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Dr. Hodkinson on the utter hoax of Covid-19 speech at the Community and Public Services Committee, November 13th 2020.

CIA Whistleblower, Robert David Steele reveals that NSA has all the electronic financial trails of 100 Trillions USD which has been stollen by Wallstreet and laundered through illicit CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING.

Steele warns the criminals to "make the deal motherfucker or you are going to die."

FEMA Whistleblower Celeste Solum discusses US Government documents regarding the Covid-19 Vaccines and their nanotechnology Hydrogel that transforms human DNA, permanently!

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Another heavily censored interview via InfoWars

EXPLOSIVE. Trump set up the Democrats into a trap knowing they were going to attempt voter-ballot mail-in fraud...... I’m sure mainstream media will bury this like everything else including the Hunter Biden laptop scandal..... 🧨 💣 💥

A Big Pharma whistleblower has come forward in the UK with documented evidence that Coronavirus DOES NOT EXIST!

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#UK Nurse resigns from her job this week and leaks confidential #NHS documents revealing how few people are in hospitals with #COVID cases (10 people per month) !

Highlights of her speech:

👉UK's Ministry of Health already classified Covid-19 as a NON-CONTAGIOUS disease back in March!

👉Flu and Covid cases are now combined as the same thing and Flu cases have dropped exponentially.

👉#PCR tests produce over 95% FALSE POSITIVES!

👉#SocialDistancing is a SCAM to killing more people!

👉#Lockdown is KILLING more people than it's saving!

She says "screw social distancing, we need to fight back"!


Under the hashtag #FilmYourTestCenter, proof of empty Covid testing sites that are supposed to be full, were exposed by We The People, across England, as EMPTY.


Dr Lawrence Palevsky explains how Nanoparticles are being used in vaccines to deliver all the toxic ingredients into the brain, passing the blood/brain barrier. He believes this is what's causing high rates of autism and an array of other neurological disorders.

Covid PCR Tests produce almost entirely false positives.

A Department of Health response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request in the UK PROVES that no Covid-19 virus exists!



Both UK Gov (Ministry of Health) & US Gov (Center for Disease Control) have admitted on record that COVID-19 does not exist!


Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion

Liberty or Death Media:

After hearing this you'll never want a vaccine!


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