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Knowing who the real enemy is is key right now and once we know what we are aiming to achieve we can create a greater future for everyone. We don't need tyrants we don't need the greed we see in the elites we do not wish to be ruled over . Freedom is ours for the taking and we should do everything possible to achieve that

Its time we saw who really holds the power instead of screaming at the very puppets they put out there to taunt you. The Puppet masters have them all blackmailed and they are happy to perform for cash and confidentiality. If we look towards the real problem in the world we then know how to solve the issues we face . No longer should they hide in the shadows and no longer will their bloodlines hold the baton of power that strikes blows upon humanity without empathy . Please like and share and find all our interviews on the

The Theatre of war is a show to bring about humanities compliance and is controlled by the very same group of people funding all sides of the conflict. As much as it is a deliberate show to create mass fear upon humanity it is real in the fact that millions can die . They don't care though as this suits their agenda for depopulation. Your compliance is required as they usher in the new world order they have dreamed about and at that point you have become enslaved beyond anything many could conceive . Always be aware of the strategic play on this grand chess board and make sure that you are prepared . Knowing the tricks is half the battle and also being aware that this is a war upon humanity identifies the true enemy that we have to remove from seats of power . Please share and help others know what we are facing and together we can change humanity for the better and a world we should be proud to live in . Stay safe and many thanks

Once you see the Agenda for what it is and look into the history of the puppets put in positions to look like they are in charge then you start to see the bigger picture . Don't fall for the illusion of choice when it comes to the elections .

We are entering a pivotal moment in global enslavement and if you are prepared in this window of opportunity you will survive what is coming. Please share this and like the video because the more people that understand what is happening the better chance we all have together as a collective force against tyrannical regimes.

everything spraying us? There are lots of questions as to what we are seeing in the sky. Matt Landman the man behind the documentary Frankenskies talks with me about what we are seeing and the explanations of how and why. Please see his work at

We discuss the main supplements we should consider in the world of depleted and ultra-processed foods. We look at different aspects of health maintenance and how prevention is often the best method

I very much love the planet I live on but distrust the governments and establishments telling me what is happening and how we can fix it especially when it means taxing us more to pay for the very solutions their corporate-sponsored interests are responsible for causing. Professor Judith Curry gives us a great insight into the reality of the problems we are facing and dispels the myths and theories that may have us looking in the wrong direction for solutions. Please see the links below to her book and as well as the paper mentioned in the discussion on the PDF link. Many thanks and if you enjoy this please subscribe and share.

As we grow closer to the eventual and deliberate collapse of the monetary system it is important that we make people aware of what is coming and how to protect themselves against the chaos it will cause globally. We talk cars, cash, and corruption. Think of this as a survival manual that we hope you never need regardless of its eventual undoing. Please share this far and wide because the more people are aware of and ready means the more will survive.

What a great talk today with Tajana Truthseeker. Get to know more about who she really is as well as core topics people should at least research and see for themselves.
see her live at Fire and Ice




Please like and share this interview and as always give us your feedback. Many thanks and stay Free

The real story behind Pfizer as the whistleblower who brought you the Project Veritas undercover traps exposes what Project Veritas is as well as who James O'Keefe is. In this world of deception, we really need to sometimes dig deeper and that's exactly what we have done today with Justin Leslie of Justintegrity. I advise anyone here to watch his full documentary as we could not cover half of what he has been doing in this interview. Please share because when we don't someone can't be helped to see the world for what it truly is.
See his great work here

With the Great Taking in full flow I discuss with Mike what property rights are and what we really own as well as what we can do to protect ourselves. The more this interview is shared the more people can actually survive what is coming. Always best to be early than 1 minute too late.

Parallel Systems Broadcast:

One to One Consultation with Mike:

Parallel Mike Podcast:

The evidence is there but not broadcast on the mainstream. Dr Jay Couey was the science advisor to Robert F Kennedy and the Children's Health Defence. What we discuss here today is information that you have not heard before and the explanations from Jay are incredible. we hope you share this information and allow others to see how big the lie is that we have been sold. We can only hope it allows others to step forward and speak the truth rather than carry the burden of living the lie to protect the narrative.

The total ignorance of the medical establishment in fear of losing jobs or taking the bonus cash payments is responsible for the murders of thousands of people. John O'Looney is a funeral director who can see the evidence of this even when the system seeks to silence it. Hear his testimony to what is going on and be shocked by how bad this situation is.

Our previous interview is here .

There are many contributing factors to what is coming. This is by design and as we connect the dots we get a better idea of how it can happen and how we can protect ourselves against this. Global agendas are at play here and having an understanding of the game itself will keep you ahead of the eventual dangers humanity will face.
Please see the Lava YouTube channel and subscribe for updates

We also highly recommend Gregory Mannarinos work for daily updates on what we are facing

We discuss the dangers and causes of Cancer as well as preventative measures to maintain your health and cures that have been suppressed within the health networks. Real-life stories of beating Cancer 3 times and how to survive

Dr Sabine Hazan is working with possibly the greatest solution to our health. I was not sure what I would learn from this interview but I can honestly say it restores my faith in the possibilities of cures for some of the most ravaging illnesses we have been exposed to and developed as humans . Please watch and share because the solution could be here for many .
Please see more of our interviews at and see Dr Hazans work at her site

Dr Dave Cartland is one of the most outspoken and brave doctors we have met. His education and knowledge about health care is incredible and he puts this to use when investigating and speaking out against measures causing the unnecessary deaths of fellow work colleagues and patients . This is something here that needs to be shared and discussed if we are ever to stand the chance of bringing humanity back from the bring of this pharma driven geocide.
Please support our channel and view hundreds of incredible interviews at
Dr David Cartland MBChB BMedSci is a fully qualified doctor and GP. His First-Class Honors' degree in Biomedical science including specialist immunology and microbiology/virology and much more . this doctor knows what he is talking about and people should listen .

A podcast that will bring out a whole range of emotions within. The National Citizens Enquiry is the biggest thing to come out of Canada since Avril Lavigne and more powerful than a Diesel Dually. Play your part in bringing the Truth forward and get this shared with friends and family, especially people you don't like very much. Check out the website and the documents here at.
And don't miss our previous interview with Ken at.

We discuss the recent ruling on the validity of the Emergency Measures Act in Canada and what this means for the people. We talk about the BIG NEWS on what is to happen next. Please see the discussed site for citizens to keep this momentum going and also see which politicians in your region voted to Enact the Emergency Measures Act that harmed many people.

Please share this interview as far and wide as you can and together we will make the world a greater place for all to live in. Many thanks

Powerful interview with Amandha Vollmer discussing this crazy world we live in and what it takes to survive .
See our previous podcast here for greater insights on how far we have come

If we can grasp whats happening we stay in full control of our destiny

Dr Ross Anderson is one of the world's leading Experts in Live Blood analysis. I went to see him to get my UnSHot blood looked at and what I discovered was shocking. What was worse is what he showed us today was some of the images for those who have taken the safe and effective.
Dr. Ross is offering the services to you as well as the training and equipment should you wish to become a live blood analyst in your area. It certainly looks like this is the real future of health for many.
Contact him at [email protected]

We briefly point out how your investments and the certificates of ownership are not your actual property rights. This means just like the bail in at the point of the next financial crash you will not be able to claim anything and you will by design lose everything with these two companies seizing what they already hold. do your further investigations and don't just take my word for it

The Ultimate Dot Connector as we go deep into the world of the Elites. Stolen Aircraft,Stolen Gold and a plan to re-write history .

1. Mike McKibben



Amazing Polly: Two Stories of Ukraine

3. Boyd Andersons Channel and website

Boyds Book .


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In this modern age of information overload do you ever feel that you don’t know which information to believe?.Do you sometimes feel you are being deceived? Do you often feel that the information peddled by mainstream media is well packaged in a one size fits all type of format? Do you feel that over time that mainstream media has lost the art of investigative reporting?That they tow the line of government and big business all in the name of profit?
Here at Atlantic Underground Podcast we question the mainstream narrative and give an alternative perspective on all the current issues.
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