can watch right now given current events and escalations between Hamas, Israel, Iran, and the US.

All wars are bankers wars.

If you are still caught up in the left vs right, Israel vs Palestine, Ukraine vs Russia narratives, treating geopolitics and war as if it's a football game where you are rooting for one side to win as the real moral authority, then you need to take 45 minutes out of your day to watch this in full.

I've shared this documentary already weeks ago and a lot of people saw it and appreciated it, but I think it's now more important than ever for as many people to see it as possible and to really understand the profound and eye opening truth behind those words, and how EVERY SINGLE conflict has had powers above it funding both sides with nefarious intent behind it and a broader agenda that is not in the true interests of the people.

I don't think any of what's happening right now is organic. I don't think Hamas getting into Israel to murder and capture civilians was a mistake, nor do I think the $6bil the Biden admin unfroze for Iran in exchange for hostages before the attack was a mistake either. They're constructing narratives right in front of us and we cannot just blindly believe them on surface level evaluation, especially when these narratives are being given by the establishment and MSM.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. You need to think like they do with strategy, perception, and propagandistic motivations in mind. You need to try and understand why they are presenting whatever information to the public and for what purpose. You need to question every action, every directive, every media spin.

Why is the narrative now shifting towards Biden admin causing this attack by releasing funds to Iran? Why is Lindsey Graham pre-emptively suggesting war with Iran in conjunction with this? What if this is designed to ensure Biden attacks Iran to cover his ass in giving them $6bil back?

Also...Why was there such a huge focus of attention on anti-semitism on X in the weeks leading up to this attack? Was that organic? or was that planned in advance knowing there would be an attack on Israel and perceptions needed to be pre-emptively put in place for justifying censorship?

Question everything. Assume conspiracy.

Clown world is so wild

Justifying lockdowns, miss those times.

What a fucking bitch


Something to keep an eye on

Guess which country Canada has been importing from the most 🤪🥴

That guy has to smile through the pain

Classic freedom normies

I'm sure there will be no long term repercussions :/

This pervert is apparently very popular?

Clown world is fucking relentless 😂 😂

Maybe Sharia law isn't so bad after all?


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