My own budget made melting furnesses and an old grey mare or shaving horse with an inbuilt ratchet system that has stood the test of time, made from English Elm and English Oak, the OGM has only one metal part all the rest is made from timber and works a treat.

Cover picture is a pair of special forces high boot that I made several years ago to an old pattern called The Keeper, made entirely from 4.00mm thick full grain rawhide with a breathable semi lining which is often found in orthopedic footwear, this lining is also leather and has amazing breathability and will dry out quite quickly if submerged, the soles are British made Itsthide Commando pattern with an added thinsulate lining to prevent ground heat loss, which leaves a very small heat signature that can be picked up by heat seeking night scopes, I will be doing a full review on this boot in the future.

A jewellers soft head hammer I made for my jewellers bench, the main body was hand turned from CZ 121 brass hex bar on my homemeade woodwork lathe as were the PTFE soft interchangeable heads.

Also a pole bird feeder made from 1/4" galvanized weldmesh and two pieces of plywood from the scrap pile, this version hold ten pounds of peanuts.

A brief description of how I made my own electic pottern kiln and the parts that I used to make the mould and lids..

Cover picture is one of my Amish wheelbarrow wheels.

A sellection of leather hair ties for here indoors, I made these several years ago from all the scraps of leather that others were throwing away, many are based on mythology and celectial science from the Greek myths and others on flora and fauna, I made my wife one for every day of the month which she says are fun to wear, they consist of a leather board with either a wooden shaft or a metal bar and work by surrounding the hair from both sides.
To make them you need to work out the thickness of the hair once it has been bunched by using a carboard template and the pin that you will use later until it sits firm and does not slide down the pony tail.

Part 2 of the leather and wooden handbag.

Final stage of the handbag build.

Here is a style of handbag that came to me one evening whilst sorting through some old wooden boards and leather, they are simple to build with limited tooling and are truly unique and or functional, I will add the links to where I got some of the items needed.
The beauty of this project is, you can make the shape and size according to your own needs, even if you have limited leather sizes you can still make a small purse in the same way, please copy and share my designs with all who might have a go at making their own.

Cover picture in an Amish style barrow I made several years ago for the allotment, with its 20 inch dia english pattern wooden wheel.

Here is a handy device that I never had but have needed on several occasions in the past, I made it in a day using upcycled parts; The main arms were made from the linear rails found inside a computer scanner and the washers a two penny coins, the copper kind, before they took all the copper out of them and used steel, simply use a magnet to find the originals.

The base is an off cut of Birch plywood with a stainless steel covering which I also machine turned for a different look to what would be a shiny reflective surface, which can sometimes be a burden, it works pretty well and another valued string to the jeweller bench.

Thanks for looking in, please consider supporting the channel so I can obtain the raw materials and create 3D drawings of many of the projects one has seen so far, there are quite a few more to come in the near future.

A short video to show how we selllect our compost from the heap, the frame is made of a simple wooden frame made from roofing lathes and overlapped at the corners to for a sturdy frame which is screwed together, yhe wire is good quality stainless weld mesh with half inch squares. We use the prongs of an old hay fork to manipulate the soil instead of gloves which soon ear out, the result is high quality compost for the allotment, black gold.

In this video I do some very basic EMF tests on everyday household electrical devices what I found was very interesting, I have also added a ite which gives guidlines on how much exposure is deemed desirable.

Cover picture is a Trojan type helmet pendant made for Sterling Silver scraps, and finished with a textured pattern for added lighting refletions as it is moved around, total weight is one Troy ounce.

In this video I show how I make my jewellers tools from ra materials to the tool itself.

The cover picture is a bespoke silversmith chaing hammmer I made earlier, the handle of made from Partridge wood which is very hard and takes on a superb shine.

The first run of our homemade Mk 2 apple shredder, as you can see we rmoved the extra plate to allow more apples to be poured into the hopper from a bigger bucket, first impressions were promising with the fruit getting a real shredding as they pass through, the fruit here are pears and had been left to sweat a little and soften prior to procesing, the perry was delicious and we went through it before xmass it was so good, we plan to make a few more gallons of apple cider as well next year from several folks orchards that we mow for them throughout the summer in order that we can have the apples, which normally fall to the ground and get wasted every year, so a bonus and pick me up for reciprocity between both parties, who get the bounty and a summer within the beverage during the winter.

I made this tool from parts found in my metal scraps box, it is for forming bracelets via a wheel and cup which traps the matel between and forcing it into shape.

The cover picture is my handmade Persian chain link bracelet, made entirely from 1.50mm silver wire.

In this video I show the results of some dedicated jewellery equipment I made several years ago from standard tool steel bar and turned on my woodwork lathe as I show in other vidos, little by little I have built a wide range of tools to suit my needs and have saved many hundreds of pound in my tiny shed, my man cave, every man should have a shed where they can escape from the house, a shed at the bottom of the garden says Mr Cole, he is right I think.

Cover picture is that of a Greek sun and moon cross that I made for her indoors many years ago, the main body is made of copper the sun disc Sterling silver and the middle moon from marine ivory which truly does shine in the dark with its luminecsence properties.

Here is how I train our garden birds to come to the hand, shortly after fledging is the best time before they get street wise, I place some titbits close to the edge of the lean too roof and let then see my hand dropping the crumbs, then remove it and keep perfectly still while they get used to your presense, then gradually leave you hand next to the food a little longer each time to put some out. Don't make the mistake of putting too much out each session otherwise when your out of the picture they will fill themselves and not come to the hand as easy, here you can see red looking at his reflaction in the mobile phone which he thinks its another bird.

Cover picture is one of my own designs of everyday handbag with their distinctive top handle made from exotic timbers like solid ebony.

Our homemade apple shreeder for amking our own cider and perry fro our apple and pear trees, made back in 2018 for the next seasons which was pretty good in 2019, but a poor year for pears in 2020, she is made predominantly from one inch thick birch plywood as os the drive wheel, this is Mk 2 with proper bearings for a much better system which Mk 1 had plain bearings of nylon.

She is driven with an old woodwork lathe motor that I had spare and works a treat, video of it in action shortly.

Cover picture is one of our allotment Amish style barrows that I made several years ago.

I will add more ideo's like this next season from the beginning of the year right through until the harvest or what was known to the ancients as th cornucopia when man recieves his reward for all the hard work the land and nature under the sun enables, all we do is a little physical and the rest is down to nature herself.

Here is how I made a simple garden dibber for planting my leeks and the lathe I made that it was turn on, made over 25 years ago from partly recycled materials and existing parts I was kindly donated by an old freind, who himself was given them several years before that from someone else.
I has never let me down mechaniicaly other than a new set of ball bearings and a starter unit in the strated box, total cost not including the electricity it has used over the last 25 years coms to around 150 pounds, I wish I had a pound for every hour it has been used I could have retired years ago.

In this video I would like to share a quick run down of one of the most used and versitile pieces of equipment I own today, this has done a myriad of work over the years, I would not be without it.

Thanks for looking in and supporting the channel.

Some of my homemade leather cutting blades and holdres and a ancient honing technique showed to me by an old freind to obtain the ultimate polished edge for cutting leather and or other crafts.

As an avid beekeeper and maker of things I decided to begin saving money by creating some of my own equipment, here is some of those creations, where mother nature supplies the heat for recycling my own beeswax which we use in several other projects.

What is inside my engravering machine and how it works.

Face Mask Data,

In the line up is a new way of servicing hand gravers, each one a dedicated att for different sizes of tool, also a handheld long stick to hold the standard GRS tool inserts.

In this video I show my experiments and creations for carrying out engraving tasks, there is still a long way to go before I can avoid the retail sector and the huge costs of this specialised equipment, will I ever get there, time will tell.

A leather apron made from reject skins from my shoemaking projects, the straps have a crossover pattern that sits in position without the need of a waiste strap or cord, so when you bend down the apron rides free instead of cutting into the midriff, they are also insulating against hot objects giving full frontal protection in a wide range of applications.

Cover picture is a Sterling Silver dragonfly made from scrap silver off cuts, she has pink ivory timber eyes and a mid eye so the whole thing moves around when your active.


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Towards the end of my oily rag days I often yearned of doing something completely different, something more exciting, what was to happen next challenged my outlook on life and the range of the human spirit in so many ways.

No sooner had I closed the lid on my big red Snap-On tool box, I began travelling the length and breadth of Northern England in my old clapped out Ford Courier van, Yes she was a white one. I travelled as far as Newark on Trent to my South, across to the East and West sides of the Yorkshire Dales, and up to the Northern tip of Cumbria, seeking out anyone who might share their knowledge and interests with me, (for free), I was hungry for data as the modernist would say.

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