Got another one up for you guys.

Got another one up for you guys. Still thinking about the next series I should do.

Found a guy who could grow and shrink a mustache while wandering the wasteland.

Here is the last of the Fallout 4 Playthrough series. I had a lot of fun playing through it following the main missions and all. So now I'm thinking of what series to do next. I think I might go back to Fallout 3 and do a in depth run where I do as much missions as I can, like a completionist. Anyways thanks for tuning in, leave a like and subscribe, see ya in the next one.




Here is my collection of videos through the week span of my vault. I'll see how the video's views go and consider going back to short videos or keep doing the longer ones. Thank you for the support and views. Please consider subscribing to keep up with my content. In all, I am just glad you stopped on by my channel :).

This is why I don't mess with Fortnite lol.

Finally got around to getting a fallout 4 video to you guys. Thank you so much for the support and views it means a lot to me. After a year of doing Bitchute I never expected my channel to catch on so well, but progress is being made and that makes me happy.

Here's another video for you guys :).

Here's an update of Fallout Shelter for you guy's. I'm thinking of recording my progress over the period of a week and merging seven clips together. That way the videos won't be so short :). I think I will end the series once I hit the max people I can have. I'm enjoying the challenge and I hope you viewers are too.

Got another Minecraft video for you guys :).

Here's another one :).

Got a new one up for you guy's :).

Here's a new one up, slowly but surely I'll get my stuff up to speed :).

Got a new one up although its a bit short because I'm grinding resources. Leave a like and feel free to subscribe :).

Here's Episode 18, enjoy :).

Here's another one for you guys :). Feel free to like and subscribe for more!

Here is episode 21 for you guys. Enjoy :).

Finally got to uploading a new Fallout 4 video. I'm trying to get back to some consistency so their should be more coming out. Thanks for the support :).

I'm back from doing school and stuff like that, so here's Episode 17.

Here's Episode 19

Here's Episode 18 :).

Here's Episode 17 :).


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