How are the shills Toothers getting on. And also you too.

You know who you are.

And the innocent suffer in silence.

Young Black man and Martinez other half.
Watch to the end.

Stand together or Die together.

The communist BBC

The red Army


You just watching not taking part.

Evil with a smile.

But I'm sure more are to come before that.
*Watch in landscape

Evil breaths down your neck.

Keep fighting share information

Bitchute. ❤️ Help us defend free speech.
Fuck off 😁 You censor Truth.

You watching but not speaking up?

Hope you all are fighting fit.

Better get busy waking or busy trying to wake them.

You seeing it yet?

Did you know Lincoln Park was a military base in Canada where they experimented & tortured children for a top-secret CIA project called #MKUltra ??? 🤔
Did you know #ChesterBennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, struggled his whole life with trauma and depression from the sexual abuse he experienced as a child??? Did you know Chester “never knew” who his father was??? 🤔

Did you know that Linkin Park’s brand logo symbolizes the destruction of the spiraling triangle symbol used by pedophiles??? 🤔

Did you know that #JohnPodesta Clinton’s Chief of Staff, exposed for #pizzagate #PodestaEmails, is allegedly the father of Chester Bennington? 🤔

Did you know that Linkin Park received a grant from the #ClintonFoundation during Podesta’s time as Chairman for #HillaryClinton 2016 campaign??? 🤔

Did you know that Chester Bennington and his best friend Chris Cornell went public about Bennington’s sexual abuse? And their foundation focused on protecting kids from sexual abuse? 🤔

Did you know that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were both pronounced dead by suicide within 2 months apart from each other??? 🤔 May 2017 & July 2017. Less than a year after pizzagate was a trending topic & the two best friends planned to expose the pedophilia and abuse within Hollywood and D.C.

Connect the dots. The corruption & crimes against humanity happening within our country are greater than you could possibly imagine. RIP Chester Bennington and #ChrisCornell We will keep fighting for you.

Share information.

If you want it to be.

We have been telling you. You choose not to listen.


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Why is truth so dangerous to them.

Altruism - a disease that affects White people.
**Important information for black people**

How they manipulate you.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." ~ Voltaire