U 4 Uranium? is an independent feature-length documentary about uranium and nuclear power.
The film exposes the true face of the nuclear industry and asks the question :
Are you for or against the use of Uranium?
Made in 2011, the film was selected for the Uranium Film Festival 2013 in Brasil and the No Nukes Festival 2015 in Taiwan.

A Coconut-inspired Permaculture food garden with over 90 edible and useful plant species.
Using every part of the locally abundant Coconut tree, an area of hot white coral sand is transformed into a fertile and diverse haven for plants and wildlife.
There may be no finer example than the Coconut to represent a truly multifunctional element in tropical Permaculture design. With a multitude of marvellous uses including food, construction, jewelry, bio-diesel and too many more to mention - no tropical home garden is complete without Cocos Nucifera!
Filmed at the Lung Mee Permaculture Garden in the Surat Thani province in Southern Thailand 2007.

Change the Date.
Change the Anthem.
End Apartheid in Australia.

How to harvest a coconut and remove the husk,
filmed in Thailand for PermacultureSiam

Witness a legend of Rarotonga!
Watch Cook Islands Coconut King Piri Puruto III make fire using only parts of the Coconut tree and a few grains of sand...

ThunderBox - the mobile compost toilet.
For more info please visit:

Machinima Bill Hicks has a vision.
Created using Moviestorm software.

Machinima animated documentary on Fair Use. Created using Lionhead movies software.
The film is a documentary style mash-up looking at the fair use doctrine which exists within US copyright law.

HipHop has been hijacked by global corporations, including the US government, fronted by Barack Obama. Professor Griff, minister of information from Public Enemy, examines the relationship between HipHop and US president Obama.
Featuring (in order of appearance) :
Barack Obama
Kool Herc
Professor Griff
Busta Rhymes
Dead Prez
Rebel Diaz
Stic. man
Russ Simmons
Kanye West
P. Diddy
Doug E. Fresh
Ice Cube
Lupe Fiasco
Damon Dash
Chuck D
Will I. Am
Snoop Dogg
50 Cent
Quest Love
Kurtis Blow
Bun B
Melle Mel
Mistah F. A. B.
Young Buck
Killer Mike
Green Lantern
Will Smith
Luke Campbell
T. I.
Big Block
Soulja Boy
Foxy Brown
LL Cool J
DJ Drama
Rick Ross
Talib Kweli
The Game
David Icke
Flavor Flav
Why G
Dr. Shaka Zulu
Black Dot

I sometimes feel like an alien creature,
for which there is no earthly explanation.
Sure I have human form,
walking erect and opposing digits,
but my mind is upside down.
I feel like a run-on sentence
in a punctuation crazy world,
and I see the world around me
like a mad collective dream.

An endless stream of people
move like ants on the freeway.
Cell phones, pc's, and digital displays.
"In Money We Trust,"
we'll find happiness,
the prevailing attitude.
Like a genetically modified irradiated Big Mac
is somehow symbolic of food.

Morality is legislated,
prisons over-populated,
religion is incorporated,
the profit-motive has permeated all activity.
We pay our government to let us park on the street,
and war is the biggest money-maker of all.
We all know missile envy only comes from being small.

Politicians and prostitutes
are comfortable together.
I wonder if they talk about the strange change in the weather.
This government was founded by, of, and for the people,
but everybody feels it
like a giant open sore,
they don't represent us anymore.
Blaming the President for the country's woes
is like yelling at a puppet
for the way it sings.
Who's the man behind the curtain pulling the strings?

A billion people sitting watching their TVs
in the room that they call living.
But as for me,
I see living as loving,
and since there is no loving room,
I sit on the grass under a tree
dreaming of the way things used to be.
Pre-Industrial Revolution,
which of course is before the rivers and oceans, and skies were polluted,
before Parkinson's, and mad cows,
and all the convoluted cacophony of bad ideas
like skyscrapers, and tree paper, and earth rapers
like Monsanto and Dupont had their way,
as they continue to today.

This was Pre-us,
back when the buffalo roamed
and the Indian's home was the forest.
God was nature
and heaven was here and now.
Can you imagine clean water, food, and air,
living in community with animals and people who care?

Do you dare to feel responsible for every dollar you lay down?
Are you going to make the rich man richer?
Or are you going to stand your ground?
You say you want a revolution,
a communal evolution,
to be a part of the solution,
maybe I'll be seeing you around...

Thoughts from Within - a poem written and recited by Woody Harrelson.
Featuring selected artwork by David Dees.


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