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I take a photo of an empty room and then virtually stage it full of furniture & decorations.
I can add designer couches, tables, rugs, lamps, tv’s, draperies and many other furniture items to make the home look fully furnished and much more appealing.
I offer the highest quality and most photo realistic imagery available for your properties

It's proven that staging helps sell homes faster and earn a higher price. With my virtual staging, you will save hundreds (or thousands) over traditional staging and avoid the hassle of moving furniture around the home. Virtual Staging allows the interested buyers to see the potential of the home using digital imagery.


Flickr: (Please contact me)


Send me photos
Describe your photo (function room, furniture styles, etc)

Choose furniture from our furniture catalogue or have our designer choose for you.
Our furniture catalogue: (Please contact me)
I'm very glad to cooperate with you if possible.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you!!


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Welcome! You are here for a minimalist tattoo design, and I am here to help you.

*Minimal Nature Scene tattoo

*Minimal Lighthouse tattoo

*Minimal Rose tattoo

*Minimal Geometric tattoo

*Minimal animal tattoo

*Cat tattoo

*Dog tattoo

*Space Scene tattoo

(this are examples of themes that match with my art style)

Tell me your idea and i will design for you.

The Basic order Includes: PNG high quality file

First, i would ask you to send some reference examples before making and order

You can make unlimited revisions

Like you can see my work have a unique minimalist style, you can use this projects for t-shirts too.

Or if you need a logo in this style let me know!

Perfect! Let the project begin!


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I will recover hacked wordpress, website security, and remove malware.

I will recover a hacked wordpress website, remove malware, and security.

I will remove wordpress malware removal, hacked wordpress website security

✪PLEASE NOTE✪! Your website will be as NEW after

My Cleanup = 100% Clean Wordpress Files and database*


✔️ Blacklisted by Google

✔️ Disabled by Host

✔️ Redirecting & Sending Spam

✔️ Spam in Search Results

✔️Abnormal Resource Usage

✔️ Google ads / Facebook Ads / malware-infected ( see Extra options )

In this gig covers :

✔️Guarantee and Proof of Clean site

✔️ Detailed Scan of all Files

✔️ Professional Cleanup - Removal / FIX of all infected files

✔️ Security Firewall Strong Setup + WAF

✔️ Htaccess Hardening for all vital Folders

✔️ Guarantee and Proof of Clean site

✔️ Fix the issues caused by Malware

✔️ Blacklist Removal if needed

✔️ Security Backup.


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Contact me before ordering!!!

Top page's product sells 300% more (More profit for you and for Etsy).

How it works:

I do not need to login to your account on Etsy.

All you have to do is:

1. Send me your product URL.

2. Be sure that you have EXACTLY the same KEYWORDs that you are willing to be ranked on the 1st page at the beginning of your TITLE and your TAGs.

I guarantee that your product will be on the TOP of the 1st Page in 6-8 days !



Contact me for a custom order.

I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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With my years of experience using the Weebly platform, I will happily build you a professional and beautifully designed website. Weebly is a fantastic website builder and has always been my favourite of the ones I've tried. That said, it can have some issues that need to be worked around.

Ordering this gig will mean that you won't be confined to only what Weebly offer as standard. I can design a fully unique website for you, catered to your needs.

Websites can be an expensive startup cost and maintenance cost, so if you have any issues with it in the future, I'll always be there to help.

Full customization. You are not limited to the Weebly themes.
HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Social Links plus social share links anywhere on your page.
Unlimited revisions.
Work with a professional who understands the needs of a buyer.

Let's chat now about what you want. Don't be afraid to contact me. You'll get exactly what you want and more.


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Cold Calling and Appointment Setting Services and Gigs - Lead Generation Through B2B & B2C Calling and Confirming & Setting Appointments

Looking to Boost your sales or getting massive appointments booked ?

I come fully competent and confident with the secretes and techniques I have discovered during my experience of 6 years in the Telemarketing Industry.

Let us work together and get YOUR business to grow exponentially.

Sales are the lifeblood of any endeavor, and the wrong person can turn a prospect into a dud. If you want to be raking in deals and appointments, you need a seasoned professional with a love for the game

Services Includes:

B2B & B2C calling

Confirming & Setting appointments

Follow up on previous calls

Customer Service Calls (In-bound and out-bound)

Real Estate Calls

Compliance Calls

Event Invitations

Taking Orders(E-commerce)

What are you thinking for ? LET'S GO!

There is never Enough time to sell. The more the merrier!!

Please drop me an inbox before proceeding with an order to avoid any misunderstandings.


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About This Gig
Back To Normal,

Ready for individual order or bulk order :)

I will create a cartoon based on your photo

Please Check Our Portfolio here :

Why choose us? You will get :

1. Delivery within 24 hours

2. High resolutions 300dpi

3. Unlimited revisions

4. PNG/JPG file

5. Let me know if you want to change the circle background color

6. Bonus ++

How to order?

1. Provide me high resolutions photo, not blurred and not taken from far..

you can add my gig as your favorite for easier to find me later.

If you have some questions please contact me, because some buyers confused about how to order/ seller can draw this or not/ which package should they choose etc

Draw an Avatar Portrait Cartoon in One Day—Create Avatar From Your Photo


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Are you going to let Lock-Down/Quarantine get in the way of you Achieving a Dream Body transformation?

I'll help you achieve any Fitness or Weight Loss goal you have!

As your online Personal Trainer I'll design Custom Exercise and Diet plans tailored to you as an individual! I'll then work closely interactively with you to help you achieve your transformation goal.

I'll support you every step of the way if needed to ultimately ensure you get amazing results!

The program will challenge you but can be life changing, we'll focus not only on Short Term/Fast results but also making sure you discover how to maintain results forever.

*Premium price is now Limited time

Proud to say I have a very high client success rate both in my real time personal training business and with my online clients. Check my Bio for more information, I can provide many additional client references and before and after pictures if requested.

Look forward to working with you!


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President Donald J. Trump will sign an executive order wishing a happy birthday or anything else.

The audio is free and included with every order. The video is Full HD / 1080p format. 4K UHD is available for a small additional fee as a gig extra.

Works with:

Link building

Business promotion



Insurance, Bank, Credit

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Forex, Penny stocks

Financial services

Gambling, Casino

Alcohol, Smoking

Entertainment, Bar, Night Club

Music, Video


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I will be making a professionally made house dance choreography for any music/ song of your choice, with the level of difficulty of your choosing.

Also offered here is a tutorial for the dance choreography for any skill level. The dance choreography will be provided in a one angle camera for better learning. Please message me and be detailed regarding any concerns for best results of the requested dance choreography.

Video orientation: Landscape

Package tags:

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Hi, my name is Valts Bergmanis. I am a professional music engineer from Latvia. I have been doing this since 2015 and worked on a lot of different artists from all around the world.

I have a strong personal connection to music as an art, that's why I approach every project with immense amounts of detail and dedication. You can be assured that your project will be a priority for me and I will go to great lengths to make the best out of it!

More of my work on

In-depth details about my provided service packages:

TEST PACKAGE - one-time use package to test if our chemistry works together well

1 vocal stem
Standard - more detailed and in-depth than test:

3 stems
Standard mix of the track
Standard vocal autotune editing
3 revisions
Premium - highest grade service, most amounts of detail and options. Your project will be my highest priority:

Unlimited stems
Highest quality track mix
Highest quality and most versatile autotune
Different vocal settings for each segment
Custom manual delays, reverb, etc
You'll get all .wav files, each segment individually if wanted
Unlimited revisions

If you would like to learn more about my services or have any other questions, message me!

Learn More:


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Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign on TV and Radio - Crowdfunding Public Relations for Radio

We are a community based TV channel and we will advertise your business, crowd funding campaign,etc to millions through our Cable channels and website and digital media.


1. Banner on our website as Promotion with link

2. TV ad produced for our TV program with 3 airings per show{30 days worth of spots}

3. Radio advertising for 30 days with 4 ads per show

4. Social media promotion for 30 days with 3 posts per week


1. Link

2. Banner jpeg image

3. Info on what you want said on TV and radio

Non Profit community access TV station reaching 4-10 million viewers on cable and Internet.

Learn More:


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Create a Whiteboard Video Animation Seamlessly - Whiteboard & Animated Explainers

Learn More:

Real Estate Agent/Broker? Consider a video from our Real Estate Video Club for a discounted price and 24hr turnaround! Visit:

FREE 15 min Skype consultations with all orders! (upon request)

We do videos of any length! Just message for any video over 90 seconds long and we'll create a custom offer to make ordering easy!


We are the ONLY explainer video seller that will handle all elements of your video creation. We personally handle script writing, voiceover, animations, and editing. This ensures quality and makes edits easier.

Our work has been chosen and featured by the Fiverr editors in the Fiverr Blog for outstanding quality and service.

We work FULL TIME here on Fiverr and are US-based. That means better service & communication!
We have a LONG reputation of delivering quality work ON TIME and keeping our word. Just read our thousands of reviews.

VISUAL EDITS INCLUDED ensuring your satisfaction. Covers visual adjustments. Scripts are considered final when submitted or approved.

We offer several different styles of animation.

Learn More:


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Let's pitch together!

I will write a pitch for your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme, Amazon page, or anything else.

My approach to salesmanship is this: when you have something that you know people should want, all you have to do is tell the truth in the right way. It's not about your product, and it's not about you. It's about the people you're trying to reach out to and connect with. What do they need to see to understand that your product will make their lives better?

I firmly believe that people are born with built-in lie detectors. You can never get away with too much for too long. Hire me and we'll tell the truth about your product in a way that lands nicely on people's ears.

Here is what you are getting:

Attractive, effective sales copy that flows and stands out
Flawless, proofread, edited writing
Messaging targeted at your audience

Ready to get started or need a custom order? Contact me!

Learn More:


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Learn More:

Stuck in a style rut? Have an event coming up and don't know what to wear? Just need a new wardrobe? Let me be your go to gal for anything fashion! I will take my time to get to know your needs, wants, lifestyle and budget to create looks that are just right for you. With each package I will provide styling advice for each piece! I want you to feel confident and amazing in what you wear! I can't wait to hear from you!

I will create a look for you as a personal stylist. In this gig the outfit can be from your wardrobe or if you want a brand new look I can give you the link to purchase the outfit, I will help you shine as you are, style what you need and what you deserve.

I have a Fashion Bachelor degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, plus over 15 years of experience in the world of styling and fashion retail. Here, I specialize in men's modern styling for all occasions, through digital presentation.

Looking for an upgrade to your wardrobe? No time to source out fresh seasonal looks? Then you're in the right place! There are so many amazing brands to choose from out there, but sometimes it's tough to dig through the clutter. Long gone are the days of endless searching for the right look!

The process is simple:

I will:

Provide an easy-to-fill questionnaire where we assess things like budget, style inspiration, size/fit, and any other personal preferences.
Spend quality time curating each look in order to deliver the best work. Prior to delivering the final product, we can remain in contact through Fiverr Messages.
Deliver a personalized pdf doc. Each image will be linked, and with a click of a button, take you directly to the retailer's web page. You can then purchase the linked item at your own discretion.

I look forward to your style evolution. Order today and transform your look!

I will provide you with different head-to-toe outfits according to the package you are ordering, evaluating your body type and personal preference. These outfits could be from your existing wardrobe or I could advise outfits from known online retailers as per your budget.

Let me be your Virtual Online Personal Fashion Stylist and I will give you a stunning look for your next event or a capsule collection for your work! I am certified by London School of Trends and I am specialized in creating outfits for parties and daily looks.

Learn More:


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Hi, my name is Steven Mostyn. I am recognized globally as a leading expert in resume writing. My passion is working with you to land that dream job with a powerful, engaging, customized resume that will grab the eye of hiring managers.

For over 20 years, I have helped 1000's of clients. From CEO to entry-level positions, my clients successfully land jobs in dynamic companies such as Amazon, Marriott, Microsoft, and many more.

How do I dependably drive this level of excellence? With industry-leading support and personal service. You receive:

· 100% satisfaction guaranteed with unlimited revisions

· A 1-on-1 intake session to customize your resume; no templates are used

· Keyword optimization, increasing your chances of landing high upon hiring managers’ search lists

Finally, I use a professional editor with a Ph.D. in education to ensure your resume is flawless.

Let’s get started today! Just hit the continue button to schedule a meeting with me. All serious inquiries will receive the e-version of my book, Job Search: Fundamentals of Effective Job Hunting, Resumes and Interviews.

I look forward to working with you!

Steven Mostyn, MBA

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Write an Ebook of 30,000 Words, Best Sellers Ebooks on Amazon and Ebook Writing Service

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Hello Potential Author,

Do you need an expert EBOOK GHOST WRITER, EBOOK WRITER to write a remarkable self-help or business ebook? If yes, welcome to the PERFECT gig

Are you looking for a highly experienced, professional and creative eBook author for your writing projects? Would you like to get an original eBook published but you do not have the luxury of time to sit down and write one? If yes is your answer to the questions above then you're at the RIGHT PLACE at the PERFECT TIME!

I will give you professional and top-notch ghostwriting services at a reasonable price. I've got a wealth of expertise in eBook writing and publishing, content writing market is my field of expertise.

I will write you a book, best seller eBook on any niche that would fascinate your audience.

I can create a powerful and high quality eBook on whatever niche you would like.


100% Plagiarism Free and Unique ebook

Well Written with Zero Grammatical Error

Clickable Table of Content

100% Copy Right Transfer

On-Time Delivery

100% Money Back Guarantee

Formatting and Layout (Basic)



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I Will Submit Your Book to 25 Relevant Listopia Lists on Goodreads

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Goodreads' Listopia section is a great opportunity for readers to discover your latest fiction or nonfiction title.

I will research and add your book to 25+ relevant and/or popular Listopia lists. Help readers find your book on Goodreads with Listopia!


Your book should be a fiction or nonfiction title in English language
Your book's ISBN, ASIN or Goodreads link

We couldn't accept the following niches:

No aggressive religious books
No political marketing books
No terrorism related books
No racism

Erotic or steamy romances are acceptable (please also check our new gig for this niche).

That's all we need, the rest will be our task.

This Gig has been here on Fiverr since 2017.

Joelbooks 10 years in SEO and a Real Book Lover

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I Will Create a Cooking Video Recipe

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I can create food cooking recipes. In this project I include one recording recipe up to 1 minute. The price is $40 per recipe, in Full HD 1920x1080/

Text ingredients
I use free Musical Compositions for use in your videos
I can add your logo.
This gig includes ingredients as well (up to 10$).
Delivery in both Widescreen(FullHD)

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Are you a musician or a producer having trouble writing lyrics or melodies to go along with your music? I will write the lyrics and melody of a song for you to a topic of your choosing, or mine if desired. I can write deep, metaphorical lyrics, as well as light, fun lyrics, and linked to my profile is my Spotify page so you can get a preview of the types of songs I write for myself.

I will also find a youtube "type beat" for you if you don't already have an instrumental. All you have to do is ask!

I will record guiding vocals (NOT to be used commercially/for-profit) and send you a video and the lyrics. My strongest genres include mainstream Pop, Indie Pop, RnB, Sing/rap, and Country. But if you're looking for a genre outside of these I am still happy to do my best (which I believe is pretty good).

Hip Hop


I Will Write Song Lyrics and Melodies for You

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I Will Skyrocket Your Gmb With 1k Google Map Citation for Local SEO - Local SEO Expert

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Features of GMB Ranking Of Local SEO

Ranking in Search Engine Results.
100% Manual White Hat work.
100 % Nap citations.
1000+ different local places in your area and all are describing your business.
web 2.0 DA20 to DA 50 + Backlinks with minimum 1500 words Article.

Why Us ?

We have 7+ years Experience as SEO and SEM Experts.

we give your business skyrocket boost for high ranking in SERPs and Google Maps.

If You Have Any Questions?

Feel Free to contact us.


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Are you looking to edit your random videos to something exciting? I can polish up your random bunch of videos to become one perfect, exciting life/travel video, that I guarantee to be ideal. You will feel like a Hollywood star.
1. choose best parts from the videos you provide
2. organize them to create story line
3. edit them under the any music beat
4. color correct/grade everything
5. apply custom transitions, titles
6. render them to 1080p or 4K resolution, best resolution and quality

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I will promote your spotify music and make it viral | Spotify Music Promotion



To do this service and to give the best result We will use our own Website and Social media platforms.


To do this service we create an article inside our website where we embed your song and within the article we will insert information about the song and the artist then we share the article in our social media accounts ( Pinterest and Tumblr ) This will give excellent exposure due to the regular audience we have.

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I Will Do High Quality Press Release Writing and Premium Distribution - Press Release Writing

When you’re cited on the major media networks, you are then able to use “As Seen On” and the logos of those networks on all of your marketing materials. Potential customers and other media outlets will now view YOUR BRAND as an authority. Think about what that can add to your bottom line!


BASIC - 500 Words Press Release Writing Only - Distribution Not Included.

STANDARD - Press Release Distribution Only - You Will Need To Provide The Press Release.

PREMIUM - 500 Words Press Release Writing & Distribution - We Handle Everything For You!

We will provide PDF report with live links, inbox me for sample report.


Sites related to Adult/Dating/Talent Agency/Betting/Politics/Health Supplements/Cosmetic Surgery/CBD/Drugs/Alcohol/Vape/Get Rich Quick/Cryptocurrency/Forex/Credit Scores/Buying-Automating Likes-Followers on Social Media and Coupons are not allowed.

Kindly message us before placing the order to check if your site will be accepted or not.

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I will edit your fiction or nonfiction ebook or manuscript

We all know that sometimes you get so close to your book that after a couple of reads it becomes difficult to spot mistakes and developmental errors yourself. Nevertheless, putting your book up for sale is a representation of you and it needs to represent you well. All that said, I am here to help you get the best possible product out there that will have your readers both recommending your book to others and waiting 'impatiently' for your next book.

It's not just about correcting grammar and performing spellcheck. I will do full developmental editing and ensure that the plot, setting and characters are developed well. I will check for continuity in every essence and ensure that POV is correct throughout. All errors including; grammar, spelling , overused and misused words, excessive repetition of phrases and all other errors I feel will devalue your finished product.

Every order will include; a document with tracked changes and all my comments and feedback and an edited document with all changes accepted. I will also send you a document with feedback where necessary. My feedback will always be honest.

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