❤❤ Hello my Darling ❤❤ with affection, wish to share once again with you me
special St Valentin this video did with much love and effort and desire to return has shared with you. Thank you for your autographs and their kisses and greetings that always gives me great joy to give lots of hugs to their hearts kisses Aurora ❤

♥Hello Darling♥... From a distance, I send you a kiss and also a few words that are born from the depths of my tender heart. You know that despite the adversity... enjoy the Valentine's day because you are next to me. Thank you for watch my videos my heaven♥

PS You know since I lost my other channel. I don't want to lose my videos that hard honey and tears and sweat made them for you. That's why I the upload.
Thanks for your understanding♥

❤❤My love❤❤ for you is the essence I need to live and the air I need to breathe without you would have no life or reason to be. You are my whole world. I want to wish you a happy new year treasure❤❤❤

❤Hi Darling ❤I know it's due to leave 2018 because it takes our best moments but I'm also happy because we start a new year together. Happy New Year My Love❤

❤Hi Darling ❤It has been an incredible year with you treasure, I thank you very much for your patience and Although I am uploading Some videos that I lost in my old channel I want to rescue them so they do not get lost. because I made them with a lot of love and affection for you. Since all I want for the next year is to spend it even better with you with new videos and new adventures. Have a happy year 2019

❤Merry Christmas Darling ❤To all my naughty and nice puppies It is wonderful to be able to celebrate Christmas by your side, and I am very grateful to you and is so special and happy to be your girlfriend. And congratulations!
And Like Santa I always read all your letters and messages and I am very grateful to be worthy of your love

❤Hello treasure❤ I love to dance Singing and acting is why with great affection I upload again this beautiful video wishing you a Merry Christmas in the company of your loved ones I thank you very much for your comments, I always read them and fill me with joy to my heart many hugs and many blessings to all who have happy holidays.

❤What a great emotion to share Christmas with you sweety ❤
I know that each year will be better, because we will continue together,
growing and sharing how much we like it. I love you very much and I thank you,
because you make me a better person.
I know I'm uploading my prettiest Christmas Videos but soon
I'll upload new videos however I do not want them to get lost
Merry Christmas, cute little sweetie. 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

❤My handsome treasure❤ I want to tell you one more time that I thank you for the beautiful friendship that you have given me for so many years. I hope that I will give you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019❤❤❤❤
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❤My Darling ❤🦄Let a lot of peace invade your soul and draw you those sweet smiles that always fall in love with me. Merry Christmas"⛄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

❤Hi sweety❤The parties are a time of reflection and good times as a family and today I want to share it with you because I love you so much.
❤❤Congratulations and a very happy year for you!❤❤

❤Hi sweety❤ it's coming Christmas and the love and good wishes covers December. ❤Let us learn to retain their magic in our souls and our relationship will be credited with endless blessings and ... and I share you again my flirty Xmas Adventures ❤

❤Hi Darling❤There is not much left for the arrival of the new year 2019 but I want to share with you my gratitude for your friendship, love and loyalty, the best wishes and enjoy what would be this year 2018.

❤Hi Treasure❤ It's weekend and feel you goo and up your hands and coming to dance with me!!!! So Thankyou for your sweet comments I always enjoy read it each one !!!!
Many kisses❤
Video Available on my Bitchute page

❤Hello my heaven❤ during the photo sessions I like to be quiet but flirtatious for the camera I hope you like these fun moments Thank you my heaven for your comments and friendship🍁🍁🍁🍁

❤Hi sweety❤ the life it's the most Biggest Treasure... and I'm bring you a new little trailers for to play with the special effects I hope you like it and I appreciate it your comments my love... and for letting me a place in your heart❤ Yours.. maiden of steel....


🦊❤Hello Darling❤ Once again I share my adventures in the mall during the winter season. I upload them again since I do not want to miss out on these unforgettable moments and I want to keep them online. I hope you enjoy it.❤❤❤ Thanks for your comments and your support and your friendship. Thank you very much for your greetings and hugs

♥ ♥

❤Huge Kisses Darling ❤When you have difficult moments, remember that diamonds are formed under pressure...or you can whisper my and I wish to share my videos with you as the ?She-Wolf of Steel ?the steel maiden? thanks for your comments, it encourages me to move forward my heaven thank you for your support Thank you very much

♥ ♥

❤Hello my treasure❤ life is a gift and to thank every day and that is why I share once again my experiences in the mall as Kimberly The Flirty mouse. Thank you very much for your comments and thanks for always follow me I thank you very much❤❤❤

❤ Hi treasure ❤So thankyou!!! For your Love and Friendship !!! and I appreciate your notes... and I always read it each one,,, and soon I'm answer you... And because I lost my videos on my original channel I want to share the moments in the mall How the little mouse Kimberly I hope you like them very much Greetings soon I will make new videos.❤❤❤

❤ Hi treasure ❤ because I lost my videos on my original channel I want to share the moments in the mall How the little mouse Kimberly I hope you like them very much Greetings soon I will make new videos.

❤Moo❤ Hello Welcome My heaven. Thank you for your friendship and affection, And like the movies, sometimes to make a good video you need to make the same take several times. this is version 3 of my video ... I hope you like it

🦊❤Hello treasure❤🦊 I came up with this videon after having watched the zootopy movie for the first time and made the same scene several times. I hope you like it takes two .and Action!👄

❤❤Hello treasure,❤❤ I made a short scene with a small video but I had to do it several times ... so I present the take one ...
So thankyou for watch me..
Zootopia @Disney

❤❤?MOO Treasure?❤❤ One more time I bring you my flirty
with my MOO bikini in this little preview for your enjoy
So thankyou for your friendship and your comments my live
Thankyou very mooch❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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