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If this science is innate as Plato asserts, isn't it wonderful that we are all unaware of our possession of the greatest of sciences?

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Principles remain the same, measurements change.

Art arises when from many notions gained by experience one universal judgement about similar objects is produced.

The nature of a state is to be a plurality made up of differing individuals and this is why the principle of reciprocity is the salvation of states.

The administration of justice, which is the determination of what is just, is the principle of order in political societies.

The power of speech is to set forth the expedient and the inexpedient and therefore also the just and the unjust.

That which can see by exercise of intellect is by nature ruler and that which with its body can give effect to such foresight is subject.

Man is by nature a political animal.

Closing remarks to Ethics are the opening remarks to Politics. The better the character, the better the government.

Laws of Nature is a contradiction. Laws pertain to humans only.

Since substance is prior in nature to the relative, there are not objects of intellect before objects of sense.

Life, liberty, and the wisdom of Aristotle.

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00:15:53 should be: "The end of theoretical knowledge is truth, PHILOSOPHIC wisdom, just as the end of practical knowledge is action, practical wisdom."

It is right that philosophy should be called knowledge of the truth. For the end of theoretical knowledge is truth, philosophic wisdom, just at the end of practical knowledge is action, practical wisdom.

Education and excellence have superior claims, not the indoctrination and corruption that the Academics have established.

When some possess much and others nothing there may arise a pure oligarchy or an extreme democracy and a tyranny can grow out of either.

What if office brought no profit? Only then could Freedom and Excellence be combined. (No profit at all, from the position, or from being involved with those who hold position.)

There comes a time when out of a false good there arises a true evil.

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To the essence of all matters regarding nature, ethics, and politics.

The nature of a state is not absolute unity but of a plurality constituted of differing elements so that the character of oligarchy creates oligarchy, the character of democracy creates democracy, and, as always, the better the character the better the government.

Whenever we have knowledge and understand what any thing is we have also come to learn its contrary.

Happiness requires choice and choice begets action. Therefore, Happiness is an offspring of freedom. Unity requires compulsion and compulsion begets inaction. Therefore, Unity is an absence of freedom.

The Constitution for the people is a list of instructions that when followed yields a constitution of the people.

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"In our twilight world, this fatality of order produces monsters."
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