Sean Gwee talks Tender
with David Greene ( AALAWuN)

Sean Gwee - right to Host

special thanks to Sabrina Blakstad, Otto, Goku & Otis
and to all those who took the time to join in

AALAWuN 23rd annUal general meeting
2nd May 2019


13th March 2019

TPWNOG 96th edict
27th February 2019

Under the Chandelier
13th February 2019

Sean Gwee and Patricia de Souza Leão Müller make the draw
for Romantic dinner for 2 for Under the Chandelier to the strains
Potato Love

with Tanya Monteiro, Quentin Martin, Sean Gwee, Thong Chai and Patricia de Souza Leão Müller

6th February 2019

AA year one
and AALAWuN in collaboration

with Thomas Andrew Faulkner, Dariya Cheremisina, Paul Vecsei, Quentin Martin Theo Sykes, Thong Chai, Armaan Bansal,Maite Garcia Lascurain Fernandez, Sean Gwee and Patricia de Souza Leão Müller

30th January 2019

with Selina Zhang, Thong Chai, Sean Gwee and Patricia de Souza Leão Müller
22nd Jan 2019

stuff with Patricia de Souza Leão Müller, Maite Garcia Lascurain Fernandez, Dariya Cheremisina, zhang selina, Thong Chai, Quentin Martin, Luisa Pereira Pires, Byron Blakeley, Tanya Monteiro

17th January 2019


A walk with Oxford Brookes
Zone 5 and AALAWuN 06.12.18

lawun 2019

AALAWuN 8th AGM - 28th November 2018
with Yee Thong Chai, Andreea Vascilsin, Daisy Adebiya, Selina Zang
Daria Nepop, Quentin Martin, Armaan Bansal, Mohamad Riad Yassine

LAWuN 2018

AALAWuN 7th annUal general meeting
21st November 2018
thanks to Quentin Martin, Daria Nepop, Armaan Bansal, Mohamad Riad Yassine and Byron Blakeley

AALAWuN 2018

6th LAWuN agm
with Lior, Emma, Daria, Quentin....

LAWuN 2018

It's rubbish isn't it? launch
AALAWuN 2018

Can I say no?
music by Daisy, carving by Luisa and SPECS/Oxford Brookes, Laticia,Thong and Kevin

LAWuN 2018

a collaboration between
it's Rubbish isn't it

LAWuN 2018

with special thanks to
It's Rubbish,Isn't It? ( Quentin and Dariya)

LAWuN 2018

with special thanks to
Daisy Adebiyi, Izac Tsai, Sixuan Li, Byron Blakeley, Quentin Martin

AALAWuN 2018


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