AmunRA KingRA77

Why am I always alone?

A tip for the afterlife

What’s wrong with Hip-Hop, Rap Music?

Most Americans don’t support Ukraine!

Are the Chinese Government running a soft kill operation via Chinese Restaurants inside of the U.S.?

A quick Message from the messengers. Geo-Engineering

King RA 77 returns with an End Times Update.


Exposing the Christian during these End Times.

Why is there always beef with Russia? Conspiracy Alert

My thoughts on the Matrix 4.

You have been warned against viewing this kind of information.

Should we trust the Science? How about NO

King RA reveals a Glimpse of what is right around the corner. Talks Conspiracy and Shows the Proof.

The Chosen Ones, The Elected Ones, and the Coming Race. Angel Wars and the Book of Enoch.

In this brief Video, KingRA77AmunRA touches on Vaccine DNA Upgrades, The Coming Holy War, Mark of the Beast, and the Day of Judgements.
The Vampire Hunter

The Time Has Arrived To Start Preparing For What’s To Come. We talk about the Book of Revelations. Prepare For End Times. We are on the Horizon of Great Times. Biden is a Puppet Sabotage Artist for Satan’s Minions.

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The Cult of Satan has been laughing at your pain for a long time. Check out this video clip from Max Headroom. A popular show from the 1980's

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We are about to play the Trump Card. #SaveAmerica #God #Bless
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In this video AmunRA KingRA 77 talks about the truth about Jesus, The Bible, and How to win the WAR.
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We talk about the hidden truth of who built Ancient Egypt. Other topics include The Lost city of Atlantis, Ancient Aliens, MAGA, MEGA, and The Holy Lands. #End #Times
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A BRIEF tour in AmunRA Holy Temple. Shine,The Holy of Holies. Magick, Occult, Hermetic principles. The King’s Wizard!
The Military will Stand with Trump! Brother Marcus is doing God’s work. Prepare for the Holy War. Light vs Dark!!

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We can not go on!
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Telling what the future holds for Israel and America.
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It’s all fun and games until she gives birth to a demon baby.
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Amun RA is a enigma. The Hidden Light. Who is it that the Ancient Egyptians say that I am?