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More an alternative band with garage influences,
Duke Spirit formed in London in 2003. From their
second studio album "Neptune" released on 4
February 2008 on the independent label You Are

From their 1970 LP "A Question of Balance".

From their 1967 LP "Axis: Bold as Love", recorded
May-June and October 1967, and released December
1, 1967.

From their premier 1969 self-titled LP.

Unissued Beatles cover from their 1997 Sundazed
compilation LP "Long Years in Space".

From their 1968 LP "The Book of Taliesyn".

From their 1967 album "Electric Music for the Mind and Body".

Three piece from Surrey, U.K., with two members
still in their teens. From the 1996 Headstogether
compilation "The Complete Recordings".

Formed in Long Island, New York, Odyssey's only
LP was originally just a demo/private pressing of
about 100 copies. From their 1971 LP "Setting

From their sole 1969 LP "Morgen", re-released
in 2013 on the Probe label on 180 gram vinyl.

From their August 1966 debut album "Takes Off".

Formed in Thousand Oaks, CA as The Captives, they
became the Children of the Mushroom around the
Summer of Love. From their 1968 single.

From their third album "Wheels of Fire", released
in August 1968.

Garage psych band from San Antonio, TX. From their
1969 single.

Solo project of Vicente Siechewitz, who started
playing music at age 16, and moved from Santiago,
Chile to Berlin, Germany. From his July 4, 2015
release "Foxtrot Sierra's Surfin' Krautlifornia"
on BYM Records.

From their 1971 LP "Dust", released by Kama Sutra

From their 1967 LP "Another Day, Another Lifetime",
reissued with remixed, remastered sound on
Jamie / Guyden in 2001.

From their 1967 LP "Their Satanic Majesties Request".

From their 1975 self-titled, self-published LP.

Allie sarcastically depicts a new campaign ad for the Democrat
Party. Allie Beth Stuckey:

From their 1969 LP "Strictly From Hunger".

Underappreciated figure of early British R&B, Graham Bond is known
in the U.S. for heading the group that Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker
played in before they joined Cream. From the 1968 LP "Love is the
Law". Reissued on 2013-04-22 by Akarma.

Released as a (half album length) single in 1970, many US radio
stations and high schools banned this track in March 1971.
Despite a lack of airplay, the single still reached number 36 on the
Billboard chart. From their 1971 "Bloorock 2" LP.

In honor of our dear Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warrren,
who's DNA test proves she is perhaps the whitest person in her
state, I could not resist. Initially based in Boise, Idaho, the
Raiders began as an instrumental rock band led by organist and
founder Paul Revere Dick. In 1971, The Raiders recorded this single
on the Columbia Records label, and it topped the Hot 100 on July 24.
From their 1971 single "Indian Reservation (The Lament of the
Cherokee Reservation Indian)".

From their 1970 LP "Morrison Hotel".


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