First things first; Youtube may very well copyright strike the hell out of this, so download it for future viewing, folks! Send a message to Hollywood that not all of us approve of their politically charged and politically 'correct' tripe.

Spoilers abound in this video. If you haven't seen it and plan to, go do that before watching this. Although spoilers don't really ruin this show, because you'll see all his 'twists' coming. Peele is not a clever writer by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyhow, here's what I think of Twilight Zone 2019. It is terrible and Rod Serling is definitely rolling in his grave.

Jordan Peele you're a shitty human being for adding to the miserable cycle of everyone hating everyone and contributing to the racial division in our world. Your movies suck, and are all lowest common denominator bullshit. You're overrated and people today are stupid. Congratulations on making them even dumber with your moronic products.


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