Using their system to CRASH THEIR SYSTEM.. Update on banks globally from Chris Alan Lee, as we ready for the switch to QFS... Illegal Central Banks to go forever .. this will usher in the END of the Global Kabal .. Credit Suisse.. Bank situation getting worse by the hour.. Are YOU READY for what is coming? 73 banks in the US have collapsed 1400 around the world.. Credit Suisse the biggest crash in Eu in History..
Hear more from Chris Alan Lee here: 👉

#QFS #Newworld #Banks #GesaraAbundance #NewRainbowCurrency

Hear WHY many will need to update their PC's because Greasy Gates Win 11 is so high tech that older PC's won't be up to the task.. even if you've been using Win 10 ..
"Today we talk about the problem of Windows ending support for its operating systems up to Windows 10, and the ending of the activation keys for Windows 10. This means that many people will need to buy a new computer to keep their operating system secure. You do not need to do that. Here we talk about switching to Linux instead."
(Quoted from Switched to Linux..)
Linux is NOT archaic, just like Windows is not from the Ark anymore.. PC's in general have come a looong way since the 90's

Mirrored from here: 👉

How to Videos:
Take a Tour of Linux Mint: 👉
• Linux Mint 21.1 B...

Installing Linux to a USB Drive: 👉
• How to Install Li...

Getting Started with Linux on Windows: 👉

Validating a Linux Distro: 👉
• Linux Distro Imag...

Slowly Switching to Linux: 👉
• Slowly Switching ...

Quickly Switching to Linux: 👉
• Quickly Switching...

Switching to Linux Playlist: 👉
• Windows 10 USB Li...

❤️ This version of the Lord's prayer in the language Jesus spoke while He was here.. so relaxing... i just love it.. Sooh calming in the midst of this storm.. try it, save to your phone, or other gadget to play offline..
Original mirrored from here if you might like to find more: 👉

What happens in the USA affects the rest of us.. "A level playing field will be amazing but it won't come easy, a global economic collapse will need to take place to move us away from the Central Bank System." Americans will probably get more of this better than those in other countries.. if you're a Q follower you will get it.. if not then you will get much of it.. has DJT already won this war? and we are just watching it unfold? Time will tell.. YOU decide...
Is 'Drunk' Nancy tripping over her words? 'Kicker or Trial' 🤔 Hmmm Orwellian slips everywhere spilling the beans..
First aired Jan 2020: This video includes some content seen in his lesser viewed videos. It helps tell the storyline with more detail on the coming internet of value. This video does stand alone well from others and is a good video to share. You don’t need to see my other videos to watch this. It’s a great accompaniment to my first video and a great end to my series.

Must follow for the latest news and decodes. And We Know & SerialBrain2 / gunnytorres

An economic level playing field is about to take place for all Countries. The world is moving to micro-transactions and with a decentralized global liquidity asset in the middle of all currencies. The unbanked will be able to fully participate in the economy.

A level playing field will be amazing but it won't come easy, a global economic collapse will need to take place to move us away from the Central Bank System. The completion of Brexit, China's currency collapse and U.S. negative interest rates are some of the key triggers.

Are you aware of the coming collapse? What will it mean to your money and investments? Being aware means you can position yourself now in front of a life-changing shift set to take place any day. It will be the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Watching this video before that day will forever change the way you live and see the world. Someone cared enough to direct you here, take the time to understand and to further research for yourself what the Internet of Value will mean to the world.

XRP Donation and Tips: rPEPPER7kfTD9w2To4CQk6UCfuHM9c6GDY
Destination tag 7758015
Mirrored from here: 👉

Global Economic War... Catherine explains how the Central Banks are attempting to bring in a new digital system.. the challenge to change things.. using a Health Care Crisis.. How do they herd us into the slaughter house w/o our resistance.. 'Invisible' enemy.. Divide and Conquer.. Usurping the finances of the little guy!!!
Who is Catherine? Catherine Austin Fitts (born December 24, 1950) is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and, during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush, as US Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing. She has widely written and commented on the subject of public spending and has alleged several large-scale instances of government fraud.
Read her Bio here: 👉
Video banned from Youtube. Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview.. Planet Lockdown on Vimeo..
Find Planet Lockdown on other platforms here: 👉
Research more from Catherine here: 👉
Catherine's Comment "Share if you feel like it. I would have put a password on this video except Vimeo doesn't allow that for free accounts anymore, so that's a thing.."

Traitors in our Grubberment.. Every PM and most Au politicians.. Corporation of AU...
Oh the endless Corruption....
Mirrored from TikTok 👉 @love88infinity
DOWNLOAD A FREE .PDF OF THE 1901 Au Constitution:
Powerpoint on the Constitution:
Search results 1:
Search results 2:
More Videos:

Aussie Cossack Interviews ex NSW Policeman whistle blower LIVE on Mar 9, 2023 nothing pre discussed before the interview.. A Former Police officer and defence force member known as "Marcus" has come forward to reveal all in a SHOCKING interview LIVE on the Aussie Cossack channel! Questions taken and answered as the camera rolls.. the way good journalism used to be...
Mirrored from Here: 👉

Permission to share and make it go viral...

Aussie Cossack Interviews ex NSW Policeman whistle blower LIVE on Mar 9, 2023 nothing pre discussed before the interview.. A Former Police officer and defence force member known as "Marcus" has come forward to reveal all in a SHOCKING interview LIVE on the Aussie Cossack channel! Questions taken and answered as the camera rolls.. the way good journalism used to be...
Mirrored from Here:👉

Permission to share and make it go viral...

In 2013 the ABC reported that Australia had already reached net zero two and a half times over.. Since then Australia has reduced its CO2 emissions from over 600 million tonnes to less than 500 million tonnes. So we are closer to absorbing four times more CO2 than we emit.
Doesn't matter if it's AU, NZ, US, Canada, India, UK, Netherlands, they CON & troll us to control their slave labour trade and keep us poor, subjugated, compromised and COMPLIANT.. until they have worn us down enough to be RE tired.. re = concerning tired person.. and they put us out to pasture.. if you happen to be under a physician's care they will knock you out asap.. first it may be a statin drug to CON troll your cholesterol.. TAKE NOTE the SMIRKS or the fool with the spectacles, who IS a SPECTACLE himself.. what a traitor.. tripping over his words.. scurrying to find any THING to rebut the good Sen Rennick.. One of a few who STAND WITH THE PPL.. if you have any good ones in your Gov't thank Yahweh for them and pray for them..
Turned up on Telegram but i know the good senator is on [email protected]
Here: 👉
and no doubt elsewhere on the net if you wish to follow him..

WHAT'S THE PLAN FELLOW HUMANS? LET'S JUST FIX IT!! Unlocking the WAY to Victory.. The Dutch have the upper hand in this situation.. are we going to join the Dutch Farmers.. Unity IS the KEY🗝 WE have the Numbers! The walls of Jericho Fell w/o weapons.. but they had UNITY... Joshua 5:13-6:27 The Fall of Jericho If you don't own a Bible you can look it up here 👉 (
Another modern day example of PEOPLE POWER: 👉
Bcz THEY deletes ARE PLANNING more LOCK DOWNS..WHAT are WE GOING TO DO about it? I have seen Quarantine Camps in UK (one of had a Crematorium beside it.. Auswitch) Au Canada US has had Fema Camps for decades.. The Netherlands also has the memory of WW2 implanted in their minds.. my ex In Laws were Dutch from Friesland, and they experienced the FOOD lines during the German invasion.. the Father could NOT g2 Smorgasboard type affairs bcz it brought back all the memories of the war and food lines, so they KNOW what's coming.. Just like brave Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski who escaped the communist Poland..
The WHO has reported remnant of 30% who have been juiced.. that's 2.5 BILLION of us...
Sorry i can't point you to the creator, but it sounds like Sean from SGT Report 🤷‍♀️
.. my guess is it was on Telegram 🤷‍♀️

Sasha Latypova delivers a powerful presentation at the Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences – International Conference in Stockholm January 21, 2023. On the "CONrona fraud that the government ordered.. COVID-19 countermeasures Evidence for an intent to harm.."
More Info @ 👉
You can find Sasha here: 👉
Sasha Latypova - COVID-19 Countermeasures: Evidence of the Intent to Harm
Mirrored from: 👉
Shared on Twitter
@EBordenhouse :

Bank collapse has begun! Are you guys starting to get the picture yet? This is why I tell everybody to bring everybody into the room so we can educate the masses. This entire movement is in your hands in the hands of the digital soldier.
They've been warning us for a while now.. Are YOU ready?
Warning from Charlie Ward to the rest of the world while you have time..
Some interesting looking links on the subject.. i have NOT checked any of these out yet.. follow any of their advice at your own discretion..
This Prophet Kim Clement (Now Deceased made these prophecies before 2015 and some about DJT as far back as 2007.. Kim Passed just prior to DJT's inauguration, but lived to see the prophecies about A Trump shall be a Trumpet come to pass.. even to the I"mpeach Impeach, but nay they shall NOT Impeach"
There were many more but these ones took my attention..
There's a stack of good links in this search result: 👉
Shared on Telegram from:
👉 Thanks to Charlie WArd..

From 2018.. Through EDUCE.CATION.. PERLS PERvasive Learning Systems.. an arm of the Dept of Defence DOD.. Developed by SRI Stanford Research Institute International (Adventures Portfolio) META .. ADL Initiative aka The Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative.. SMART LISTS What are we to the Cabal >> Electronic Signals? Augmented Reality.. Harry Potter.. Block Chain.. Order a Pizza with your thoughts.. Go0glE's Selfish Ledger (Leaked Internal Video) Behavioural Sequencing.. TrAnsHuMAN !! Did you know you can even order your pizza with your thoughts via an app.
We are ONE 🤔 Modern Day 1984, Brand New World Data Mining Mind Control Thu Education Tech
ADL Initiative: 👉
Dominoe Mind Ordering App: 👉
Originally from JewTo0B but now you can find Sean from SGT Report on
Rumble: 👉
Locals: 👉
Website: 👉
This clip mirrored from here

Original write up: "RANT: SGT Report DELETED!! Data Mining/Mind Control
Though Education Technology By SGT - July 25, 2018 from FaceLikeTheSun:
When YouTube decides to censor and delete channels that have over 300,000 subscribers for simply reporting the truth, it becomes apparent that many of us on this platform (JewTo0B) are probably not too far behind. For many of us who have been exposing the nefarious activities of the elite, there will come a cross roads when we will either have to comply to their brand of useless mind manipulating content, or be cut off. The enforcement won’t necessarily have to come through some sort of violent uprising. Rather, it will come from the education system itself, programming the minds of an entire generation with the cloud of data and recorded experiences to “learn” from. The elimination of such individualism will result in the loss of identity, in exchange"

HOW TO PAY OFF YOUR MORT▪️GAGE Your Death Pledge between you and the bank.. Mort.uary + Pledge (Gage)
Most banking charters written in Latin and used to be taught in schools until the 90's but they DON'T want us to know their little secrets any more... You decide.. not my financial advice, but provided to us from @indigo asset management (one word)i have heard this info before and forgotten about it..
Mirrored from here:
From Emily Hopkinson 1
Another way i have heard is to split your payments into daily portions..

CRUCIAL to save a life.. What YOU can DO to help anyone who suffers 💔 failure from any cause..
Doctors and assistants slapped the patient's inner LEFT elbow and he recovered after about 2 minutes. Actual Incident..
This video gives you advice on emergency situations to pay attention to heart patients and how to deal with a heart attack that usually happens suddenly.

1. By slapping the inner elbow of the left arm as shown in the video, it stimulates the three acupressure points around the left side which are related to the heart and lungs.

2. Slapping will speed up blood circulation, which makes the person feel warm and stops sweating.

A Heart attack is due to a blockage of blood circulation. By tapping and slapping the inner elbow with the hand, you can increase body temperature, avoid aggregation, and facilitate blood circulation. Immediately get Medical Assistance Paramedics or get the person to a hospital.

The suggested treatment works on acupuncture meridians within the body triggering life responses.. not hard.. NOT CPR.. treatment anyone can give.. no special equipment needed.. and due to the recent medical mandated treatments given, sadly many are now paying, in many cases with their very life, many with very compromised health..
This example was delivered by a doctor proficient in Eastern medicine but can be delivered by anyone.. as you will see the young male patient needed a few bouts to get him stable..
💔 Medical Disclaimer: I am neither a GP or Acupuncture Physician i cannot personally vouch for this.. i am just passing this info along..
Video: A sudden heart attack in a theatre. can be found:
Here: 👉
Here: 👉

Water the world over is being poisoned one way or another.. it's part of their 'depopulation' agenda.. here is a simple but effective solution.. that even the poorest among us can afford.. Quartz Crystal & copper wire.. she has other clips on crystal power as well..
Thanks to @aussiekatrina :
👀 👉
Please check out her TikTok channel, she has some very interesting clips there..

Digital ID.. SMART Cities, BIG Brother surveillance tracking 24/7 x 365.. You will OWN NOTHING, eat ze bugs, live on a UBI and if you don't play their game you WILL be penalised to the point you won't even be able to use public transport, rent a house, find employment.. basically you WILL BE AN OUTCAST!!
DO NOT COMPLY with ANY thing the Corrupt Guv't want to IMPOSE that infringes on your natural born Sovereignty.. they are NOT God.. in FACT may i remind YOU ALL they ARE OUR EMPLOYEES.. WE PAY THEIR WAGES!
We're NOT 'their' slaves, though the WEF lackeys seem to think otherwise.. now they're NOT ALL WEF lackeys.. there are some good ppl in our Guv't Sen Antic, Malcolm Roberts et al there are still some genuine ones fighting on our behalf.
Thanks again to this freedom/truth warrior Matt Lawson Photographer on TikTok @

Thanks to the Guardian for this story and for the angel reporting on it..

And again all credit to The Healing Word

They're 'normalising these things now.. talking up the so called benefits while betraying us into their Prison Planet Cities.. RESIST & DO NOT COMPLY!!!
What if you meet someone online that lives in another zone.. how do you date.. see your GP or dentist or other specialist who happen to be in another zone?? What if your job is in another zone? Wouldn't that nuetralize their 15 min plan or would you NOT be permitted to travel to that zone?
Plenty more clips to check out and share here: 👉
Compliments of Matt Lawson Photography on TikTok

Cleveland Ohio just an hour and a half from East Palestine and the Train Derailment, Chemical spill what a week ago.. will the whole area be deemed too toxic to live in.. betcha they have the technology to clean it all up too... but won't till they have us all locked in tight as sardines!!!
No where to run & NO where to hide...
Thanks again to @thehealingword :👉

Brilliant speech by this exceptional 12 yo girl.. Exactly How Dare They.. We all want safety and privacy but 'they' want neither for the 'useless eaters'.. they want us all DEAD or at the very least 'contained' like dogs on a leash.. while they jet around the world creating their so called CARBON Emissions.. while they TAX the very pound of flesh we have left to sit on... they will have their Sirloin steaks a la'carte while they feed us crickets.. or worse.. spiders, worms, mealy bugs.. you name it .. this will be our fare while they dine like royalty.. oh and they want us all sterilised one way or another... thru the jabs, routine vaxx's, food, water, transgendered (those poor suckers will NEVER be the same again,, and shame on parents who push their children down that path.. tbh they should never been parents)
I think this was on Telegram or FB.. either way it appears to come from CHD.TV

DO NOT CONSENT... if people had only resisted when they began to roll out their CONrona model we would NOT be looking down this double barrelled shotgun right now... are we plunging headlong towards Prison Planet 201? Just like Event 201 right before CONrona was released as the MOAB BIO Weapon... Oh and Promoted by the same POS Greasy Gates from hell itself.. who owns the MOST FARMLAND in the USA now? Your's truly William Gates.. Just like EVERY disaster they have manufactured from JFK assassination and onward.. they create the problem then offer the solution served up on a silver platter no doubt.. same old same old... always sounds so good but full of NOTHING but MORE of the SAME SLAVERY built on EMPTY PROMISES.. Time is very precious atm..
Here a Bill there a Bill everywhere a Bill Bill.. 🤠old MacDonald once had a farm.. BUT SORRY, NOW IT'S BILL'S.. and on that farm he had some cows🐗 sheep goats and pets, which good ole Bill swapped out for... his CRICKETS..🦗 Yum Yum..

"Own NOTHING, Be Happy & Eat Ze Bugs" Oh and collect the UBI while you're waiting for your No. to be exterminated.. Is this what you want for YOUR children or their's?
Between farmland owners Gates & the CCP what could possibly go wrong?

America's Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates - Forbes
Why Bill Gates is now the US' biggest farmland owner - New York Post
Bill Gates Becomes the Largest Farmland Owner in the United States: Report

Brains and Beauty in a really great package..
You can find many more informational and Jaw Dropping videos from this beautiful creator here on her TikTok page @thehealingword

"The introduction of the word ‘SMART’ was incredibly ’SMART’ marketing !!
We’ve been using it for years. A bit like ‘green’. Both words associated with meanings of being a smart and responsible human being."

(Credit for these thoughts goes to Stuart Fuller, 24 February at 05:06 @ FB

"So let’s look at a SMART city . You see, they’re already being slowly drip fed to you . You have a SMART phone, SMART car, lights, home, you’re 'sold' the planets resources are scarce and now you NEED to live in a SMART city.
These things are trialled first. Yours, if in the UK is starting with a 15 minute zone. Drive outside your zone, you’re fined.. 🥲🤬🤯👎💩
Then it will become built that way. So basically an open prison Controlled fully. Obey all rules at all times for the sake of the environment and for others.
You don’t see it coming. It is!! These are openly discussed and planned by those unelected billionaires in charge right now.
Think the zones in the hunger games , feeding the wealthy. And you’ll get the picture . You are meaningless to them. You’re to be contained . The layer of the sky is not being destroyed by you. They keep you controlled by making you believe the lie. Do nothing though. Stay distracted . Buy into how amazing your life will be in a SMART city . Before you realise , all your freedom has gone .
It is well planned, it is a thing. You’re not SMART if you ignore the ‘agendas’ and belive the BS .... they just make you believe you are SMART with clever advertising!"

Thank YOU Stuart Fuller
And, the lovely young woman (i don't know who she is.. it was sent to me)

Never seen this lovely young woman before.. but who knows it could very well be 🤔🙏
It has been prophesied for millennia and tbh who of us really has an exact picture of how it will unfold? But, are we Ready? Most of us are weary of the old system.. the corruption.. the FEAR PORN.. the constant badgering.. maybe we need 3 days in the tomb per sē to just be still and be ready for the journey ahead.. something like Jesus in the tomb... interesting that it is 3 days.. and would fit with a birth into something new..
As stated above i have never seen this young woman before and cannot point you to more of her work for now.. this was shared with me on Telegram and i felt it was worth sharing with you all..

Thanks again to James O'Keefe the original Project Veritas for all the hard work and fearless courage to seek and expose the truth.. and to all who 'did' the right thing to bring this info into the light... the only way to dispell the darkness is to bring it into the light, wherever it is lurking in the shadows.. see something, say something.. let's clean this house of ours up so it NEVER gets to this disgusting place again.. God have mercy on us all..

🙏❣️ Prayers also for James O'Keefe (and his faithful team) who has been ousted from his own organisation by the board of individuals whom he hand picked and trusted.. just goes to show the world is FULL of gutless wonders disguised as men.. Did Pfizer strike with FEAR again into the hearts of these individuals? who knows? however the TRUTH WILL PREVAIL and it will eventually be disclosed..

I would refer you to the Veritas website for further research but as they have now been compromised i suggest just search for the Veritas videos before Feb 2023..
FAIR USE NOTICE: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been
specifically authorized by the copyright owner. I am making this material available in an effort to
advance understanding of the material within, for learning, education and open discussion of
this sensitive subject.
I believe this constitutes a fair use of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section
107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this
site is distributed without profit to those who are interested in viewing the material for
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(including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of
In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to
be considered shall include—For more information go to:


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To understand the process, watch this video. You will get goosebumps at how serious the situation is. But there is a way
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Lots more great content at the link... i encourage you to check it out...
Video is in German language with English subtitles.
Ernst Wolff – Speech in Davos August 2021.
Ernst Wolff Twitter

Take to the streets and show them the power, of PEACE ...we are the power we are the 99%
upcoming protests:
and here

My mum used to say "two wrongs never make a right" fighting evil with evil has not accomplished anything so far in all of man's humanity...

Is it time to try something New, something More Wonderful and Beautiful...