Aristotle Against Plato

The earliest thinkers had difficulty stating the truth adequately but no one failed entirely. That difficulty, whether thoughts are prior to things or things are prior to thoughts, is resolved by logic, the application of the first principle. Things are prior to thoughts and thoughts are posterior to things.
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An unmoved mover has no parts and is of zero magnitude.

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To say of what is not that it is and of what is that it is not is false and to say of what is that it is and of what is not that it is not is true.

This is excerpted from the take Aristotle: Man=Principle of Action, Nature=Principle of Motion

If there is an end in all the things we do which we desire for its own sake, everything for the sake of this and not this for the sake of anything else, then it will be the highest good, the best of all goods, the Good.

This is excerpted from the take Aristotle: Man=Principle of Action, Nature=Principle of Motion

With a view to action experience seems in no respect inferior to art and we even see men of experience succeeding more than those who have theory without practice. The reason is that experience is knowledge of particulars, art of universals, and actions and productions are all concerned with particulars.

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Victor Hugo's description of The Massacre of Saint Bartholomew
Ninety Three - Vol. II, Book Third
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Victor Hugo's description of invasion from Ninety Three. Feudalism and Revolution - Chapter 1, The Ancestor

The genius of France is made of the very genius of the continent, and each one of the provinces of France represented an excellence of Europe.

In the perfect state a good person is the same absolutely as a good citizen whereas in corrupted states a citizen is called good only relative to their kind of government.

No grasp equals the embrace of the Vampire Squid. The dream is upon you.

- Victor Hugo's description from The Toilers of the Sea.

The Good is posterior to action, not prior.

Victor Hugo's description from The Toilers of the Sea.

00:00 The Interior of an Abyss Illuminated
09:30 The Unexpected Intervenes

Victor Hugo's description from Toilers of The Sea.

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If this science is innate as Plato asserts, isn't it wonderful that we are all unaware of our possession of the greatest of sciences?

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Principles remain the same, measurements change.

Art arises when from many notions gained by experience one universal judgement about similar objects is produced.

The nature of a state is to be a plurality made up of differing individuals and this is why the principle of reciprocity is the salvation of states.

The administration of justice, which is the determination of what is just, is the principle of order in political societies.

Man is by nature a political animal.

Closing remarks to Ethics are the opening remarks to Politics. The better the character, the better the government.

Laws of Nature is a contradiction. Laws pertain to humans only.

Since substance is prior in nature to the relative, there are not objects of intellect before objects of sense.

Life, liberty, and the wisdom of Aristotle.

01:40:35 POLITICS
00:15:53 should be: "The end of theoretical knowledge is truth, PHILOSOPHIC wisdom, just as the end of practical knowledge is action, practical wisdom."

It is right that philosophy should be called knowledge of the truth. For the end of theoretical knowledge is truth, philosophic wisdom, just at the end of practical knowledge is action, practical wisdom.

Education and excellence have superior claims, not the indoctrination and corruption that the Academics have established.


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The thought of the Idea impedes light from traversing completely through the pupil and an overshadowed mind cannot see clearly for this obstacle; obfuscated, deceived, powerless. Traps for fools laid, set, and baited by toiling Academics.

For example, let's say there is no such thing as Natural Law or Laws of Nature. Those are principles, for that for the sake of which it is. Laws pertain to humans only. Likewise, that there is no such thing as human action since this supposes that any thing other than a human can act. Say this in a deduction: To act supposes choice, only humans have choice, action is human. Further, that all goods are the end of action since everyone acts in order to obtain that which they think is good. Therefore, the end of all action, the highest good, the best of all goods, the good, is posterior to things as Aristotle demonstrated, and not prior to things as Plato asserted with his nonsensical Ideas. From here, that happiness is the good, the end of action as demonstrated in both of Aristotle's lectures on Ethics, that happiness is a life according to excellence lived without impediment, that the purpose of justice, as demonstrated in Aristotle's lecture on Politics, is to protect and encourage the conditions that make this attainable and that as goes the constitution of a person, their state of being, so goes the Constitution of a people, their being in a State.

Contrast this to Plato, who claimed without demonstration to separate the universal from the particular, renamed the universal to Idea, and professed that the good is prior to things (and therefore action), instead of posterior. This fantasy of the Ideal can then be whatever any poetaster claims. For example, like in a Republic, that unity is the good. From this, that com-unity, the sharing of all property, including children, absolute equality, is the end sought by the State. And so on.