A quick video to say The Council is still around.
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The Council has a discussion after the Apologetics Live show with an Atheist who claimed that there is no objective morals.

Gene Coook continues the topic of God giving people direct revelation to people.

Gene has open lines and takes on the topic of God speaking to people today. A very engaging conversation.

Gene Cook gives an update on the Infidel Guys Million Dollar Challenge which curiously was reduced to a measly $10,000. Also, great questions were asked about Satan. Open Lines.

Gene does a two-hour episode of the Narrow Mind and discusses Atheism, Morals, and The Million Dollar Challenge from the Infidel Guy.

I made this very short video of a summary of Lindsay Davis and her time with Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry. She has been an inspiration to thousands as she is defending the Gospel.

Debate on Does God Exist? Gene Cook vs Eddie Tabash.

The Council is back and such...

Pastor Gene has open lines for people to call in and ask The Infidel Guy questions. A lively discussion while Gene struggles to adjust the volume on callers.

Gene talks about his trip to Africa and takes calls.

More silly phone calls for comedic reasons. Enjoy.

Pastor Gene continues with the Apostle's Creed and looks deeply into suffering.

Gene debates Derek Sansone on the existence of God.

Gene begins a 5 part series on Calvinism. This covers Total Depravity. I hope I can find the other 4 in the series with all the files I have to go through...

Gene continues in going through the Apostles Creed.

Gene talks to an Atheist named John who has questions about Presuppositional Apologetics.

Gene talks with former Christian Zachery Moore.

Continuing with the Apostle's Creed, Gene looks deeper in Christ Jesus as God's Only Son.

The Council has a discussion with Ben who thinks Jesus was Asian...

Gene goes through an introduction to the book of Romans.


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