On today's Episode the Inquisition learns they were and may still be the cause of the problems, Our Inquisitor may be on the verge of being torn apart, and we learn that Qunari do not like Mirrors lol. NEW EPISODE MONDAY JULY 23, 2018.

Today Tomb Raider wraps up the end of the game. Next episode will be a rant, haven't done one of those in a bit. What will it be on? The Xbox one Controller and it's Headset. Why? cause neither one is quite that great sometimes. Find out why next episode. On today's Episode Lara takes on the reminates left of the Russian's and the Storm Guards. The Sun Goddess makes a not so truimpht return, and we learn that Mad men don't take no for an answer. NEW EPISODE SATURDAY FEBRUARY 13, 2016. -- Watch live at

A lot of death on my part today as we take on the undead/ancestors? of the Storm Guard and chase down Mathias and save Samantha from him, Also I apoligize the short leave, forgot to change out the batteries on the controller lol. On today's episode The good doctor meets his fans, Lara takes on the wind storm of the century, and we learn that The Storm Guard don't mess around lol. NEW EPISODE SUNDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2016. -- Watch live at

The Hard Difficulty finally decided to enter the show as it came out of nowhere and devistated me for a few, other then that Lara misses a few easy jumps and we finally head to the sacrifical alter to put an end to the storms. On today's episode Lara goes shotgun crazy, everyone fears the Oni... who doesn't show up at all lol, and we learn... FIRE BAD!!! lmao. NEW EPISODE SATURDAY FEBUARY 6, 2016. -- Watch live at

Well made it back to where everything started to go wrong... and of course everything continued to go wrong back on there lol. Other then that we find out the fate of Alex today, and make it about 70% back to the rest of the crew. On today's episode Lara meets the last of the Russian Brothers, Finishes off the Endurence once and for all, and we learn that Lara hates Silencers lol. NEW EPISODE SUNDAY JANUARY 31, 2016. -- Watch live at

Today Lara decides to explore an optional key word "Optional" Tomb instead of going after her friend Alex. And the bad guys finally surpriseLara as she heads towards the Endurence. On today's episode Lara gets the shock of her life, The eniemies learn why not to stand net to explosives, and we learn that Lara is not part of the Assassin's Guild. NEW EPISODE SATURDAY JANUARY 30, 2016. -- Watch live at

Worst episode Ever... at least in my opinion. For the 3rd time since starting up this port over to the Xbox one the game again froze to the extreame this time as it also shut down the system. after that nothing went right and i felt off even talking. Beyond that not too much exciting this episode a few kills, deaths, and upgrades. On today's episode Lara enters an episode of Reading Rainbow, Travels to another Tomb. and we all learn a valuable lesson about how not to screw up stealth lol. NEW EPISODE SUNDAY JANUARY 24, 2016. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Almost nearing the end of the game another video or 2 may be all that's Left for the New Tomb Raider. Tried to be stealthy today... Failed Misserably, all my fault lol. On today's episode Lara vs. The World, She takes down a pack of wolves... in cages? (Still feeling bad), and we learn that Everyone but Lara can find a eaiser way down. NEW EPISODE SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2016. -- Watch live at

Today's episode is brought to you by the letter C for Game Breaking "CRASH" lol... Yeah once againtoday the game did freeze and Crash. Had tpo reboot the game again. So besides mentioning this for the final review i will also say. Congrats Eidos for having certain moments that ruin the game experence. Nothing serious enough to make the game unplayable, but defintly takes me out of the moment... oh, well just a small rant. On today's episode Lara escapes Alcatraz as it crumbles to the ground, Roth goes out like a true supporting character should, and we learn the Island doesn't like any man made Craft lol. NEW EPISODE MONDAY JANUARY 18, 2016. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Another very long episode, tho tends to happen when the whole world crumbles around you for what seems like 30 mins lol. Other then that the game did freeze around 40 minutes had to reload and restart so will be a small break there. Plus lastly the video might have scambled and skipped a few times so i do apoligize. On Today's episode Lara can't be stealthy for nothing. She runs into most of her friends. and we learn that the eneimes don't know when just to finish something. NEW EPISODE SUNDAY JANUARY 17, 2016.I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

I'm pretty sure the whole episode is just about all action and Shootouts... Well with a barrage of F***ing Dynamite lol. Also started getting annoyed at how much of it was being thrown. Otherwise alot of talk from me this episode. On Today's Episode Lara finds outwhy Grim is a true Scotsman, Lara fights a army of Dynamite throwing lunatics, and we learn that when Dynamite is thrown there is no safe spot for Lara and Eniemies alike. NEW EPISODE SATURDAY JANUARY 16, 2016. -- Watch live at

What a long episode today lol, could of quit at the 20 min. mark when the camp showed but felt was too short... then A campfire never showed up till another 30 mins later, oh well was a very action packed episode in my opinion and also accomplished alot. On today's episode Lara gets the point a few times in diffrent ways, She aquires the BOOMSTICK!!, and we learn that everything crumbles when Lara is around lol. NEW EPISODE WEDNSDAY JANUARY 13, 2016. -- Watch live at

Today The Hard Mode finally felt hard for at least a few moments lol. Still feels too easy but maybe now it will start being more difficult from time to time. Only time will tell. On today's Episode Lara Hangs out, Gets blown in so many places, and We learn the fate of Robert and Margareta lol. NEW EPISODE SUNDAY JANUARY 10, 2016. -- Watch live at

When a problem comes along you must throw it, throw it good... off a bridge lol. That's pretty much how this episode started today, somehow also resulted in a scarefest and a slight but probable horrendous music number by me lmao. On today's episode Lara climbs and shoots a lot of people, Watches her dreams crash and burn, and Robert from Child of Light makes an apprence as he runs throgh fire and head on to a explosion lol. NEW EPISODE SATURDAY JANUARY 9, 2016. -- Watch live at

I'm actually very pleased with how this episode turned out, one of my best episodes at least in my opinion. On today's episode Lara takes on a platune of enemies, Makes a few rooms go BOOM!!, and we learn that Lara is getting sick of climbing lol. NEW EPISODE WEDNSDAY JANUARY 6, 2016. -- Watch live at

Looks like Lara gets forced to do everything around here... I guess if you want it done right you have to do it yourself lol. Other then that when i tried sneaking for one enemy i should of just stealth killed him with the bow, oh well live and learn. On today's episode Lara gets jumped by a wolf with a psychotic end result, Roth informs Lara that she is a Croft and needs to do the next task herself, and we learn about the diffrence between electrical and mechanical. NEW EPISODE SUNDAY JANUARY 3, 2016. -- Watch live at

Apprently still trying to get used to the aiming and weapon system again as i missed quite a few shots, however also felt the blunt of Hard mode as i learned how fast people shooting me could decimate my health lol. On today's episode Lara kills her first human being, She aquires her first automatic weapon, and we learn how lazy or stupid the bad guys as they watch the only exit and says Lara has somehow escaped!? lol. NEW EPISODE SATURDAY JANUARY 2, 2016. -- Watch live at

Aquired a weapon, a tool, took down some wolves, and manage to find the rest of the group. All and all a pretty productive day for a lady who seems to have the worst luck in history lol. On today's episode Lara feeds some wolves arrows in the mouth. that She doesn't pay attention to her surroundings as much as Roth would like her to, and we learn that When Lara rudly falls asleep everyone just leaves her. NEW EPISODE SUNDAY DECEMBER 27, 2015. -- Watch live at

First off Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my viewers and subscribers. Unfortunatly it cut off about 2-2 1/2 minutes of the beginning of the video... oh well beyond that everything else recorded without a hitch. So What was lost was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and showing off my new Backdrop and Santa Hat lol. On today's Episode Lara pulls a metal rod out of her like a boss, Get's crushed by falling rocks, and learns that adventure is neither fun nor easy. NEW EPISODE SATURDAY DECEMBER 26TH, 2015. -- Watch live at

Season Finale of Season 3, this time bringing light to the subject of the review of Child of Light. I also do realize that the review took all of Sunday and finally just got posted a little after midnight. I ran into a lot of snags, involving and not linited to the lost of the video, Internet, and Slow loading speeds, but I still did all I could and now i bring you the review show. Finally started to feel like a actual good episode and review. Used the notebook and expressions to make it mnore fluent. Come back Next time for Season 4 and beginning of the Let's Play of Tomb Raider: Definitve Edition on Hard. NEW EPISODE FRIDAY DECEMBER 25, 2015.

Today Child of Light on Expert + was beaten, hence the length of the video. No place to save uless i got beaten by one of the last two final bosses. This is also the longest episode of Rose-Play to date. On today's episode Aurora continues her genicidal rampage on her step family, Everyone gathers for a evolution, and we learn who the cloaked figure finally is. NEW EPISODE AND SEASON FINALE SUNDAY DECEMBER 20, 2015. -- Watch live at

We've entered the final Area of the game, seems like we started this game so long ago lol. Should be done hopefully within 2 to 3 episodes, willing the 2 final boesses don't devastate me on Expert +... anyway everything recorded fine today... except the sound for whatever reason it does not want to exsist all of a sudden. I am beyond sorry to all my viewers i don't know what is going on :( i'm guessing the Mic must be going, that or Twitch is just acting up massively, I've tried it multiple times betweens the two recording and is working fine... darn sound :p. On today's episode the group finds the lengendary treasure of the crystal skulls, Lit up a gate to open it, and the party goes through a gautlet of bosses to reach the sun Palace. NEW EPISODE SATURDAY DECEMBER 19, 2015. -- Watch live at

I'm also very sorry for no sound and it starting late into the video. Not sure why but both Twitch, and the video decided to just do whatever it wanted today :(. Aurora and her party fights her way through half of the Underwater area on her way to the Final Showdowns. We also reunited all the Fireflys togerther to become Captain Planet lmao. On today's episode we take on a side boss, stare down some Green Crystals for direction, and learn that Firefly's are cheap. NEW EPISODE SUNDAY DECEMBER 13, 2015. -- Watch live at

One of the more boring episodes and less eventful. Spent the whole episode traveling around the lands of Lemuria hunting down the last 5 Fireflys, and then headed back to the underwater tower. Next time will complete the sidequest and continue to the ever close ending of the game... hopefully no more dying either lol. NEW EPISODE SATURDAY DECEMBER 12, 2015. -- Watch live at

Kinda of a slow day for the game did enter the tower but only after killing everything on the way there, then getting stopped for a firefly sidequest. So next episode is going to be finishing up the reminates of the firelfly sidequest. On today's episode Gen reveals her hatred or fear of clowns, that our firefly friend is not alone, and we learn that Gen wants to eat Robert and become Genman lmao. NEW EPISODE SUNDAY DECEMBER 6, 2015. -- Watch live at


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