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At the time of writing we are a relatively new platform for data gathering and discussion on the more fringe side of accepted sciences, technologies and theorys
Weather its realised or not there is always an edge of science where things run dry and we need to discuss theory and even a handy dose of philosophy when we run out of scientific proofs.

While there are many foolish claims within fringe/lesser understood subject matter, there can always be reasonable discussion and sense as well. No science is perfect but it is progressive, science and technology has always plateaued to a level that gives a good launch pad for more progress when we are ready.

Many consider that in some areas there is a stagnation and need to focus on moving forward to burst a bubble where some established sciencies could possibly be wrong on some things due to a confirmation bias steming from preconcived ideas on how reality and our universe actually works. Although there is a growing acceptance of this, it is slow

Some views here are at times a little esoteric, Another thing to consider here is that The team founder and others who have worked with us and supported us have claimed the Dark matter and dark energy theory in physics is wrong, Much to our amusement it now recently appears that CERN and other authorities are claiming Dark matter as an illusion.

We would like to make it clear though that scientist involved on such complex work like CERN and others are respected. Its just that we think there are other perspectives on many many things to consider. And so we will not just focus only on physics. Instead we will focus on many sciences and tech. particularly disillusion for the latest news and aspects here.

Because of such complex subject matter the sites own team and founder may not understand some of these things. This is why we have integrated our pages into a social network platform. And so we invite others smarter than ourselfs to the discussion so we may learn from each other! With that said folks who are just like us are also welcomed in to join as long as you are not a person hijacked by fear and lost down the rabbit hole we welcome your perspectives. And so this why we also have rules against some subjects being posted also.

(No flat earthers please! we are done with you . get into something you can understand and can prove! or at the least get into something you can back up a little with a maybe or could be. Above all things learn how to debate! .)

While at first some of our ideas and perspectives may seem a little to far out there for some we do actually have a limit and attempt to give enough data to support our perspectives, and often times with verifiable evidences.