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We discuss the recent videos showing the strange moving particles in the vaccinated and unvaccinated blood and we try to come up with a conclusion to what we are seeing in our blood. Check out the links that show us some incredible footage as well as further explanations.
Video about the blood and what is being seen
Dr Ryan Cole on the Highwire
Childrens Health Defence
The Plant Hair that gets into Microscopes
Contamination Identified
Problems at Manufacturing
Dr Jim Meehan Website
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Episode #127 Atlantic Underground Podcast. In this episode, we went down some deep rabbit holes and got into the realms of our true human power and alternative thought forms. This conversation may not be for everyone but everyone should still listen and explore further what was discussed here. Become everything you were always intended to be.

Matt Le Tissier England and Southampton Legend joins us to discuss the current goings on in the world as well as past and future problems we face. We discuss Football and his latest pundit tour and look at solutions for how government should be controlled.
See Matts incredible work and interviews on GETTR . follow this link

Rachel Maurice is a highly experienced Medical Expert in trauma care. She is an Anesthesiologist as well as a Bachelor of Science in Virology and Microbiology. Her knowledge has led her to conclusions that sadly many other hospital staff just can't see and the division between those who care about the patients versus those who just care about their job and paycheck has become quite apparent in a dangerous and hostile environment in which we trust with our lives. Her story here is one that any medical professional should see and if you ever intend on being a patient this might just save your life.

THE INVISIBLE WAR. Repair your health to survive the battle. Why are we seeing massive increases in LBGTQ+ around the world and people wanting to transition sexes? How many later regret the choices they made when it was too late? We discuss the primary cause of emotional instability and the trap many young people fall into as well as those prepared to corrupt young and vulnerable creating irreversible damage. Atlantic Underground Podcast Health Talks with Dr Jim Meehan MD.
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We discuss why the monetary system will collapse and why holding Silver or Gold is a safe option against your loss of money in the banks as well as a great investment. We talk about why it's a good idea to move to Mexico and the upcoming War which will destroy the USA and other countries around the globe .. Strap yourself in its quite a ride.
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We discuss the traumas endured by Rev. Ann Gillies and the work she does with victims of pedophiles. How the LBGTQ movement has been highjacked as a vehicle to bring about the legality of minor-attracted persons (Pedophiles) into public acceptance... How schools are teaching children as young as 4 how to masturbate and how workplaces are forcing employees to accept the sexual preferences of others through diversity and inclusion.
See the website for Ann here
If you are not prepared to speak out about it then at least play your part in the fight and share this podcast interview. Draw the moral line in the sand and fight for a better future for your children.

WOW Explosive talk as always with Dr Jim Meehan where we discuss the mRNA being put into our food and the dangers of GMO, we also discuss the Clots in the bodies of those dying suddenly and what this substance is, and how it's formed. Will we see the government admit its failings or will they double down to create Civil unrest as the people revolt against what they can't ignore anymore?
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We go through the freedom of information requests obtained from the Government and look at the numbers and what they mean in relation to the measures put in place. The figures and statistics clearly show that we have been subjected to unnecessary rules and regulations which in themselves caused Death and Destruction in people's lives.

We discuss the dangers of a vegan diet as well as how humanity has been conditioned to follow the trap of poisoning itself with today's food availability
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Great conversation with Dr. Carrie Madej regarding her Plane Crash as well as the world around us as we see it and the dark forces driving this into our lives.
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Episode #119 . We discuss Ancient History, UFO Encounters and the changes in the world we live in today, and what is required by humanity to survive. Find more incredible interviews at

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Toxins and poisons get into our bodies from daily exposure but nothing is quite as harmful as it directly entering the bloodstream. We discuss ways and treatments to cleanse the body and allow for optimal health.
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Right Said Fred brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass give a very heartfelt and honest discussion on how the world around us has changed. We discuss how modern society is destroying itself through the deceptions many accept to be The New Normal. We openly talk about the causes and the players in what will be history's greatest ever disaster and how important it is for people to educate themselves now on survival through this minefield.

Another incredible guest is back with us to discuss current affairs and how the world has changed for us over the past couple of years. What to watch out for and what to expect.
Look up the Ickonic channel for much much more in truly quality content.

Gregory Mannarino is at the forefront of financial oversight and today we discuss the mechanisms and the control this has over our lives. We discuss the system and the upcoming Financial Collapse and how this will be the major cataclysm we face in modern society. Please share this and get it into the hands of those that need to prepare. Together we can survive divided we will be conquered.

We discuss with Kate Shemirani the horrific numbers behind the murders in our hospitals and care homes.

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We talk today with Kelly Anne Wolfe and discuss the upcoming Freedom Convoy and Gathering for Truth and Justice in Toronto at Dundas Square on the 22nd of October.
We discuss the impact of the last few years and hear some upsetting stories personal to Kelly herself.
These interviews are to be shared and I highly recommend we do so in order to alert as many people as possible to the dangers we all face before it is too late.
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In this Monthly health segment, we talk with DR Jim Meehan MD about the upcoming cold and Flu season. We discuss preparation and what to take to protect yourself. Why it is essential to have the best health supplements for optimum immunity. Stick with us for the best wellness advice in the business.
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Check out our previous interview with DR Jim Meehan MD here and be prepared for some incredible information.

Exposing the Genocide. We talk to Vera and Scott about the problems with the modern day genocide and the repeating plans reminiscent of the nazi regime. Vera and Scott both share emotional stories of their lives

Please see the links below for further information from Vera and Scott

We catch up with Morgan to discuss how she got involved in the freedom movement as well as the recent arrests of her and her partner Jeremy. We talk about everything from police and government corruption to the future survival of the people in Canada

A very Powerful and revealing interview with Matt Le Tissier who was one of England's best-known football players having earned 8 caps and having an outstanding career at Southampton. In this podcast, we talk about the experiences he has had leading to the insanity around the world which we have seen over the last 3 years

We speak to Jen regarding the incredible website now available to see all the submitted live streams and video footage from the Truckers Convoy and Freedom Protests in Ottowa at the beginning of 2022 . Great way to see yourself or find the evidence needed for many to prove themselves innocent at the hands of a tyrannical government and a brutal police force
see for footage and if you can submit any footage please contact Jen at [email protected]

We talk with George Douklias from Jabless jobs and discuss the demand for the services he provides as well as the past present and future situations that affect employment

Why Wearing a Mask Makes Healthy People Sick


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In this modern age of information overload do you ever feel that you don’t know which information to believe?.Do you sometimes feel you are being deceived? Do you often feel that the information peddled by mainstream media is well packaged in a one size fits all type of format? Do you feel that over time that mainstream media has lost the art of investigative reporting?That they tow the line of government and big business all in the name of profit?
Here at Atlantic Underground Podcast we question the mainstream narrative and give an alternative perspective on all the current issues.
Join us as we dig deep to uncover and explore the other side of the story.
The story the establishment wants to keep from the masses.
We hope you join us on our journey to uncover truths hidden in plain sight.
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