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Never forget what these SCUM done to relatives, children and elderly in care homes and to those thinking they were doing the right thing. For those that perpetrated it, well leave that up to the Creator.

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But why are they laughing? didn't he do what they said? Maybe he has the current world record for longest survivor with most shots!
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Parody music video

Dehumanising trash system, that they want for the rest of the world of course. How is she even allowed to post this if she is in China with their heavily firewalled internet? They would surely knock it to -1million points for that. Maybe she sent it to someone else first to post.

Oprah's got properties in Hawaii, conveniently untouched by the fires of course.
First clip from TikTok. Oprah/Dwayne clip found from Hustle Bitch channel.
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Check out Candy's channel too, she makes great content -

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Absolute insanity the whole thing. So much about it to cover. Many missing children still unaccounted for, 2000+ reported missing. Residents being told to go back to the fires, blue left over unburnt in the fires, which of course seems DEW related. Only $700 given to victims of the devastation (millions for Ukraine though).

A lot of channels are covering the devastation in Hawaii, but I did find this guys channel to be very good. He only gained so many subscribers due to his recent Hawaii videos going viral. Recommend to check his channel as he has a lot more videos covering this.

Spot on. Mirrors my stance and many others. Hopefully a LOT more people's too when it comes around again...

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Reptoid or robot choking on some binary? Maybe he has dementia or some other medical condition though, I mean he's not young.

Stupid probably paid for protestors get oils mixed up
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Clip in middle from TikTok. One question, why does The White House appear to have an official Bitchute channel? hmmm

Toxic foods and food-like products stack the shelves. Many people know about some of them but it's practically impossible to avoid the toxic oils used in most products now, which also seems to have little mention. So often I pick up a pack of nuts and it's been coated in rapeseed oil! Great way of turning a healthy snack into something nasty now. I also noticed the nuts in another aisle that weren't coated in anything, not even salt... were twice the price for the same size pack as the rapeseed coated ones. So prices of food go up, but no real checks on the health benefits/dangers of the foods/drinks. All by design of course.

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🌌👽 Probably a staged event, bad quality footage of the supposed aliens as expected! That faceless corpse looks the most scary it a dummy? or maybe it's unrelated footage that's been made to look part of the same event, or maybe its partly real :/ what do you think? - Mirrored from JW Tv -

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David Firth makes some really creative, dark but often hilarious comedic animations. Well worth checking his channel!

Maybe it will be future shopping bags for your daily soylent green allowance😹
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Still makes the NPC's sitting around laugh though. I would be walking out for sure, especially if he called you a 'fucking idiot'. Better than being a DEAD fn idiot?🤔🤐

Compilation of buildings mostly of the Tartarian Empire, on the right The Worlds Fair of 1889 Paris, France. (Those of which were only standing for a mere 6 months to a couple years). Feel free to mirror any video if you wish😸
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The legendary Silver Swan you see above preens, fishes and stuns. It's an automaton that’s over 250 years old, designed life-like with stunning mechanics. A Clockwork Robot of Antiquity🧐

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Pretty clear footage of what appears to be UFO's followed by military escort. Are these holograms/project Bluebeam or genuine crafts, just made here on earth? I think that's the best presumptions before thinking they contain other worldly life, but I don't know for sure either. It's certainly right on time for the fake staged alien invasion thing that appears looming, being more brought into light. I guess we will know more if all of a sudden spates of people have HD and 4k captures of UFO's...

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Video found on Telegram, I cropped and added music. 'Reptilians' still remain theory (to me) but with a LOT of compelling evidence, and theory because it could be a large number of things and maybe other factors unknown. I do think the clip from 7:20ish is likely a camera stutter though. Glitches like that are not uncommon on CCTV but usually not for that long. This is not a promotional video for reptilians either😹

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(Old video, not sure the date though.) Christopher Lee, the famous actor who played Sarumon in Lord of the Rings, spoke about his views on black magic(k): "There is nothing fictitious about black magic. In any way whatever. It is a fact. It is a fact which has existed for several thousand years. When we talk about black magick we are talking about Satanism, necromancy, alchemy, witchcraft... It is basically the worship of the force of evil. It goes much more deeply than that.

...It is a desperately dangerous fact. It exists around us today. Satanic ceremonies will be happening in Britain tonight. Ask any priest, ask any member of the forces of law and order and they will tell you that Satanism as such, it's there and it has been for thousands of years. They must be profane and blasphemous to be effective. This is part of the ritual and part of the belief of these people. That in order to make any kind of ceremony totally effective it must be the exact diametrical opposite of the real ceremony."

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Wtf what a twisted way to think, even more so if he's allowed to go ahead with that... Premeditated murder for one. Not all trans 'people' will be like that, but a huge swathe are including the ones 'teaching' kids dressed in ugly af revealing outfits. All part of the same agenda to also twist ideas of gender, gender can identify as you want. Society more dehumanised but disguised as 'freedom'. I think personally if you're legit 100% human.. then you're either male or female..that's it. All humans have both masculine and feminine qualities, depending on the nature of the soul it can be expressed one way or another. It's obvious the agenda to twist things, the same ones as always doing it. Mary Rodwell and some others have a different take on it, in that she says some souls being born today really are being born into wrong bodies because of messed up stuff occurring in the astral, whether that's the case or not also, I don't know.

Check out related Shaman1967's Video - S.1409 Kids Online Safety Act; Digital ID Smokescreen. Specifically Allows LBGTQP Access - Give him a sub he has a great channel 💯

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The interesting account of Stella Lansing from the 1960's. It seems this got a bit memoryholed as overall, few have heard of her and most of her work is not around for public viewing. To this day no one knows exactly what Stella went through, however experts have analyzed her pictures and videos and came to the conclusion that her evidence was genuine. Audio cleaned on first clip, second video clipped from Thatisimpossible - What do YOU think was she legit or a fraud?

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I really think this modern art stuff is just a way for money laundering. Just like that blue canvas with one white stripe that sold for $43.8million > Video mirrored from TikTok.
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