You have been warned.

Scary stuff, I mean robots having the nerve!

TruNews, founder and host Rick Wiles presents an in-depth analysis of the Jewish influence that is glaringly evident in the impeachment process of President Donald Trump, using only Jewish publications and websites as confirmation of the conspiracy that abounds in the purge of this administration. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 11/22/19

This Zionist idiot Musk. The 250 mile range is courtesy of a battery under the cab. R-i-i-g-h-t. Lithium battery, in an off road vehicle, Jagged rock, meet lithium battery. Should finish off the rest of the trees in the CA wilderness. Strip the panels off it and mount a belt-fed machine gun in the back with some random skulls bolted to the front and I think that it'd be a near exact match for at least one of the Mad Max buddy's vehicles. Well, once the Mad people stripped the batteries out and put a blown 454 with straight headers and no mufflers or put a big old diesel in it, then go out and coal roll another Tesla.

Chairman Hillary Clinton

oy vey.
Shut it down.
The owner of an amusement ride in southern Germany had it shut down after realizing that from a distance it looked like a pair of swirling swastikas. This proves people are losing their sense of humor.

Hillary Clinton tries to do a news conference to set up a presidential run, but the reporters do not cooperate.

Irv Rubin manic member of the JDL.

irv rubin jewish supremacist




Alex Jones confronts Marco Rubio with reality.

Andrew Torba and Alex Jones talk.


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