Adventures of clay monster, as it walks across the terrain.
Watch as it gets struck by a car and screams at a snake.

Unofficial sequel to the beloved children's TV series "Pappírs Pési" sees Pési as an adult, chasing some goons who murdered his family for no reason.

Behold the flat characters and paper-thin plot.

... as the title implies.

The finale of the Bambo trilogy.
Bambo fights all the assassins in the world, and probably the extended universe.
Eyjafilm - september 1995

Bambo gets harassed by a villain because of things he perpetrated in the first movie.
Basically a low-budget rip-off of "Die Hard with a vengeance."
This accounts for the middle of the "full version" posted earlier, but with the actual ending still attached.
Eyjafilm, September 1995.

The first part of the Bambo trilogy, presented here as it was... for the most part.
The original had almost 3 minutes of opening and ending credits, all set to Dvorak.
No Subtitles.
Eyjafilm, september 1995

Near feature length action film edited together from 3 distinct shorts made one after the other between 3. September 1995 - 15. September of same year.
Plot: Bambo is hired to find the Ruby Egg, stolen by a gangster for the purpose of taking over the Faroe Islands. Then he fights some some hired goons, killing so many of them that he incurs the ire of the Emperor of Hired Goons (or some such), and ends up fighting every hitman in the world.
Eyjafilm - 1995

A documentary shot incrementally over 2-3 years by some teenagers, finally gathered together and spliced into a whole product something like 15 years later.
Of course it is the most serious thing ever made.
Eyjafilm humour at its most grating.

Educational video from the very educational Illugi & Helgi.
At least 34% more educationality than other educational videos.
The only educational video with aliens, car-chases and explosions.
Eyjafilm - 1996

A man revives crazy killer ptarmigan hunter Impennis using Voodoo.
Impennis goes to have revenge for his own death.
Eyjafilm - 1996

A drunk ptarmigan hunter kills an important drug-dealer by accident.
So everybody starts hiring assassins to kill everybody else, as people do.
Eyjafilm - 1996

Man gets abducted by aliens and cloned.
His many clones go and find a stolen piece of tech for another guy.
Eyjafilm - 1996

Three drug dealers struggle to sell drugs to one junkie.
One hires a hitman to thin out the competition, with sub-optimal results.
Eyjafilm - 1993

A highly compelling and educational documentary about traffic accidents and insurance fraud made by the Eyjafilm team as a school project.
This epic feature was actually shown in class.
Eyjafilm - 1995

A stop motion "the Blob" rip-off made by pre-teens.
Eyjafilm - 1992

A teddy bear kills some people.
A film made by pre-teens, inspired by "Child's play" and other things that pre-teens watch.
Eyjafilm - 1992

Terminator rip-off made by pre-teens.
Sort of like if Terminator vs. Colombo/inspector Clouseau was the trailer for an episode of Hardcastle & McCormick.

Smith O. Wesson hires Goði the hitman to kill Konstantinopel.
Hilarity ensues.
Eyjafilm - 1996

Brynjólfur Jónsson frá Minnunúpi does nothing.
Another Avant-garde masterpiece from Eyjafilm.
Eyjafilm - 1996

A Lawyer is hired to sue a man for raping Kennedy and assassinating his children. Or something
Man does not much care for this and flees.
So happens the most epic chase ever filmed.
Eyjafilm - 1996

Hvar er Harry Klumpur - remake
Eyjafilm - 1993

A thief steals a priceless diamond in an elaborate heist.
A little bit of murder and mayhem ensues.
1991... I think.

Man lives in a haunted house. There's a ghost.
It is a very haunting ghost in this haunting tale of a haunting.
Eyjafilm - 1996

After a man maliciously spills another man's drink, a chase ensues.
Eyjafilm - 1993

Man goes to bed and a ghost takes him to hell.
Another man goes to bed and a ghost also takes him to hell.
Eyjafilm - 1996


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Some short films made by teenagers in the mid-nineties.
At least for now.
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