Being smaller doesn't always mean losing the fight, sometimes it makes you strike faster, move quicker, more hungry for a win. That is, unless you piss off big red, then you're toast! This style of fighting is completely new, you can test it out in the next update coming this week!??

Early in development converting wagons to utes, we were having a bit of fun with these characters :)

Graphics are dated now but a significant milestone in the early development of Aussie4x4, this was the first time we saw the garage appearance section.


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The 4x4 is not just another vehicle, its a door way to a new world of adventure. Escape the concrete world and get back to nature!

Explore a handful of different Australian locations, terrain, plants, and epic 4x4 tracks.

Buy new vehicles and modifications with gold coins that can be purchased in bank, earn silver from high scores, perfect health and watching advertising content from ours partners.

Test out handling and performance mods in different off road conditions with realistic physics and environmental effects.

More content and features regularly released in updates.