My buddy Tony's first time wheeling with us. We didn't bring the GoPro, so just iPhone video here.

We have a couple genes families that are raised near us every spring. Finally caught them using the crosswalk on video!

Preparing one of our older ATVs for our ride this weekend for a friend to use. Had a slow leak in one of the tires and wanted to share the repair!

A similar/newer version of the Black Jack Tire Repair Kit can be found here:

Taking our daughter out next weekend for her first time riding. The air intake is incredibly low for the water holes on the trails.

We went up to the Nemadji State Forest ATV trails for Father's Day weekend. We brought the RV, did some fishing, wheeling, and cooked some burgers on the campfire. Found 7 turtles and helped move 6 of them off the road/trails!

* Nemadji State Forest ATV Trails:


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