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From their Farewell Concert, live at Royal Albert
Hall, London, November 26th, 1968.

One of the most obscure acts in the field of psychedelic
rock. Their 1969 sole LP, named simply "Music", is one
of the rarest albums (only 6 copies exist). In the 90s
a CD appeared with live recording, called "Live 1969".

The Child Dreams - a) Nightfall b) The Dream c) Here To

From their 1971 LP "Setting Forth".

Alternate take of this track from their November
30, 1967 LP "After Bathing At Baxters", appearing
on the August, 2003 RCA / BMG Heritage reissue.

Part of the Canterbury scene, they formed in
January, 1969 in London, UK, from former members
of Uriel, and also contributed to the band Azrachel.
From their March, 1970 self-titled debut album.

From their 2015 release "Futurecent" on Fuzz Club Records.

From their 1968 LP "Wake Up... It's Tomorrow.".

From their debut 1968 self-titled LP.

From their 1967 self-titled debut LP.

Parody of "Mad Workd" by Gary Jules. An ode to
SJW regressive left and Antifa's many misadventures
in Berkeley. Zoe Does Life / Free Press of Kekistan

Third single from their 1968 debut album "Steppenwolf"
and soundtrack for the 1969 movie Easy Rider. From
their Beat Club performance in Bremen on July 06, 1969.

Short-lived Los Angeles garage band who entered a
studio and cut their only album in the summer of
1970. 200 copies of this were released in 1971.
From their "Moon Blood" LP, reissued in 1999 by

British psychedelic band formed in 1967, led by
keyboardist and bandleader Zoot Money, and also
featuring Andy Summers. From their 1967 LP
"Chariot Rising".

From their 1966 self-titled debut LP.

From the third and final studio album by the Jimi
Hendrix Experience. Released by Reprise Records
in the US in October 1968, the double album was
the only record from the band produced by Jimi

From the 1996 re-issue of "Sussex".

Live in 1967 on the Shebang show, KTLA TV, Los Angeles.

Video track recorded on May 27,1968, at Ultrasonic
Studios in Hempstead, Long Island. Muxed with CD audio.

From the 1966 "The Psychedelic Sounds of . . ."

From their debut album, released on January 4,

Alternative rock band formed in 1983 in Newport,
Rhode Island, fronted by two lead singers,
Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donelly, who were both
attending Rogers High School. From their 1995 LP

Gary Orsum's War Pigs parody, posted Nov 6, 2017.

Published Dec 26, 2018 by YouTuber Law.
This is worth everyone's support.

Theme song for Sergio Leone's 1965 film "For a
Few Dollars More". Composed by Ennio Morricone.


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