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ICOM IC-756 Pro III. Getting a fully re-cap

Kit from: Hobbyalf Parts

Hitachi D-2200M Tape Deck kits

Customer to send 3 tape decks to us to get a fully re-cap.

Kits from Hobbyalf Parts thank you .


Just another magnificent German ūüá©ūüá™ engineering at its best.

National 9 Transistors Hi-Fi DB -541 Made in Japan. AM SW

Transmitting in SW so cool ūüėé

National 541B AM SW Transistor Radio very rare.

National 541B AM SW transistor 1959 Radio very very rare.

Blaupunkt Venezia 41120 no power due to missing transformer.

Philips 168 AM Valve radio no Power.

AWA Radiola 617-TY 1948

SW Radio just powerful ūüĎć

AWA Radiola 617-TY 1948

AWA Radiola 617-TY 1948

Kenwood TM-732A FM transceiver no RX

Fault find 2 NPN SMD transistors.
Rang Kenwood will not supply not right and I’m not happy so Hobbyalf Parts to the rescue.

Linn Klout Power Amp re-cap

Kit from Hobbyalf Parts

Sansui 5000A To recap.

Kit from Hobbyalf

Linn Klout Amp needing a fully re-cap.

Kit from Hobbyalf

Re-cap for this unit is made buy us at Audioclassichifi

Mfg capacitors by us for Proton D1200 Power Amplifier. For Hobbyalf.

Full kit for this Proton D1200 is from Hobbyalf.

JVC KD-A7 Stereo Cassette Deck just crazy ūü§™

JVC KD-A7 Stereo Tape Deck (Back to Life)


JVC KD-A7 Stereo Tape Deck no power.

JVC KD-A33 Stereo Tape Deck working like new.

JVC KD-A33 Tape Deck and large ELNA capacitor from Accuphase Amp.

JVC KD-A33 Stereo Cassette Deck part 2


JVC KF-A33 stereo Cassette Deck

No Power nothing.

Kit talk

Kits from Hobbyalf Parts

Just arrived today from Hobbyalf made in Japan Capacitors.


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