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#enlil #enki #anunnaki Ark of the Christos: The mythology, symbolism and prophecy of the return of Planet X and the age of terror by William Henry This has been a production of the AUMBONDA NEW EARTH ASHRAM FOR COMPASSION AND STRENGTH. Imagine a person not quite like any other you know CHILDREN OF LIGHT (EARTH ANGELS OF IS RA EL) they seem peculiar illicit discomfort in others yet possess an uncanny ability to discern the truth they are Earth Angels in the rich tapestry of our world there exists an enigma a group of individuals who challenge our perception of normalcy and beckon us towards a deeper understanding of The Human Experience these individuals often considered the black sheep of their families or the odd ones out in their communities are known as Earth Angels their Origins are steeped in biblical law intertwined with the tale of the first fruits and the 144000 children of Israel inside the sacred scripture of the book of Jeremiah a prophecy speaks of them as the first fruits of his harvest the chosen ones It is believed that these Earth angels are the living embodiment of this prophecy reincarnations of those Souls born Anew in a world that struggles to understand them Earth Angels possess a distinct set of characteristics that set them apart they are deeply empathetic capable of sensing and understanding the emotions of those around them with an intensity that most would find overwhelming this empathic nature while a gift often leads to them feeling isolated and misunderstood yet their unique abilities extend beyond mere empathy they are gifted with spiritual sight and ability to see beyond the masks and pretenses that people wear they see the truth of a person their Essence stripped of all artifice this truth often uncomfortable for those being observed can lead to further ostracization of the Earth Angel despite their isolation Earth Angels do not follow the crowd they walk their own path often in direct opposition to the prevailing Norms of society they feel a discomfort in groups a sense of disconnection from the hive mind that so many fall into this refusal to conform makes them Stand Out makes them targets but it also highlights their strength and individuality these beings often misunderstood and marginalized carry an ancient wisdom and a Divine Purpose they are the carriers of old souls an ancient DNA remnants of divine beings they are the black sheep the odd ones out yet they are more than meets the eye in their Solitude they find strength in their uniqueness they find purpose and in their adversity they find their true selves these are the Earth Angels individuals born with a destiny that transcends the ordinary born to fulfill the prophecy of Jeremiah and Usher in a new age Earth angels are not ordinary people they are the chosen ones born with a destiny that sets them apart draped in the Enigma of their unique existence Earth angels are the black sheep the odd ones out the individuals who choose the path less taken unlike their counterparts Earth angels are not easily categorized they don't fit neatly into societal boxes or family roles they are the loners the outcasts often misunderstood within their own circles this may paint a picture of melancholy but it is far from the truth their Solitude is their strength their difference their Divine calling they are empaths individuals blessed with spiritual gifts they see the world through a different lens perceiving the reality behind the facade the truth behind the charm this uncanny ability often makes others uncomfortable but it's not their intent they are merely mirrors reflecting the world as it truly is yet this path they walk is not without its hardships Earth Angels face struggles that would break the spirits of most they are relentlessly pursued by dark Forces aiming to suppress their gifts to thwart their mission they are often mocked ostracized and abused in unimaginable ways but why it's because these chosen ones are destined to usher in a new age to fulfill end time prophecies but let's not forget they are divinely protected despite the torment they endure they are shielded by higher Divine forces their trials are not punishments but part of a purification process like gold refined in the fire these afflictions are designed to perfect their christ-like nature to awaken their gifts and to strengthen their discernment their lives are a series of painful Lessons Learned From perspectives most ordinary people cannot fathom but these trials only serve to make them stronger to prepare them for their appointed mission they are ancient Souls carrying Divine DNA destined to become Warriors of the end times. their path may be filled with challenges but these trials are designed to awaken their gifts to strengthen their resolve and prepare them for their ultimate mission and so the Earth Angels continue their Journey driven by a destiny they were born to fulfill.


I am 54 years of age, having walked through this clever dungeon of the prison planet known as Earth for the first 51 years of my life, a pawn in another's game. But at 51 years of age on the 24th of September in the year 2021, I emerged with a torch burning sacred fire known as Kundalini. With this video information dissemination platform via the vehicle of the Aumbonda New Earth Ashram I will lead you through a similar darkness and when we emerge at the end you'll find your own torch lit with a similar flame. Beware, ere I lead you to the light I'll have to drag you through the mire and expose the nefarious nuts and bolts of this mental prison system of the digital matrix comprised of the lies of organized religion.

#religioustrauma #religare #144000sealed #ascension #biblemagick Christian Slaveholders Used the Bible to Justify Slavery. The Bible is a religious book full of metaphors, allegories, codes, symbols, esoteric anagrams, and parables; therefore, if you do not learn how to decipher the Bible, you will not be able to access many of the empowering truths hidden in the metaphors, allegories, parables, and words of the Bible. This is why the sentences in the Bible are called verses. The word verse is defined as, "A single metrical line in a poetic composition; one line of poetry" (bold emphasis added). An important information that is beneficial for you to know about a poem is that it often has metaphors. The word rapture is connected to the Latin word raptus which means "a carrying off, abduction, snatching away; rape". Therefore, the etymological meaning of the word rapture is "snatching away", "rape", or "abduction". Christians who are planning to participate in a rapture event may want to investigate the word rapture more deeply. The Rapture is a program or more specifically a savior program that is designed to keep people living in a state of victim mentality, so the Dark Forces can weaken their spiritual powers, allowing the Dark Forces to exploit their bodies, minds, and spirits. The good news is that they are forbidden to rapture people, unless they have their CONSENT. If the Dark Forces are after people's golden fluids, which contain their energies of youth, then the ascension process that mankind is currently going through would be the best time to trick people to agree to be harvested from the garden of Earth. Religion is one of the most powerful systems for empowering and disempowering us. Because it is powerful, in the wrong hands, it can be used to control us and make us believe that religion is the only source for divine truth. To make matters worse, society has conditioned us to blindly follow religion like a flock of sheep, so we do not question the teachings of religion. By not questioning the teachings of religion, we made ourselves vulnerable to being controlled by the Dark Forces. This negative side of religion has manifested misery and sorrow to mankind. However, it has taught mankind many important lessons in life, giving mankind the knowledge and courage to travel into a new age. For millennia, most religious teachings have taught people to rely on certain external saviors to save them. This has created a world full of people with slave mentality, making it easier for the Dark Forces to control and enslave mankind. The external savior program is one of the most successful mind control programs ever created by the Dark Forces. This is why the external savior program is found in almost all religious stories, myths, and movies. Today, nearly every movie that comes out of Hollywood has a savior or a group of saviors. This also applies to most Eastern and non-Hollywood movies. Many religious teachings like to use the power of fear to scare people to obey their versions of God. They do this by conditioning and programming people to believe that if they do not submit themselves to their religious teachings, they will be banished from the kingdom of God and suffer for eternity. This fear tactic is designed to keep people living in a constant state of fear and compliance, allowing the people working in high positions of the religious system to rule the world. To be fair, religion does have a lot of empowering and enlightening knowledge. However, most of it is occulted (hidden) behind stories that are full of myths, parables, allegories, and riddles; therefore, to access the empowering and enlightening knowledge in religion, you need to decipher its myths, parables, allegories, and riddles. It is often not wise to read and interpret the stories of religion in a literal way. A very important information you need to know about the religious system is that it is heavily involved in the art of magic. The Christian religion is heavily based on the teachings of the holy and magic book called the Bible. This holy book is not only a sacred book full of religious stories; it is also a holy book full of magic spells. This is why the first four books of the New Testament are called Gospels. The word gospel originated from the Old English word godspel, literally meaning "good spell". Therefore, the word "Gospels" can be translated as "God spells" or "spells of God". The fact that the Bible has allegories, parables, fables, and sacred words is evidence that it is a magic book full of word magic. Every religion on Earth has word magic embedded into its teachings, especially the major religions of the world.

#144000sealed #ascension #chosenones #christconsciousness The heirs of the divine are a “person of light”: in them, the angelic power which is a spark of the divine fire (ATMAN) becomes the numinous self, the guiding light who is “the father’s light.” The Resurrection of Christ is the awakening of Christ Consciousness within each one of us, so we can all claim our place as Children of God and perform miracles to heal our world.

#144000sealed #ascension #chosenones #atman #aumbonda #bhagwan #bhagavadgita #krishna #taylorswift #antichrist #atman Your preeminent concern should be with your numinous self; the ATMAN (the mind of the GOD FORCE) until ATMAN becomes in a profound intimacy the ruling and saving principle of your life. They only can seal a vow that you will live eternally among the god-beings as a god-being. He is the devenir dans l'être, and there is no power on earth or in heaven greater than that which is already in you. This crisis of faith the great apostasy in the age of the Antichrist. Truth itself is under threat, and with it the whole of humanity; life demands outspoken shepherds, not ‘mute dogs. The Aumbonda New Earth Ashram is a voice of truth speaking directly to people’s consciences, that intimate sanctuary where God’s voice is heard. The Catechism of the Church teaches us that the return of Christ will be preceded by the advent of the ungodly man, the Antichrist. We won’t ‘know the day or the hour,’ but we absolutely must reintegrate the events we are experiencing today into a Christian vision of history that cannot do without this perspective of Krishna/Christ’s return, which must be the key to our understanding. AUMBONDA (THE DIVINE SOUND OF ALL CREATION, THE ONENESS AND INTERCONNECTION OF ALL CREATION AND THE SEAL OF DIVINE AFFIRMATION) - not meant to be control and bring fear - not meant to be hidden and revealed by the timetable of certain groups, but has always been there for humanity to see. It is about humanity's understanding that we are spirits / soul sparks from a greater source of light - METAHUMAN Ascendants; the Chosen Ones - who are having a physical experience (SOUL STARS IN HUMAN FORM-CREATOR EXPERIENCING CREATION) in which they are seeking to find our spiritual essence.

#occult #magick #144000sealed #ascension #religioustrauma #religare The pure in heart shall be lifted up into the light. The universe within which we live is full of life forms and more intelligent than the ones with which we are familiar. We are not alone in the universe. Higher intelligences are overseeing the evolution of our planet. They are like guardians of our planet and some of us are in communication with them. Sapienta humana is human wisdom, as opposed to Sapientia divina, divine wisdom. According to modern science this whole universe of forms can be dissolved into energy, from which it may again be formed. Science does not say that the directive and formative power is man, but the Bible so teaches and especially Jesus. Jesus said that all authority was given to Him in heaven and on earth. He manifested His power in a small way by multiplying a few loaves and fishes to feed more than five thousand persons. In various other instances He demonstrated that He had an understanding of the transmutation of substance. He raised His flesh body to an energy level far higher in potential life and substance than any reached before. Rabbinic writings speak disapprovingly of magicians using the name of Jesus ben Pantera to heal and the Babylonian Talmud (B. Sanhedrin 43a) tells us Jesus was stoned for practicing magic. Jesus was also said to be the student of the magician Joshua ben Perahya who lived 80 BC. (B. Sotah 47a, B. Sanhedrin 107b, P. Hagigah II.2(77d), P. Sanhedrin VI.13(23c) The Roman historian Suetonius said Christians practiced magic. Lucan, a Roman poet, wrote of a witch who not only summoned a soul from the underworld, but forced it to reenter its dead body, much as Jesus had done. The Kingdom of Light –The Place Of Your Inheritance. Today, thanks to modern science, we can better understand mysteries like the Kingdom of Light than in Jesus' time. In one model, quantum physics sees the universe rather as a “multiverse,” with multiple dimensions of reality occupying the same space but in different dimensions. In its simplest form, the fundamental idea is that we live on a planet vibrating at the frequency (wavelength) of matter. Light waves are much shorter, faster, and exist at a much higher frequency. It is useful to think of the analogy of a radio. Many different radio signals for different stations can occupy the same space, only at different frequencies. You therefore find them at different radio frequencies when you tune the dial. Multiverse theory therefore posits the possibility of multiple reality dimensions that occupy in the same space, existing at different frequencies that remain completely imperceptible to one another. The Bible is full of references to Jesus’ methods for contact with and ascension into the Kingdom of Light. There is a vital energy shining forth from the Sun without which no life on Earth could survive. This energy Taoist Masters called Chi, Tantric Masters called it Kundalini, and Masters of Yoga called it Prana. Here in the West, the Hermetic and Rosicrucian traditions call this same vital energy LVX. Jesus instead called it life and living water, but all these are names for the same life giving energy. Whatever you want to call it, Jesus was so full of this powerful force that a mere touch of the hem of his garment, without so much as his knowledge, sufficed to heal an afflicted woman! Other good names for this divine vital energy are God-Force and God-Fire energy because, as we discover from the teachings revealed in the Books of IEOU, star fire itself is alive – and the stars are teeming with whole civilizations of luminous life forms. Another thing we learn from the Books of IEOU is that your Soul is not just an abstract idea. As you have a physical body, so also you have an energetic Soul body. ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ –John 4:4 In other words, you are not made up of the matter from the Earth alone, but you also thrive on solar God-Force energy. As you need to feed your physical body material food, you must learn to feed your Soul body with energetic food (God Force). Sadly, most people never grow more than the seed of a Soul body they were born with, because no one ever taught them how to feed it! In other words, their Souls are slowly starving. They eek out a meek existence on a mere trickle of God-Force energy. No one ever taught them how to ignite and feed their Souls! The whole purpose of Jesus’ magick of light methods is to feed your Soul with living God-Fire, so that your energetic body will never starve again! Instead, you will learn to shine God-Force energy like the stars.

#atman ...of the Terrans (the pure in heart shall be lifted up into the light) Meditation is a transformation of consciousness. When we meditate we change our state of receptivity, like tuning to a higher wavelength. Meditation is attunement to the ATMAN. Are you prepared to view a concrete scientific case that an Ultimate Conscious Being (ATMAN) does exist after all? The Hara Line, or Line of Intention, is an energetic structure that holds all of our Higher Self's (ATMAN) intentions for us. This video information dissemination broadcast guides you through aligning and charging it. When your 3D ego is in the power of the ATMAN, it is in alignment, we are connected to Source, heart centered, grounded, and balanced. THE ELITES NEED YOUR CONSENT TO CONSPIRE AGAINST YOU- this is a holographic reality where the Mind dictates matter and since mind over matter that means it is not a natural physical world it is an observer dependent world ...God is dreaming you and if you become awake in the dream you can control it as man thinketh in his heart so is he As Above So Below as within so without the Kabal/Deep State “controllers” so called “elites” 5 Sense Newtonian “physics” organized religion control freak chumps/mental pygmies know that we live in a simulation therefore they use predictive programming to lead you to their end as they know that this is not a natural physical world

#religioustrauma #religare Don’t be a religious fundamentalist you moron! Be Happy and let everyone else be Happy! Enforcers of the external savior program and those blinded within the evil control matrix of the enslavement protocols of organized religion "resist the devil, and he will flee from you"!

#pranayama #kundaliniyoga #kriyayoga #vagusnerve The cobra breath is a tantric breathing exercise. In essence, it is an energy-building breath. One uses breath to move kundalini energy up from the root chakra, at the base of the spine, to the crown chakra which lies at the crown of the head.

#fireletters #fireletters QUANTUM SCIENCE IS THE MOST VALID SCIENCE FLAME LETTERS AND THE MORPHOGENETIC FIELD -- morphogenetic fields are as real as gravitational, electromagnetic, and quantum matter fields, and that every cell, organ, and organism has its own field, in a nested hierarchy of fields, which shape and organize all life forms. The movie "The Matrix" is not science fiction. The movie The Matrix is a documentary. Down through the ages in the Holy Books, yet many people have interpreted them as rules, regulations, laws and fundamental systems that divide the world into many religions. The 72 Divine names of God called " Fire Letters" are located in all healing areas. Various forms of sacred names of God when used as a mantra, affect and activate every subatomic particle. They are the holy codes and are the spiritual languages of light. Dr. Hurtak, in the Keys of Enoch, describes mantras of divine names as “sacred syllables for mental and spiritual expansion.” He further explains, “A set of sound patterns and thought forms which can code consciousness into the consciousness of light.” In the Pistis Sophia, pg.78, he states “Sacred Divine Names are ancient words that are NOT simply words, they are energy triggers of Light. They activate our body of Light. This is a Language of Light which carries with it a power to go from Human Intelligence to Higher Intelligence.” This language of light can be thought of as a computer software program for the evolution of your soul. These letters send out a powerful code that allows you to access very specific energies for soul correction and transformation. The Center utilizes the 72 Names of God that correspond to aspects of your life that are in need of a spiritual boost. If you are spiritual attuned, you will automatically resonate with a particular name and meaning that your soul knows is for your highest good and needs immediate attending to. Stan Tenen, physicist, states that, “the ancient Hebrew alphabet is far more than an eDown through the ages in the Holy Books, yet many people have interpreted them as rules, regulations, laws and fundamental systems that divide the world into many religions. The 72 Divine names of God called " Fire Letters" are located in all healing areas. Various forms of sacred names of God when used as a mantra, affect and activate every subatomic particle. They are the holy codes and are the spiritual languages of light. Dr. Hurtak, in the Keys of Enoch, describes mantras of divine names as “sacred syllables for mental and spiritual expansion.” He further explains, “A set of sound patterns and thought forms which can code consciousness into the consciousness of light.” In the Pistis Sophia, pg.78, he states “Sacred Divine Names are ancient words that are NOT simply words, they are energy triggers of Light. They activate our body of Light. This is a Language of Light which carries with it a power to go from Human Intelligence to Higher Intelligence.” This language of light can be thought of as a computer software program for the evolution of your soul. These letters send out a powerful code that allows you to access very specific energies for soul correction and transformation. The Center utilizes the 72 Names of God that correspond to aspects of your life that are in need of a spiritual boost. If you are spiritual attuned, you will automatically resonate with a particular name and meaning that your soul knows is for your highest good and needs immediate attending to. Stan Tenen, physicist, states that, “the ancient Hebrew alphabet is far more than an everyday toll for everyday communication or the transmission of sacred texts, the letter forms themselves have intrinsic geometric and mathematical properties that point us to a profound knowledge of life and the nature of human consciousness.” Several individuals have researched the effect of the letters on the subconscious of individuals. Two of the popular researchers Dr. J.J. Hurtak author of The Keys of Enoch, Pistis Sophia, as well as ‘DNA and the Divine Names and prominent sound healer, Jonathan Goldman, even produced a CD on the Sacred Name/mantra of Yod Hev Shin Vod Hey, the Sacred Name of God. Fire Letters are mathematical and have a specific frequencies and vibrations that has an affect on humans and all life. Each hebrew letter has a vibrational seed pattern that affect our physical blueprint or DNA structure. The vibration of the Fire letters code human consciousness and penetrate on a cellular level. Just by staring at the fire letters, they are “unconsciously imprinting the flaming letters as Holy Codes of Highest Wisdom.” (Dr. Hurtak, Keys of Enoch.) These letters are an inter-dimensional language. Every genetic cell in your body understands this language. The usage of fire letters helps to increase our vibration seed pattern thereby changing our the DNA/RNA Matrix. Fire letters essentially help to reprogram and alter our DNA, for a higher purpose.

#upanishads #quantummanifestation your parole officer. YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS GOD. YOUR AWARENESS IS GOD. LIFE AWARE OF LIFE; SENTIENT LIFE OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS GOD. QUANTUM SCIENCE IS THE MOST VALID SCIENCE EVER REALIZED UPON THIS PLANET IN THIS EPOCH...quantum physics is the most valid science on this planet there is no science with more truth or veracity than quantum physics principle number one of quantum physics is consciousness is creating our life experiences. यः पृथिव्यां तिष्ठन्पृथिव्या अन्तरः, यं पृथिवी न वेद, यस्य पृथिवी शरीरं, यः पृथिवीमन्तरो यमयति, एष त आत्मान्तर्याम्यमृतः ॥ ३ ॥ yaḥ pṛthivyāṃ tiṣṭhanpṛthivyā antaraḥ, yaṃ pṛthivī na veda, yasya pṛthivī śarīraṃ, yaḥ pṛthivīmantaro yamayati, eṣa ta ātmāntaryāmyamṛtaḥ || 3 || 3. He who inhabits the earth but is within it, whom the earth does not know, whose body is the earth, and who controls the earth from within, is the Internal Ruler, your own immortal self.

#forgiveness The Christianity that we currently have on Earth and the other closely similar religions to it on the planet, are literally a mockery of the original teachers. To put it simply the Yahweh of the bible was played by several Draco Annunaki. The spell/spelling of the word christianity itself is a creation and conflagration of a couple of god names, Krishna and Gesu or Esus, Hesus, or Aisus, whom was a not nice Gaulish god. This Esus was first depicted in the 1st century. 200 hundred years later at the council of Nicaea, the two ancient gods names were merged to form the name of Jesus Christ by Constantine the 1st whom did the first of many ‘re-arrangements’ of the bible and its gospels.

#naghammadi #gnosticchristianity #gnosticism #matrix #demiurge #144000sealed #ascension #chosenones #christconsciousness "Blessed is he who has a soul, blessed is he who has none, but woe and grief to him who has it in embryo.” — G.I. Gurdjieff The evil in this material realm is not a copy, it is the direct creation from the mind of the Demiurge, and as such, is real within the simulation. Or you could say, it is the simulation. That is why relative good can rarely win here. What we call good is a copy, while that which it battles (evil), is the construct. Evil has the advantage here because it is the simulation. Real Good has the complete advantage but does not appear directly in matter. You might say Real Good always wins, but that is because it is Absolute, Total and Complete. It contains both relative good and evil within; thus, it never truly can be in conflict or at war within itself. It is still. However, when making ‘good versus evil’ arguments, people really are not aware of the differences and parameters between Real Good, good and evil.

#darknessunveiled #ignorance Darkness is conterminous with ignorance. The "oppressing sword" and the "vile hittite foe" are to be understood in the following words as ignorance; as anything that obstructs your path to establishing "ROYAL COMMAND OF THE OUTER WORLD" and thus the success of your ultimate ascension unto Harmonic Universe #2 and the Golden Age Timeline of the 5D New Earth energies. Wrathful deities In Buddhism, wrathful deities or fierce deities are the fierce, wrathful or forceful (Tibetan: trowo, Sanskrit: krodha) forms (or "aspects", "manifestations") of enlightened Buddhas, Bodhisattvas or Devas (divine beings); normally the same figure has other, peaceful, aspects as well. Because of their power to destroy the obstacles to enlightenment, they are also termed krodha-vighnantaka, "Wrathful onlookers on destroying obstacles" Wretched Fallen one of Khatti Rise against the oppressing Sword Encircled Abandoned Alone I Smite the vile Hittite Foe My Father Amon what carest Thee For the Vile and Ignorant of God My Father Amon what carest Thee For these Effeminate ones At millions of whom I groweth not Pale Raging like Menthu like Baal in his Hour Lo the mighty Sekhmet is with Me I enter in among them even as a hawk striketh I slay I hew to pieces and cast to the ground The royal snake upon my brow Spits forth Fire in the face of mine enemies And Burneth their Limbs

As above so below. As within so without.

#bbking #thethrillisgone I recorded the rhythm guitar part of BB King's "The thrill is gone" on a little loop station pedal and then free styled a solo melody over the rhythm track...

#jericho #144000sealed #guitarra #ascension #detroitbecomehuman Jericho was the gateway city to Canaan that the Israelites came to when they entered the Promised Land. The city of Jericho was surrounded by walls so that no one was able to get in, and the walls served as solid protection against attacks. The gates had been locked to keep the Israelites out (see Joshua 6:1). Jericho is a group of deviant androids in Detroit.

#sovereigntyofgod "A spirit is never joined to a body but by the interposition of a soul. For the soul is the medium between body and spirit, joining them together." (Arnold de Villa Nova – Flower of Flowers) The Octovium is the eightfold path of Magical Study. The Octovium is comprised of the following eight disciplines: Philosophy, Mythology, Alchemy, Mathematics, Kabbalah, Astrology, Geometry and Physics. Additionally the study and path of Magic entails the realization of the following four endeavors: #1 Illumination (to attain complete knowledge regarding the spiritual being thus becoming whole) #2 Initiation (to receive the mysteries of the universe and the power and authority to use them) #3 Ascension (to progress into a higher state of being abandoning physical evolution) #4 Transenation (to make the body spirit and the spirit a corporeal form; it is the highest form of mystic evolution.) The very first step in becoming a magician is belief. You must believe in magick. This is an important distinction. You don’t have to believe in angels, demons, faeries, or gods. All that is necessary is that you believe in magick. You will get the same results if you think angels are a psychological construct that allows the subconscious to manipulate reality at a quantum level as someone who believes that angels are powerful spirits created by God. Both of these concepts are about how magick works, or why magick works, but your main concern as a beginner is just believing that magick works. Belief is a very powerful weapon. What we believe very often becomes our reality. This is what people mean by the Law of Attraction. It isn’t really that like attracts like, it’s more about what we believe becoming real. Most people do this unconsciously. If you believe you are unlucky and not worthy of success, that will become your reality. Magicians are people who are able to weaponize their beliefs. Magick is much more than the power of positive thinking. That’s just the beginning. You aren’t just attracting the life you want as a magician. A magician believes that by performing a certain ritual they can divert an oncoming storm from hitting their home. Try that with positive thinking! The second step to make magick work is intent. You have to know what you want. You can power a ritual with belief, but the power won’t know where to go if you don’t tell it what to do. I think this basic step is why a lot of rituals fail. People don’t take the time to figure out exactly what it is that they want. You can’t be vague. So it’s best to break it down into a single short statement. In the above example about the storm, the intent wasn’t some vague idea about protecting my home. It was, “the storm does not hit my home.” Now it’s important that you don’t let a “how” slip into your intent. You do not want to tell the magick how it should perform the request only what the final outcome is supposed to be. I didn’t want the storm to hit my home. I didn’t concern myself with how the storm would act. I didn’t tell it to die off before it got there or to move in a different direction. These little things make the process more specific and that makes it more difficult for the magick to work. Magick typically takes the route of least resistance, but we never know what that route will actually be. There are just too many variables in most situations. It’s usually the least expected thing that will happen to make a ritual successful. So to put it simply, you have to believe you have the power to change reality and know exactly what you want to happen. The only other thing you need is a ritual. What is a ritual? It’s an action that is powered by belief and intent and substitutes for another action. With enough belief and clear intention you can make anything work. This is pretty much what Chaos Magick is all about. But rituals work better if they have worked in the past. So if you keep using the drawer ritual it will eventually work, and then it will eventually work more often. If you get other people to perform the drawer ritual it will work even better. Rituals are more effective when they are designed by magicians who understand magick and how power flows. This is what Ceremonial Magick is when it’s at its best.

#meditation We continue with our understanding of the 5 levels of consciousness in Greek which describes the meditation levels. In Greek there are 5 levels of consciousness represented by various natural elements.1st stage lowest is EARTH (Animal Nature 3D lower chakra conscoiusness of the typical Earth bound Terran trapped in the digital matrix) 2nd stage higher is WATER also a symbol of truth 3rd stage separation from thoughts it AIR 4th stage encounter with higher realms of spirit is Fire 5th stage is the RENEWED MIND (Harmonic Universe #2 The Kingdom of Heaven within) Bible says we will rise to meet Jesus in the Air. WHEN YOU RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IN MEDITATION YOU RISE TO THE 3RD LEVEL WHICH IS AIR. This is a meditative process which takes place in meditation when ones consciousness is raised from the lowest mind, Earth, to the next level which is water and then into the third level which is Air or separation from thoughts. SEPARATING FROM THOUGHT IS THE 3RD LEVEL OR AIR When we separate from the thoughts of the mind in meditation, we are rising to meet Jesus inthe air. Throughout the Universe the Cosmic Liberty Bell is ringing signaling that the Matrix and the Archetypes for the Divine Government associated with the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar New Earth are now pulsating in all of their glorious perfection in the Realms of Cause. This Matrix and the Archetypes are securing the Reality of a Divine Government OF the I AM Presence, BY the I AM Presence and FOR the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. I feel the Stargate of my Heart now opening to full breadth. I AM an Instrument of God. I AM serving on behalf of ALL Humanity and all Life on this blessed Planet. From the deepest recesses of my Heart, within the Divinity of my 5th-Dimensional I AM Presence, I decree: I AM the Open Door that no one can shut. I AM the Light of the World. I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the patterns of perfection for Divine Government. Through my I AM Presence, the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity, the entire Company of Heaven and my Father-Mother God I now command: I AM assimilating the Matrix and Archetypes for the brand NEW 5th-Dimensional patterns of Divine Government now pulsating in the Realms of Cause. Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth Divine Government is NOW being Cocreated and sustained Breath by Breath through the Divine Grace of my Father-Mother God. VICTORY IS OURS IN LOVE GOVERNING THIS PLANET.

#powerofmind #occultmaster #magick #144000sealed #ascension “Truly I say to you, If you have faith, and doubt not, you shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if you shall say to this mountain, ‘be you removed, and be you cast into the sea,’ it shall be done." – Matthew 21:21 I would ask all believers, why would Jesus say such a thing if it were not true. If you believe in Him then you know it must be true. We must have the power to speak and have matter yield to our demands. And most certainly we must think highly of our potential power and see it as our responsibility to live up to the fullest of that potential. A Wizard is a magical being and nothing else, a sage whose knowledge of God, Light, Magic, Philosophy and the Universe is extraordinary. I am protected and nurtured/guided by 5th Dimensional energy lights of powerful protection and the Angels of God. Christ is my 'Commander' - and angels follow me about everywhere. The Deep State Cabal/establishment realizes now the upset in the balance of power and may also be afraid that if you realized that these Angelic Light beings are really listening to you - you could ask them to do things and they would do it. The 5th Dimensional energies (angels) of power and protection are really aware of your thoughts - AND the lowliest man or woman or reptile CAN alter the balance of power with a simple prayer. This makes the establishment of organized religion and the "powers that be" VERY afraid. The returning Cosmic Commander, the returning King is named Christ AND on this reptile planet - the monkeys are NOW in charge. Magick is highly dependent on imagination, as the magician requires strong visualization skills in order to manifest invisible spirits and to feel the effects of his rituals. Instead of equating imagination with falsehood as the old religious and today’s scientism worshipping clergy would have us do only because it’s inherently a subjective experience, we should treat it as a powerful tool, different, but on par in importance with our reasoning faculties. Tibetan Buddhist monks were known to spend years in solitude creating their own tuplas in order to come to terms with the illusory nature of reality. After this long ritualistic process the monk would realize that his mind and the world outside of the mind are one and the same. If it weren’t so, he couldn’t be able to create a spiritual being by meditation and visualization techniques alone. And yet, he is able to do so, thus merging two supposedly separate and wholly different parts of human experience into a single continuum. The existence of a reality in the mind does not cause it to be any less real. I state this because we must realize that the entire world exists only in our minds. All that we perceive and feel and see is the result of electrical impulses in our brain. The world of the individual is tantamount to, or potentially quite literally, a highly advanced computer running and analyzing programs in its working memory. That is, your mind is just a computer processing information and everything that seems physical is electrical bits interpreted by the brain. I do not suggest that you must make the leap now and embrace this view of the self as non-physical, nor would embracing this view diminish the importance of the soul or make human existence any less real - but it does suggest that we all would do well to consider that our intuitions about how the world works may be incomplete. Quantum physics has shown that when we break down the constituent parts of matter we do not get solid substance but more than 99% of every physical object is made of empty space. Empty space with a buzzing array of quantum particles bouncing in and out of reality. Just an abundant soup of protons and electrons – think electricity, think bits, think 1s and 0s. There could not be a more apparent display of how unphysical the world is than that bit of scientific revelation. We live in a world of bits and bytes – from this perspective, which I appreciate you may be reluctant to embrace at first reading, we start to consider that parallel worlds that allow us to jump from one path to another in a continuous or discontinuous manner are not that hard to fathom. And even if it is hard for someone to fathom, I wonder if reality cares? Reality does not exist to make any one of us feel comfortable – in fact, no matter what one believes, we can agree that we exist in this reality for the purpose of growth – be that spiritual or evolutionary. Without prayer and faith in Christ and the Saints and Angels and the Holy Spirit; without that faith in a very high frequency and miraculous energy over matter reality that we are born to inherit if we choose .. there can only be slavery here as an alternative – whether it’s the greys soul farming, or the reptilians. Thankfully, my Angels are easily capable of holding off any and all reptilian would be overlords and their pointless progeny.

#magick #theurgy #occultmaster #144000sealed #ascension #chosenones #christconsciousness *Content note: "Yod" is the Tenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and it represents the Hand of God, however, it portrays powerful metaphysical associations for it represents the Tenth Sephiroth or Divine Attributes of the Tree of Life as well as the generative forces of the first decad of the Tetragrammaton or Name of God IHVH. You may have never heard of my name before, (which is the essence of becoming a real wizard) - you seek the approval of God and no one else. Living as a wizard-priest, theurgist or divine monk is not all about impressing your friends with trickery and illusions; it is about embracing a higher goal, becoming one with the universe and its beauty and embracing the power that the great universe gave you (GOD FORCE). “Magic is a faculty of wonderful virtue, full of most high mysteries, containing the most profound contemplation of most secret things, together with the nature, power, quality, substance and virtues thereof, as also the knowledge of whole Nature, and it doth instruct us concerning the differing and agreement of things amongst themselves, whence it produceth its wonderful effects, by uniting the virtues of things through the application of them one to the other.” - HEINRICH CORNELIUS AGRIPPA, Three Books of Occult Philosophy or Magic --- ALCHEMY AND MAGICK HERACLITUS -ALL FLOWS--- we are all luminous beings why then do we not appear before each other radiant in our illumination Heraclitus apart from the rest in Raphael's School of Athens, c. 1510 (fresco, Apostolic Palace, Vatican City). Heraclitus is most famous for saying that “everything flows”: panta rhei. This suggests an attractive and familiar thought, namely that everything changes – all is in permanent flux. War is the father of all and the king of all; some he has marked out to be gods and some to be men, some he has made slaves and some free. My sole duty is then to make myself, body and mind, the perfect weapon. – The concept of the GOD FORCE or mana, is found throughout human history. According to the all-knowing oracle Wikipedia: “Mana is the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe, in the culture of the Melanesians and Polynesians. Anyone or thing can have Mana. It is a cultivation or possession of energy and power, rather than being a source of power. It is an intentional force.In the 19th century, scholars compared mana to similar concepts such as the orenda of the Iroquois Indians and theorized that mana was a universal phenomenon that explained the origin of religions.” Mana is a useful term that encapsulates magical potency and life force. Many cultures and esoteric systems have historically used words such as prana, pneuma, VRIL, orgone, RADIANT EFFULGENCE, qi, ki, chi and Orgone Radionics energy to describe a universal God Force which permeates all things. All of us are steeped in this GOD FORCE energy but only a select few are aware that it can be manipulated to varying degrees. When this energy is consciously employed for creative purposes, as it is often the case in magical dealings, I propose calling it RADIANT EFFULGENCE GOD FORCE instead. If we aren’t conscious of this force, it can run havoc in our lives and so it is quite useful to be aware of it and its fluctuations. A simple way to increase RADIANT EFFULGENCE GOD FORCE is to abstain from sexual activity. Sexual energy is incredibly potent, and so by storing it in the system through abstinence, it will build up and cause various effects. These effects can be both positive and negative, depending on one’s level of self mastery. If a person lacks the ability to manipulate this energy, it can run havoc over his body and mind. Restlessness and anger are a common symptom of having more energy in the system than one is able to control. But someone with a greater control over their internal energy can transform it into RADIANT EFFULGENCE GOD FORCE. Then it turns from a stormy sea into calm yet strong current that can be directed at will. Once we have mastered this powerful RADIANT EFFULGENCE GOD FORCE current, it can be successfully used for improving physical strength, social relations, acquiring knowledge, creating more powerful rituals and spells, and a myriad other aspects of daily life. When you’re full of sexual energy you shine like the Sun. The Sun is a symbol of masculine power. It’s a self generating source of light as it radiates outwardly, illuminating the world and showing things as they stand. The Moon however, boasts feminine passivity, introspection and creativity. Unlike the Sun, it requires an external light source to shine. When you are lacking in sexual energy, you react like the Moon, instead of acting like the Sun.

Be advised: the former control system has lost the fight – on earth and in space - inside this epic inter-dimensional soul movie. Humanity is officially freed. The upcoming disclosure is about to initiate the “Golden Age". Jesus never started a religion. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within the believer (Luke 17:21). In the 1950's, the U.S. government came to America's churches are offered them tax-exemption if they converted over to charities. This one move turned all of America's churches into businesses. And so it is today. The conflict in the Bible between "God" and the Serpent. "God" was trying to keep a certain type of knowledge away from Mankind and the Serpent was trying to teach Mankind that knowledge. The victor of that conflict would be the ones (yes plural!) who controlled earth. "The Custodians [God] clearly did not want mankind to begin traveling the road to spiritual recovery." One sure way is to keep knowledge away from the human race. The information they do not want you to learn however is not of the technological kind, it is The Forbidden Knowledge. Methods used to control an entire world and to keep the personalities who live in that world spiritually ignorant and unaware of the prison system they are caught in. The social system you live within lies to you. It conditions your mind to think that you are the most advanced human earth has ever seen when in fact, the reverse is true. You are dependent on it for all your basic needs. Everything is already prepare for you. Your clothes come from department stores, your food comes from grocery stores, and your home was most likely not designed and built by you either. Do you think that is progress? The bottom line is, you can use technology but you cannot design and build your own unless you have a lot of money and who controls the money? Freemasonry. The Custodial-designed societal system includes an education sub system that produces robots, people who all think the same way and an employment sub system which furthers that robotic behavior. This makes it easier for them to control the people because a robot never questions authority and does what everyone else does. William Bramley's book ("The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley) reveals that Satan traded places with God in Eden and fooled the human race. Modern day observations prove this. The Custodial Creators - Adam, a slave to the gods. The Biblical Garden of Eden is not a mythological place but a real location. It was located in what we call modern day Iraq. The Biblical Adam & Eve story in the Bible is commonly misunderstood. Most think the original sin had something to do with sex or nudity. When properly researched one would discover it was the learning of certain types of knowledge that was made a sin. The Elite Masons (Elohim) didn't want Man to learn that knowledge. Knowledge that when studied, leads to the realization that earth is a prison where spiritual beings can get trapped and that unless they study this knowledge they would be forever controlled by evil and never be free. Freedom is something they do not want you to have that is why they designed an education system that produces individuals who all think the same way. It is much easier for them to control a robot
then it is to control a rebel. Ancient Mesopotamian texts reflect that the gods (Elohim) were fully clothed while being served by nude humans. Adam & Eve were mortified by what their nakedness represented. It represented slavery. These texts also reflect that the gods had male
and female bodies, and they bred by sexual intercourse. Ancient Mesopotamians even state that they provided these ruling gods with human prostitutes. That is reminiscent of the way modern day politicians in Washington D.C. behave. Some people mistakenly think the term "Big Brother" refers only to the U.S. government when in fact it refers to something much bigger (Khazarian Mafia). Today the Brotherhood is a world-wide network of secret societies which do evil to Mankind. A group of evil individuals both male and female who hide behind the good works dimension of Freemasonry. They plot and scheme for their own amusement and benefit. The Khazarian mafia attitude is also influenced by their masters, the Elohim, and the thought of their imminent return. Without regard to their fears being manifest, we can nonetheless observe the effects of their fears on their actions. Here we see that Adrenochrome production has never been higher. Yet, the population of users, if anything, given covid et al, is diminishing. Is the Khazarian Mafia stockpiling? For what? For whom? As this Apocalypse progresses, all of this material, and much more will be emerging. Over the coming years, we will be building a much more complete understanding of the complexities of our world, our history, and our future. Very likely, this new understanding of our actual history will seriously alter everyone’s frame of reference on reality. You see, human’s are the SPICE.

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The METAHUMANS (THE ASCENDANTS) are those who will dream and bring into being the Atlantis of the Golden Age: The New Earth. I own the Tao of Jeet Kune Do and studied the 52 Hand blocks in the Wu Temple as taught to me by Ol' Dirty Bastard. Mine is all in existence alone in Nun, I am Ra in his rising, first in ruling what he made. Son of man, this is the place of my throne and the place for the soles/souls of my feet. This is where I will live among the Israelites forever. The people of Israel will never again defile my holy name—neither they nor their kings—by their prostitution and the funeral offerings for their kings at their death. I smash all demonic mirrors assigned against my life, in the name of Osiris Arisen Again! Encircled, Abandoned and Alone, I Smite the vile Hittite Foe. My Father Amon, what carest Thee For the Vile and Ignorant of God? My Father Amon, what carest Thee For these Effeminate ones; At millions of whom I groweth not Pale? Raging like Menthu, like Baal in his Hour, Lo the mighty Sekhmet is with Me. I enter in among them, even as a hawk striketh! I’m aware of the changes in the weather. I am the thunder that shakes your world system. I’m the snatching of clouds loaded with rays to enlighten the truth behind your illusions. I am the one who brings the rain that purifies. I originated the triple-looking monuments of the Avatar Archetypes that appear about the ancient temples. I’m watching the Morning and Night stars. I behold the creator of the Fifth Sol, the present world. I am sent to live among you; summoning the Sixth sun for the Great Regeneration of the soul of the world. To know me, is to know your own power of self-generation. ARISE! We are all the same people! All that exists is WITHIN one Divine human matrix and God exists within each and everyone of us. Internalizing this awareness within your every cell of your anatomy is the purpose of these writings and every feature of what the Aumbonda New Earth Ashram and the Academy of the Ascendants offers is oriented towards that goal; to infuse your very being with the knowledge that "as it is above so it is below", " as it is within so it is without". You are your thoughts and the quality of who you are is directly proportional to your level of self-love. How you perceive yourself is your reality as perception. You are a unique expression of the divine infinite intelligence. The Microcosm is the Macrocosm. This is scientifically demonstrable with the most recent breakthroughs in quantum physics and each service offered within this life empowerment school will transform you and allow you to claim your citizenship in the cosmic community of the New Earth Epoch. The Programs and services Aumbonda New Earth Education Center offer will bestow a new power, a new vision, and a new purpose culminating in a dynamic new awareness of how you perceive yourself and the TRUTH of your own divine light. Moreover, as a disabled veteran I plan to work with the Veterans Administration in providing life empowerment programs focusing upon addiction recovery and life counseling for homeless Veterans of the Armed Services and homeless members of the greater Austin community.The Angels of light I work with “camouflage” spirit; morphing cultural context, embracing racial and ethnic diversity which enables the light to transcend differences in the solely "Human Matrix" thus empowering all people within the "Divine Matrix" of the UNIFIED SOURCE QUANTUM FIELD. Aumbonda is inspired by the Brazilian religion "Umbanda", which incorporates Shamanistic elements of indigenous Indian tribes from that part of the Americas, as well as African tribal religions. Aum Bond A(men) Is a new revelation inspired within my God particle and "Aum" is representative of the Hindu aspect of my inspired awareness based upon Isha Kriya yoga and Hindu mantras by Sadhguru. "Bond" of Aumbonda, is the bond of all humanity and creation throughout the divine Omniverse and "A" as in "Amen" (that seals the divine word) with light affirmations and syncretic spiritual technologies. What is Infinite Intelligence? Here’s a good definition of Infinite Intelligence, which Napoleon Hill describes in Think and Grow Rich: Infinite Intelligence is the force that gives order and origin to everything in the entire universe. It is the prime source, the first cause of everything that comes into existence. Furthermore, you, the individual are a precise expression of this force. As such, you have no limitations except those accepted or deliberately set up in your own mind. Additionally, all that is needed to access this creative power is absolute belief, total applied faith, and unwavering persistence. Why not God? Napoleon Hill chose the term Infinite Intelligence (I like SOURCE, THE ALL THAT IS, THE PRIME CREATOR, THE DIVINE GRID PROGRAMMER) because it is a neutral term that applies to all faith