Christmas is a depressing time for the more lonely members of Stella Street. Roger and David Bowie find company with each other whilst Jimmy finds himself spending quality time with the still passive Joe. As Mrs Hugett leaves for a holiday, John Hurt collapses in the street and inadvertantly causes Joe to revert to horrific form

Following Joe's breakdown at the close of the previous episode, he returns to Stella Street after having had a labotomy. He is a changed character much to the shock of the residents. As Christmas gets closer, residents leave for warmer climates. Mrs Hugett tries to con Jack out of money before he leaves - and succeeds.

As Dirk's paranoia grows over Len's attempts to kill him, he seeks solace in Jack's house, but finds it seriously lacking. Meanwhile, Jimmy finds himself in huge amounts of debt to Mick and keith as his drink problem grows.

To celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Zulu, Michael has a fancy dress party at his house. Rows erupt over a game of Monopoly, Mick and Keith DJ at the party and inadvertantly cause Mrs Hugett to pass out. As the ambulance arrives, arguments rage over which poor sod should give her mouth-to-mouth.

The continually pissed John Hurt arrives in Stella Street. Whilst Michael is out of town, Joe saves time and bother changing his house by pretending Michael's house is his own for his mother and stepfather's arrival. However, Michael's trip is cancelled and he returns early.

Mick annoys the residents by preaching in the streets. Len's first appearance comes in this episode. Dirk Bogarde tips the police off about Jimmy Hill's supposed drug hoard.

Mick finds God and decides to dedicate his life to the Lord's work. Meanwhile, Joe finds out that his mum and stepfather are coming. He asks Roger Moore for advice on how to redecorate his house.

Mrs Huggett returns to the street after her time in prison to a rousing Stella Street welcome. However, her happiness turns sour when she discovers the residents of the street have turned to a new cleaner to replace Mrs Huggett - Vera Chuff. Meanwhile, Al hurts his neck and has to be attended by a nurse - Kirsty MacFadden - who he becomes besotted with.

We are introduced to most of the characters (Dirk, David, Jimmy, Mick, Keith, Joe, Jack) by Michael Caine, who is buying a birthday present for Mrs Huggett.

Ricky Gervais Karl Pilkington & Steve Merchant shenanigans.

Ricky Gervais Karl Pilkington & Steve Merchant shenanigans.

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