By the power of Mjolnir...

They give me the shits, but at least they give me content.

And the AllFather left us a bridge.

I finally made the change to 6mm, inside diameter, rings. I think it looks better. What do you think?

I found it in my shirt

I don't mind spiders, but It freaks me out when they walk on me while I'm in bed.

Stir Fried they are delicious...

I'm gonna make him my bitch....

You've got it sussed mein bruder!

It's a good strong stiffer maille, for edges and such.

They fought all night until the sun came up. Earlier one dude punched his cripple sister, then old nana went on the warpath, beating everyone up! Go Nana...

I seen some delicious piggies on the road...

Bloody cops!

Now just get yourself a BroadSword and WarHammer, then you too will be IronBorn mein bruder!

I started out making crap maille, and now I'm getting better. ( actually still pretty bad )

Vanity is a Sin!

My daughters come to visit, we been laughing for days!

If some hot chick asked you to help her insert an ecstasy tablet in her arse, What would you do?

Who gave Aussie Coffee again?

On the way to Mums...

My next door neighbour, comes to say G'day to me, so I feed her!

Just a couple small caliber toys we hunt kangaroos and rabbits with.


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G'day, I make chain maille, weapons, adult toys and kinky stuff. I live in the West Australian bush, and enjoy eating marsupials!