Episode 69

Episode 68. Got a new companion!

Episode 67.
I completely screwed up a quest haha, I did not mean to extort money off of Sapphire, poor dude lol. I left my decision in though. Being my first playthrough and all. Enjoy! Subscribe if you want! Smash that Like button!

Episode 66. I have so much side quest to complete lol.

Episode 65

Episode 64

Episode 63
Finally! Lol.

Episode 62

Episode 61

Episode 60

Episode 59

Episode 58

Episode 57

Episode 56

Episode 55
Having a lot of fun with this string of dark brotherhood quests :).

Episode 54

Episode 53

Episode 52.

Episode 51

Episode 50

Episode 139
After some grinding I finally got McCready's perk.

Episode 138

Haven't played Fortnite in ages and had the itch to get on, so come follow me as I place top three in a hard fought round.

Episode 137

Episode 135
FINALLY got Strong's perk. It's a hard perk to get when playing the 'good guy', but the dialogue is interesting.


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Welcome to the channel! The bread and butter of this channel is video games. I am fond of single player titles, so expect a lot of those type of videos (especially fallout). Seeing that there was a LOT of political channels I thought I would do something different and upload gaming play-throughs, as the gaming section on Bit-Chute is very small. Like count them on you're fingers small.
I really hope Bit-Chute grows like YouTube did, it reminds me of YouTube in the early days.