Venting some stress before the big day, my fathers' memorial service.

Ted Kazinsky in his manifesto describes the human need for self-validation in the absence of having to hunt and fish and build shelter. The relentless pursuit of technological development is how this drive to survive is expressed in the modern age, and it eventually, very soon, it will undo the human race.

Bleak outlook pervades as we move into the Solar Minimum.
Will need new wool socks and insulated jumpsuit.

I never really had Faith, so it was never in crisis for me. I begin to re examine the notion.

Life, death, music, practicing, fear of old age, etc.

Kasinsky and Assange warned us. It came through in the humor of Dice Clay, 25 years ago. Random assortment of other topics.

bach and octopus

middle part is wrong.

Visiting the dying father.

Just a continuation of what has been happening.

Can they genetically and culturally dampen tribalism? Cuz it looks like they are doing that.

A trip to the local Walmart. Observations. Musings.

two part inventions, EWI. number 7

jsbach on ewi (electronic wind instrument.

pendulums on a common platform will eventually all synchronize.

A little Parkour livens things up. A teacher not wanting to check his students' math homework.

3 of 15.

Some year end tasks.

Best one yet. Finally got sync.


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